Razor's Ride by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Ruthless Reapers MC, 3

Razor: I can’t get Natalie out of my head. One look at the gorgeous redhead and I know I need to make her mine. Too bad she belongs to someone else. The VP of a rival MC. Taking her means igniting a war with the enemy. Walking away is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. When I find her abandoned and left for dead, I know this is my one chance to redeem myself. I’ll wreak vengeance on her behalf, kill those who’ve taken pleasure in hurting her. I’ll show her I’m different from the men she’s been with in the past.

Natalie: I’ve made plenty of bad choices. To pay off my mother’s hospital bills, I trusted the wrong man. A savage biker who disposed of me once he lost interest. Too bad he did a poor job of killing me. There’s a new man in my life, one who’s intent on fixing the wrongs done to me. Razor’s fierce, possessive, and dangerous. I thought I was done with bikers but it turns out I’m wrong. I can’t imagine being with anyone else but him.



“You forgot your jacket,” she said, holding it out. She remembered his gentle touch on her wrist and decided this man was dangerous. Just a few moments with him in the same room had her thinking there were a few good men left in the room.

Why would anyone pick a nickname like Razor? Earlier, before the meeting, Rat warned Vulture not to let his guard down around their guests, Razor especially. In the end, Nat was that same, hopeless little girl who grew up in a trailer, hoping for a prince to sweep her away to his fairytale castle.

“Thank you, Red,” he said, taking it and putting it on.

“Red?” she asked. “I don’t think we know each other well enough for you to start giving me nicknames.”

As soon as Nat said those words, she started to hyperventilate. What in heaven’s name had gotten into her? Razor’s sharp gray eyes gleamed with undisguised interest. She’d been bold and outspoken once, before Vulture had reduced to a spineless coward terrified of her own shadow.

Nat missed those days, missed being her old self. Getting involved with Vulture and his MC was like making a deal with the devil. Falling for Razor would put her in the same position. She was sure of it.

“So she has claws,” Razor murmured. “Does she know how to use them?”

“You’ll have to find out,” she whispered, her heart beating fiercely.

“I’ll be seeing you around, Red,” Razor said. To her surprise, he held out a hand toward her. He wanted to shake on it?

Too stunned to do anything else, she grasped his offered hand. Without warning, Razor jerked her close to him. She gasped, surprised to suddenly find herself in his arms. Razor kissed her then, quick and fleeting, but it had been enough to ignite a fire in her that she thought had fizzled out long ago.

When she met Vulture, she didn’t think she could look at another man with interest or desire anymore. Razor changed all that. He moved his lips from her mouth to the shell of her ear.

“Think of me tonight, Red,” Razor whispered in her ear, his breath warm. He abruptly released her.



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Great, short, MC read
Written by Cavylady68 on 11th Oct 2022

Although I am fast becoming a fan of these short read books, this one was so good, I wish it had gone on a bit longer. Razor and Natalie's story has it all. Natalie had a really bad time but Razor rescues her and shows her how she should be treated. Both characters were well developed and I was hooked on every word. This is a good MC age gap, HEA read which not only will you enjoy, but you will be left craving more from this author and series.

Written by Kwebb on 31st Aug 2022

Another fantastic book in this series. This is Razors story when he meets Natalie she already belongs to a rival MC member but after he beats her and leaves her for dead, Razor rescues her and they develop a relationship but will the rival MC member give up so easily?

Good for the romance light on the MC
Written by westward on 18th Aug 2022

*** ARC Provided for Honest Review *** I liked the romance aspect of the book even with the instant love. The book was light on the MC aspect but there was enough to at least a feel. If this book was longer, it would allow the book to flush out more.

Written by Nate on 10th Aug 2022

I enjoyed Razor & Natalie’s book. It was an intriguing, fast paced read. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 6th Aug 2022

This third installment of the series was well written and kept my attention with the engaging story line and endearing characters.

Razor and Natalie
Written by TracyaH1976 on 4th Aug 2022

Razor's Ride Book 3 of Ruthless Reapers MC Winter Sloane The story and characters, Natalie and Razor, are beautifully written. The story is full of suspense, action, violence and love. The relationships between these men and their women are so amazing. I really enjoyed this story and their journey.

An exciting add to the series.
Written by Rowena on 2nd Aug 2022

An exciting addition to the series! During a peaceful negotiation with another Mc, Razor the Ruthless Reapers MC sergeant-at-arms notices Natalie throughout the night. He can’t help her, but he does leave her with his number. He doesn’t expect her to use it but when he gets a call for help, he does everything to protect her. What happens next was a fast paced MC romance read that doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the danger, suspense and the unexpected romance with a HEA.

Good read
Written by KreggySue on 2nd Aug 2022

This is a dark MC romance where Razor first meets Natalie during a meet between 2 less than friendly MC's. What follows is a botched murder attempt, angst, romance, passion and an older man / younger woman happy ever after tale. I would recommend this story.

5 Star!!!
Written by Amy Jones on 2nd Aug 2022

I really loved Razor’s Ride the new addition to the Ruthless Reapers MC series. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Loved Natalie and Razor!!

Razor's Ride!
Written by Mary on 2nd Aug 2022

i enjoyed this third story in the "Ruthless Reapers MC". This is a fairly short and quick read that can be enjoyed as a stand alone one. It does have connected characters and a connected enemy but stands on it's own. This one is about Razor/Richard and Nat. Razor is the MCs sergeant-at-arms. He and the King, the Pres of the MC, are sitting in the enemy lair trying to come to a truce. They are speaking with Rat, the President of the Black Dogs MC, and his new VP, Vulture. Razor notices the beauty behind the bar, bruises and all. Unfortunately, Rat picks up on his interest as well. She is Vulture's! Unfortunately, the Black Dogs are known for their ill treatment of the women, even the ones that are not club property. When she if left for dead by Vulture, Razor rescues her. He cherishes her and protects her giving her a second chance. This is a good story. I love how he is with her! Even his brothers are amazed at how she changes him and calms him. I enjoyed their story from beginning to end.

Written by Isabelle D. on 2nd Aug 2022

This is a wonderful read from the very beginning. I was captivated by this book and continuously found myself drawn to the characters. The characters had such chemistry that you could feel the sparks. In true Winter Sloane form the characters and their personalities are unique with qualities and traits that balance out perfectly. The chemistry between the main characters is sizzling. I loved they way they came together so smoothly. The scenes are so graphic and vivid it's easy to picture each scenario as it plays off one another beautifully. Winter Sloane did an excellent job bringing this story to life flawlessly.

Written by Kmhall on 2nd Aug 2022

Another raw and slightly gritty romance. I loved the major MC vibes, cause how doesn't love a good MC romance? Both main characters were developed well and contrasted each other so well. The storyline was kind of intense and had you hooked on every word. I loved this continuation of this series and each one leaves you craving the next one, just like the previous book, and this one, leaving you to crave the next book!!

A Diamond In The Rough
Written by Kimberlea R on 2nd Aug 2022

I was really impressed with how much depth and feeling I got from this story, even though it was only 12 chapters. There was enough background on Razor and Nat so that I could connect to them, and so that we could understand why they were motivated in their actions. There was danger and action to keep things exciting, but plenty of spice and edgy romance, the kind you can only get from a rough-around-the-edges biker. Loved this story, and it definitely made me want to go back and read the 1st two stories, plus keep an eye out for future ones ❤️

Love razor
Written by Madeleine East on 2nd Aug 2022

Loved Razor and Nat's story. This book is filled with action, drama, danger, adventure, alpha males, mc and awesome. Looking forward to the next book.

Her lifeline
Written by Samijo on 2nd Aug 2022

I received an ARC from the author and am voluntarily leaving my review. This is a short but intense MC romance. The characters had me wondering what would happen right from the beginning. Nat is in a bad place with a controlling and dangerous man. Razor might not directly interfere at first but he gives Nat help and a way out when she desperately needs it. These two develop a connection that's strong. I liked the characters and their story. It is fast paced with violence.

Razor's Ride
Written by Shanna on 2nd Aug 2022

Razor’s Ride by Winter Sloane. Some times bad things happen to good people as Natalie finds out but thankfully Razor is put in her path and is determined to right the wrongs and make her his. I enjoyed the push and pull, the darkish drama, the undeniable chemistry, and the determination in this story. I recommend this book and author to others.

Razor's Ride
Written by Amber J on 2nd Aug 2022

Razor is with his MC President having a meeting with a rival group when he sees Natalie for the first time. He can tell that she doesn't want to be there, and she's been abused. Before he leaves, he gives her his name and number to call him if she needs him. Its not long before they reconnect. Can Razor protect her? Will something more grow between them? This is a great story that will hook you in the first chapter. It does have some things going on that might be issues for some. This is a well written and very entertaining story. This is a book for any book lover to enjoy.

Fun fast paced read
Written by LBing on 2nd Aug 2022

This was an exciting addition to the series and it was a fun fast-paced read. I loved the characters in this one and their sizzling connection. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twists and steamy romance to have you madly flipping pages to see how things will unfold ;D

Written by Angel Joy on 2nd Aug 2022

Love reading MC romances and loving the Rutless Reapers MC. I cannot wait to see what happens next. good read and romance.

great addition to series
Written by karenc on 2nd Aug 2022

She belongs to a rival MC. He rescues her from their abuse, vowing revenge. The drama and hatred between MC's is dark, gritty, violent. Razor is taken with Nat, and I loved seeing how tender and caring he is with her. It's a well-written and engaging story, a wonderful addition to the series.

Razor and Nat
Written by weaveswife on 2nd Aug 2022

Razor sees Nat at the bar he has a meeting at. She "belongs" to the enemy. That doesn't stop him from wanting her. He knows they are meant for each other. Razor was amazing! He was so good to Nat. He treated her so well. There is more violence from their main eny in this. I love the men of this MC. There's usually some wan trying to cause trouble but I'm thankful that Winter doesn't put too much of that in these books. I am loving this series.

Written by Irene T on 2nd Aug 2022

This is the third book in the Ruthless Reapers MC series. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. This is a story about a h who unfortunately borrows money from the VP of the Black Dogs MC to help with her mother's doctor bills. When he mother dies, he claims her as payment. The H is a member of the Ruthless Reapers MC and the sergeant at arms who is on a peace negotiation trip at the Black Dogs bar where he sees the h. He would love to rescue her when he notices her covered in bruises, but it would start a war. Done gives her his number and when she is beaten and left for dead, she calls the H for help. Read to find out what happens.

Razor and Natalie
Written by JennM73 on 2nd Aug 2022

I love this MC world and this third book did not disappoint!!! I loved both Razor and Natalie, loved how he saves her and loved how they fell in love. Each books brings us further into this MC world and I can’t wait to see who is next!

Really Good
Written by Arin B on 2nd Aug 2022

This book is amazing and a really quick read my favorite parts were how kind, caring the main guy character is. The girl was doing what was necessary to survive her life without any family but when she gets hurt to the point of death by her employer. She decided to put in faith in a guy she just met days ago and it will change her life forever! This book is really enjoyed sweet among other things with a happy ending and it makes me want to read the whole series now!!

Written by Cariad Books on 2nd Aug 2022

Another good solid read, i so enjoyed the characters and the storyline kept you guessing and on the edge.

Written by Wendy L on 2nd Aug 2022

This is the third book in this amazing series, and this is Razor and Natalie’s story. From the moment Razor meets Natalie, he knows she is the one for him, but unfortunate, she is with the VP of a rival club. When she is no longer wanted, Natalie, is left abandoned and severely injured, and she manages to contact Razor for his help. Razo is determined to protect and keep Natalie save by any means, and he wants vengeance for the person responsible for her injuries. This is a well written story which is fast paced, thrilling, action packed story, which is emotionally charged, with undeniable chemistry, revenge, danger, suspense, intrigue, violence, angst, and is a sweet and steamy addictive page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Razor's Ride.
Written by Loubie73 on 2nd Aug 2022

Another short but steamy book in this series. I liked the story of this book and it was really good to have it a pretty even split between mc story and the romance aspect. I liked that it was steamy without being over the top. As always I wish it was a longer book because I want more pages to read lol Looking forward to the next book.

Short But So Good
Written by Doris on 7th Jul 2022

For me this was one of the best short MC books that I’ve read. I felt the author really made the characters come alive. Razor wanted to claimed a battered woman even though she belonged to the Ruthless Reapers MC’s arch enemy The Black Dog MC’s VP as his toy. She had used that number that Razor had given her when she was at the end with no one to turn to after she was left for dead. I loved the chemistry between Razor and Nat along with MC drama. Razor was such a stand-up man for a one percenter and knew how to treat a woman and Nat was strong in her own right as well. I would love to read more of Razor and Nat because their story was so well told by this author.

MC romance
Written by MS on 7th Jul 2022

I loved this book! It is a short story, but its not lacking anything. Razor and Nat's story was so sweet. Big mean Razor of the MC turns into such a softy when he meets Nat and treats her so well. This book has violence, but no cheating and a HEA. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.