Renegade Biker by Lily Harlem

Heat Level 3
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Dirty Bikers, 3


I’m on the run.
With nothing more than the clothes on my back and my child.
If my husband finds me God only knows what he’ll do.
So it’s just as well my uncle has sent a Devil’s Barbarian biker to watch over me.
Damn shame I’m in no mood for a man … or am I?


Hudson wants me to play goddamn babysitter.
There’s gear to shift, deals to make, I ain’t got time for this.
So how come Tammy keeps drawing me in?
Fragile yet strong.
Scared yet brave.
And so damn sexy she’s screwing with my head.
It’s time she found out about real men.
Men with heart.
And that’s gonna be my job if it’s the last thing I do.



She turned to him. Emotions suddenly warred inside of her. Perhaps it was the sugar. His big hand was gentle on her shoulder, the warmth of it going through her t-shirt. “Why are you here, Jayden?”

“What?” He frowned.

“What are you still doing here?” She paused. “You must have a woman waiting for you at the compound.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah. Bikers have biker chicks, don’t they? Who look like Brooklyn.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Brooklyn’s not my chick, I promise you that.”

“I know. I know, but … but you’re you. You must have a girlfriend.”

“Why must I?”

“You’re a nice guy. It’s hard to believe you don’t have one.”

“I like that you think I’m a nice guy.”

The wind caught a strand of her hair, tickling it over her cheek. He tucked it behind her ear. The gesture was intimate, and the brush of his fingertip sent a shiver of sensation over her flesh.

“You really want to know?” he asked quietly.


“There was one, recently. But she’s not on the scene anymore.”

“Why not?”

“Just ain’t.” He sighed and bit on his bottom lip.

“What was she like?” Curiosity gnawed at Tammy.

“The opposite to you.”

She waited for him to go on. It was the first time he’d spoken of anyone other than Hudson and his buddies.

“Exact opposite,” he said, lifting his shades to the top of his head to scrape his hair back from his brow. “Loud, demanding, always wanting more. Big tits on show for everyone to see.”

A wild image blew up in Tammy’s mind. “And you didn’t like that?”

“Nah, turned out I didn’t, not at all.” He leaned a little closer.

She could smell his cologne, spiced and dark, and the sweetness of apple on his breath. He was looking at her again, in that way of his, seeing into her soul.

Her attention dipped to his lips. They were so damn kissable. She swallowed, her throat tight, her heart rate picking up. At that moment, only Jayden existed. Everything else, all her troubles, they faded away. And she adored him for that. That he could do that for her.

He cupped her cheek and drew their faces closer still.

Is he going to kiss me?

Do I want him to?

Hell yes.

“I won’t kiss you,” he said, his thumb stroking over her bottom lip.

“Why? Why not?” Her voice was a breathy whisper. Had she misread all the signs? The way he looked at her, touched her, spoke to her.

“Because I need to know you’re ready for a man again.” He paused and traced her upper lip. “A man like me.”

A tremble went down her spine. She knew exactly what he meant. Jayden wasn’t like other men. He was unique and dark and intense. So damn intense.

“You have to kiss me,” he said quietly. “When … if … you’re ready for me.”

“Jayden.” She gulped as a warmth filled her. “I don’t know how much I’m ready for.”

He slid his fingers to the nape of her neck, holding her steady, so her face was still close to his. “You need to know. ’Cause I don’t wanna be another son of a bitch who gives you something you don’t want.” A muscle flexed in his jaw.

“I know you don’t … won’t be—” She paused. “But I do know,” she said, anticipation along with want suddenly gripping her, “I do know I want to kiss you. Right now.”

The right side of his mouth twitched into a half smile. “You sure? Right now?”

“Yes.” She closed the gap between them, fluttered her eyes closed, and tentatively pressed her lips to his.

Despite what he’d said, he instantly took control of the kiss, opening up and gently pressing his tongue into her mouth to find hers.

Excitement winged through her. Jayden tasted of spice and strength, and she touched his cheek, the bristles a little sharp on her fingertips as their tongues danced.

What was this crazy new life of hers? She was floating, her body alive with delicious, unfamiliar sensations.


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Tammy & Jayden!!
Written by Wendy L on 18th Nov 2022

This is the third book in this series, and this is Tammy and Jayden’s journey. Tammy takes her little son and runs from an abusive husband, and her uncle sends her to an MC for protection. Jayden is noy happy when he is assigned as bodyguard for Tammy and Zac, but they soon weave their way into his heart. This is a well written story which has danger, suspense, intrigue, twists, emotions, and love, which leads to a riveting and addictive page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Holy moly!
Written by Crystal H on 18th Nov 2022

Holy Smoke! It just never ceases to amaze me how authors come up with storylines and steam scenes! Renegade Biker by Lily Harlem has a tough topic, domestic violence, and how one, Tammy, could trust and love again with a man who has a different lifestyle than what she is use to. For me, the book started off really good, but I just felt that Tammy was too quick to trust again so quickly in the pace of this book considering she experienced domestic abuse from her husband. Other than that, the book was great! Lots and lots and LOTS of steam scenes! And the man on the cover!?!?! Holy moly! Thank you to Evernight Publishing and Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

A Brave Woman and a Good Guy Doing Bad Things
Written by JennT on 18th Nov 2022

Tammy and her son Zak are on the run from her abusive husband. Jayden has been tasked with helping her get re-established. These two are complete opposites- he’s an honourable man, but he has no compunction with breaking the law, she’s the quintessential innocent good girl - but their chemistry is magnetic. I love how brave Tammy was, to get herself out of that situation and then to blossom. Another great book in a great series.

Written by Angel Joy on 18th Nov 2022

Tammy is just trying to start her life without her abusive husband. She reaches out to her uncle. Love MC romaneces.

Renegade Biker
Written by Amber Johnson on 18th Nov 2022

Tammy knew she had to get away from Gary so when she had the chance she took off with her son and some money she hid away. She heads to her uncle Hudson. Hudson has Jayden be their bodyguard, so nothing happens to them. Its not long before Tammy and her son start enjoy being with Jayden. Can she have a fresh start with Jayden? Will her ex come for them? This is a great story that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Renegade Biker
Written by Stacii on 18th Nov 2022

Tammy and Jayden’s story has them meeting when she takes her son and leaves an abusive alcoholic husband and had asked her uncle ,prez of the MC, for help. He sends Jayden to assist. He isn’t happy with the babysitting detail but goes. After these two meet and spend time together they see each other for what they are and what they can become together.

Tammy and Jayden
Written by Maleficent on 3rd Nov 2022

Tammy has decided she has had a enough, she needs to get away from her abusive husband. She escapes with her child, her uncle sends her one of the Devil Barbarians to look out for them. Jayden is not happy about being sent on a babysitting mission, but there is something about Tammy that draws him to her. He will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe.

I was hot and bothered the entire time
Written by Elizabeth H on 3rd Nov 2022

I was hot and bothered the entire time of this biker romance short story! If you are one to appeal to an older, rougher, biker fantasy, this one is for you no doubt!

Written by tburbr on 3rd Nov 2022

The character work and story line were well written and kept me entertained from start to finish. I can't wait for my next adventure with this author.

I love Jayden, Tammy and Zac's story!
Written by DebinOkla on 3rd Nov 2022

I love Jayden, Tammy and Zac's story! It's one of those story's that stay with you! Jayden is tough but a great guy with Tammy and her boy Zac! Lily Harlem did a great job writing this book! An awesome read!

Great Book
Written by Jeanne Richardson on 3rd Nov 2022

This is the first book I've read written by Lily Harlem; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the third book in the Dirty Bikers Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Tammy & Jayden; she’s running from her husband and her uncle sends him to protect her and her daughter. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by LindaV on 3rd Nov 2022

This book deals with domestic violence (TW). Tammy and her son Zak escape an abusive home. Jayden is the biker assigned to protect them. Sparks, steam, and suspense get them to an HEA!

Good read
Written by Laura C on 3rd Nov 2022

When Tammy and her son enact her plan to escape from her abusive husband, they run to the one place where she knows they will be safe. The Renegade MC that her uncle runs. When they arrive, they are welcomed with open arms and Jayden is assigned to protect her. As time passes, Jayden and Tammy grow closer until they can’t deny the connection between each other. But there are demons that haunt Tammy and not all are physical. Will her ex-husband somehow track her down and try to drag her away? Or will she find herself with a second chance at not only life… but at love?

Exciting and steamy!
Written by Ash J on 3rd Nov 2022

This is the first book I've read in this series and I really enjoyed it. I loved the story of Jayden and Tammy and her escape from an abusive husband with her son. The story was exciting, steamy, and had me anticipating what would happen and when her husband would find her the whole story. Now I want to read the first two books in this story to find out what happened with Jayden's friends and their women.

Victims rescued and protected by MC? Sign. Me. Up.
Written by Marigold Maybee on 3rd Nov 2022

Protective, possessive men are my kryptonite. And if they just so happen to be tattooed and ride motorcycles and be great with kids and also extremely giving in the bedroom (or wherever bedroom activities are partaken of), then that's just icing on the cake. Please heed trigger warnings.

Renegade Biker
Written by Fairytales4Ever on 3rd Nov 2022

This was a really suspenseful short story. It was hard to put it down, once started! I loved all the characters and that the bikers all joined together to protect Tammy & Zak. I especially loved Jayden! Such a great story with a HEA!

Loved this book!
Written by Jamee hunter on 2nd Nov 2022

I absolutely love this book. Strong and caring alpha male ✅ sting mother and woman ✅ I highly recommend reading this

Bikers are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written by Beast's Beauty on 2nd Nov 2022

I have always had a thing for MC romances and this one did not diappoint. Tammy knew in order for her son, Zak, to live she had to get away from Gary. She has planned and prepared but the day came sooner than expected, and she ran with the clothes on her back and her purse with the money she has squirreled away with Bilbo, Zak's stuffed rabbit after calling the on person she could trust, her uncle Hudson..into the life of Jayden, one the baddest Devil's Barbarians. Jayden is a tough talking, cigarette smoking, liquor drinking bike riding Barbarian - til the day he dies and nothing is more important that the MC...until Tammy and Zak show up. Given the job of "babysitting", Jayden throws himself into his assignment from Hudson. Not only does Zak become his mini me but Tammy falls hard and fast for Jayden....but you know Gary being the @$$wipe he is is gonna come for her and his son...he has an MC that is has a bite that does not come with the warning of the bark. S/N: Hudson may be the uncle but he was more of a father to her than his brother and I think he knew exactly what he was doing when he assigned Jayden to be her bodyguard...and yes I mean body guard *wink wink*

I Need Me a Jayden!!!!!
Written by JennM73 on 2nd Nov 2022

Lily is Hudson’s niece and she flees from her abusive husband with her young son. Jayden is asked by Hudson to guard Lily and he takes this role very seriously. What I loved about this book is that even when Jayden falls in love, he remains being a tough, alpha biker man who is crude and dirty. The chemistry between this couple sizzled off the page and had me getting out my fan!!!! I can’t wait to read what comes next in this biker world!!!

Renegade Biker
Written by Amy Ferber on 2nd Nov 2022

Tammy and Zak's terror and fear seep through the pages as you read their story. Poor Zak knows at age 6 to be silent and wait for his dad to pass out before coming out of hiding, and he knows that nice Daddy will come the following day. Be still my breaking heart. Tammy's journey to happiness is filled with setbacks, fear, and a happy ending.

Renegade Biker
Written by Stephanie G on 2nd Nov 2022

This book shows what a difference a good man can make. Even though Jayden is in an MC , there's not too much focus on the MC life. Overall, it's a great story about good vs evil and the fact that appearances can be surprising.

Renegade Biker
Written by Stephanie G on 2nd Nov 2022

This book shows what a difference a good man can make. Even though Jayden is in an MC , there's not too much focus on the MC life. Overall, it's a great story about good vs evil and the fact that appearances can be surprising.

Great Story
Written by Merry Jelks-Emmanuel on 2nd Nov 2022

After one beating too many, Tammy has finally gotten up the nerve to leave her abusive husband. She calls her uncle, and it will start her on a path that will draw her to a love that she never thought possible with a man that is far more dangerous than her husband but will keep her and her son safe and from the hands of the man that causes only pain. This story had me in Tammy's corner cheering her on. She is inspiring and so deserving of getting a second chance for happiness. It is a well written story and one that I will definitely read again!

Jayden and Tammy
Written by Doris on 2nd Nov 2022

This book starts out with intensity with Tammy and her son trying to get away from her abusive husband. She asks her uncle for help who happens to be the Prez of the Devil’s Barbarian MC so he has one of his brothers, Jayden, look after Tammy and her little boy. This is a soft MC book but gives hope and happiness for not only Tammy but for Jayden as well. This is a first-time author for me and I will definitely be checking out more of her books.

Dirty Bikers
Written by Iva on 2nd Nov 2022

she is on the run...from her husband....with tehir child...if he finds will be hell. he is assigend to guard her first..he resent to be babysitter...but that can change.... but will she trust another man again?

Enjoyable read
Written by LBing on 2nd Nov 2022

I really enjoyed this story of an abused woman making a successful escape from her hubby. Her uncle came through with a refuge for her and her son and provided protection in the form of Jayden, a member of the MC her uncle is in charge of. Never did Jayden think he'd fall in love with Tammy and her son, Zak ;) Their romance was full of great things like consent and fab chemistry. It was a steamy romance and MC light.

An enjoyable, quick read
Written by Melanie T on 2nd Nov 2022

Tammy and her young son are on the run from her abusive husband and runs to her uncle, the leader of a motorcycle club; where she is guarded by a tough but soft-hearted MC member, Jayden. Their relationship develops slowly as she and her son finds their place in their new environment. There's a bit of twist and suspense at the end that is quickly resolved and some dark elements that are hinted at but not overt.. An enjoyable, quick read.

Knight in black leather
Written by RahiaLeight on 2nd Nov 2022

Tammy is definitely in distress and need of saving, and she couldn't have found a better knight than Jayden. This story hit some sore points, but Jayden took his ready-made family very well. Although implied, I kinda wish we had a front row seat to Gary's vacation. Just sayin'.

Sweet romance
Written by Book Addiction on 2nd Nov 2022

Nice change of pace MC romance. Jayden and his club are looked at as criminals yet it is Tammy's husband and father that have kept her in an abusive relationship. Jayden is tasked to protect her and her son and it becomes more. I loved how he acknowledged her fears and gave Tammy the time she needed to change their relationship. The club also came together to show her what a real family should be. The story is low on angst between the two and progressed at just the right tempo.

Renegade Biker
Written by AshReads on 2nd Nov 2022

I really enjoyed this book. It is about a woman, Tammy, who has been beaten down by a man who promised to love and cherish her. He beat her and made her feel worthless until one day she gathers her courage to run with her son. She takes off to California where he uncle can help her. She meets Jayden, a sexy, ruff in tumble biker. He promises to protect her because he was sent there by her uncle. He feels the urge to gather this woman and child and protect them. Feelings start develop between the two and they develop a relationship when Tammy comes out of her shell after escaping her husband. Read this book is you want to know more. My only issue with this book was the pov it’s exactly first person so it makes that a little awkward to read but other than that I enjoyed this book.

MC club Goodness
Written by Yami's Bookshelf on 15th Oct 2022

I really enjoyed this book. I found myself hooked from the very beginning and not wanting to put the book down. There is no unnecessary prolonged drama in this book either, which I really like. I would definitely recommend this book. Tammy and her son are on the run from her abusive husband. She runs to her uncle, a member of an MC. Her husband has one of his guys, Jayden, stay with her and protect her and her son. The chemistry between the two of them is instantaneous and hot. While the story has some pretty dark content, it is not too dark and ends in a HEA!

5 Star!!
Written by Amy Jones on 15th Oct 2022

Loved Renegade Biker. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. Loved the chemistry between Tammy and Jayden. Awesome book!!

Well worth the read
Written by Cindy V on 15th Oct 2022

Tammy runs away with her young son from her abusive husband and finds protection with her Uncle's MC. Jayden is the biker sent to watch over her and they fall in love. I really liked this fairly short book about a sexy biker with questionable morals and the slightly religious abused mom. Jayden was really careful with Tammy, not wanting to scare her and harm her further and they took their time in falling for each other. It was romantic and sexy and well worth the read.

How to move on?...enjoying a MC Biker!
Written by Diana Acero on 15th Oct 2022

This books made me suffer with the heroine since the beginning, breaking my heart on how often this happens. But encouraging all people out there that there is a new beginning and even better with a rough handsome biker which will move mountains to keep you safe. Enjoy this story very much, this is my first one in this serious, going back to read the first books and really anxious for the next one!!!

Written by Kelsey K on 15th Oct 2022

Thank you to NetGalley for an ecopy of this book! Wow!! This book had me hooked from the first paragraph, and that rarely happens! First and foremost, I wish I had a group of biker boys protecting me at all costs! This book gripped me and held on tight from the first page to the last. Tammy is in an abusive relationship and finds the strength to leave with her sweet little boy Zak. Unknown to her, the place she runs to changes her life more than she would ever fathom. I loved so much about this book, I can’t wait to read more by this author! Do yourself a favor and give this one a shot, you won’t be disappointed!!

Amazing story
Written by Heather7170 on 11th Oct 2022

Tammy is on the run and calls her Uncle Hudson for help. She and her son need to get away from her Husband before it’s to late. Reaching her uncles house she meets Jayden the rough biker her Uncle sent to meet her. Scared and alone with a man she doesn’t know Tammy is terrified. Jayden can sense she is running from something bad he he feels protective over them. Jayden doesn’t know what’s happening bet he’s determined to make sure that nothing ever touched them again. Jayden and the MC will make sure no one ever causes her anymore grief.

Written by KreggySue on 11th Oct 2022

Tammy felt she had no choice before her husband killed her and their son, so she called her uncle an asked for help. He put her up in a house near his club and assigned a member to watch over her. This story is not hearts and flowers, it is scary, real fear, and her father betrays her.

I loved it!
Written by Michelle C on 7th Oct 2022

I really enjoyed this single parent MC Romance. I loved the way the MC handled her and her son. Ensuring their safety and giving them space to feel safe. Great chemistry between Tammy and Jayden. He was so patient with her. I loved it!

Written by BecM on 7th Oct 2022

Jayden is not an Angel but a firece protector. He melts you with his intensity. Tammy a survivor. She strength shines through. A hot, steamy & fun story. Enjoyed it.

Feel good book
Written by Cynthia G on 7th Oct 2022

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. This was a very cute love story. Yes it was about domestic violence and a woman who got out with her son. I did feel her pain. Been there done that. But i was so hopeful when this book ended because of her finding love again. This is worth it if you want a feel good book.

So good!
Written by MrsBrightside15 on 7th Oct 2022

Tammy has been through so much, but has found a way to get her and her son to safety. Her uncle gives her a place to run to and assigns one of his MC brothers to watch over them. Jayden is the best. He didn't fight his attraction and his love for her kid was so great. He shows Tammy how great life is and she shows him how amazing love is.

Renegade Biker
Written by Allison R on 7th Oct 2022

Tammy has always tried to be good but her fairytale wedded life has taken a hard turn in the wrong direction and she needs a fresh break. She turns to help from her biker uncle. Jayden has lived his life almost the total opposite from Tammy. As part of the same MC as Tammy’s uncle he was initially annoyed at being given the responsibility of helping Tammy but one look at her and her son and he’s found a new reason in life. This was the first book for me by this author and is apparently part of a series, although I had no problem with following along even though I had not read the others. As a woman in an abusive relationship Tammy’s story may have some triggers for some readers but the story is a nice sweet read with a mix of heat and humor, especially when dealing with her son. I also really enjoyed the fact that the “bad” biker was really the “good guy” as Jayden went beyond the typical MC troupe that most stories follow. I only wish their relationship was a bit longer, otherwise a great read. 4 stars. I voluntarily read and reviewed an arc copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Very entertaining
Written by Aseel S on 7th Oct 2022

Thank you Netgally for providing me an eARC of this book. “Jayden made her feel sexy, beautiful, and worthy of pleasure.” This book was very cute i liked it i kinda wish it was longer though. I liked the world building and the writing style was good although the story was kinda predictable it was very entertaining. I liked Jayden’s character he’s such a teddy bear. I liked his relationship with Tammy and Zak it was wholesome watching him bond with them. I liked Tammy’s character she was ok I guess and I’m so glad she got out when she did. I loved her uncle he’s a softie but only when it comes to his niece. The side characters were great they added an nice touch to that story i liked them. Overall this book was great. If you like MC, fast paced, insta love romance books the. I suggest to pick up this book. “He never wanted to see fear in her eyes again, only desire, trust, and love.” ✨My Rating✨ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/4 ✨Tropes✨ - Insta Love

MC romance
Written by Mary Lynne N on 7th Oct 2022

Tammy must escape her abusive husband, and she knows there’s one person she can reach out to for help: an uncle who’s the leader of his motorcycle club. Once she makes it to the haven her uncle offers, the path to her redemption is smooth, so Renegade Biker is a romance that goes down easy. Much of that ease is due to Jayden, the MC member her uncle assigns to watch over Tammy and her son and adjust them to their new lifestyle. The fact that Tammy and Jayden are attracted to one another is an unexpected aspect of Tammy transforming her life. The first couple of chapters of Renegade Biker give Harlem a chance to excel in displaying her writing chops—the feeling of dread she creates is palpable as Tammy both works to comfort her son Zak and keep him quiet so her drunken husband doesn’t find them while they’re hiding from him. TW for recollections of past torment in these early chapters, but it’s a gripping start. Part of the reason Renegade Biker goes down easy is that things *are* awfully easy for Tammy after her escape. Once Tammy is under her uncle’s protection, her struggles are primarily internal and relatively minor, as she shifted from an abused wife to someone who’d welcome Jayden into her bed and her life pretty quickly. I would have liked to have seen more time elapse and more changes in her life (like a job or integrating more with the MC) before a complete relationship with Jayden was established. And Jayden is pretty much ideal—he’s kind and thoughtful and great with Zak. Seeing Jayden make a couple of mistakes and not be quite so perfect would have rounded out and shaded his character more. This book is basically a cabin romance, as most of it focuses on Tammy and Jayden in the home her uncle lets her stay in. Renegade Biker moves to an exciting (and somewhat foregone) conclusion, and the sensual scenes are nicely spicy—it’s fantastic to see the elements of consent that Harlem includes in Tammy and Jayden’s physical encounters. Even if everything’s just a little too easy in Renegade Biker, it’s fun to read and definitely recommended for fans of MC romance.

Very highly recommended!
Written by Donna M on 7th Oct 2022

I thought that this was a brilliant book! I thought that it had a great storyline and it was very well written The book had a lovely natural flow to the story and it had me rooting for the big, broad biker all the way – the characters were well developed and I loved getting to know them It was a romantic and sexy read and I loved it! It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended

Amazing MC romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Oct 2022

I loved this book. Please note that this book could be triggering to those of us that have been through an abusive relationship and survived. I felt connected to this book after having survived something similar myself. As such the characters were truly alive to me and the world building was done so very well. The romance, love, and community support in this book made it a home run!!

Well written
Written by Jill G on 27th Sep 2022

After years of violent physical abuse, Tammy takes her son and runs to her uncle for safety. This is her story of how Jayden, a tattooed biker teaches her to trust and learn to love again without fear of abuse. It is well written and you can feel the inner turmoil and fear that she is learning to overcome. I enjoyed the story and it is the first one of this series that I have read. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and are voluntarily leaving a review.

4 Stars
Written by Gina W on 27th Sep 2022

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC! Tammy is running. She and her son, Zak, leave a dangerous situation and hope it doesn't follow them. Jayden is Tammy's knight in worn leather. He takes his protection assignment very seriously. Although very predictable, I enjoyed the relationship between Jayden, Tammy and Zak. Jayden's understanding and awareness really made me fall in love with him. Thank you to NetGalley and Evernight Publishing for the ARC of this book!

Renegade Biker
Written by marie w on 27th Sep 2022

This book was a super eventful and interesting book to read! Sweet and kind Tammy meets the rough biker Jayden while getting away from her husband. I love how this book is a perfect representation of opposites attract! I loved Tammy’s development and how she gradually became more confident with herself and her decisions! One thing about this book though is that it constantly mentioned how Jayden was a “rough, tough, and strong biker”. I felt like it was very repetitive and brought up in almost every chapter. I think this book was also a bit predictable in some ways. Still I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend to others!

Definitely recommended!
Written by Di Budo on 27th Sep 2022

A riveting book three in the Dirty Bikers series! It is emotionally deep, well written, engaging, funny, and fast pace with drama, suspense, action, danger, enegade Biker characters, and instant sizzling chemistry. Definitely recommended!

a charming mc protector
Written by memes on 27th Sep 2022

Tammy and her son are on the run from her abusive husband. She runs to her uncle, a member of an MC. Her husband has one of his guys, Jayden, stay with her and protect her and her son. The chemistry between the two of them is instantaneous and hot. The story has some content that some may find triggering such as verbal and physical abuse. There is violence but not much action to the story. There was a moment that could have been suspenseful, but I found it predictable and saw the outcome coming ahead of time. There is some cuteness added with Tammy's son, he also adds a little humor. While the story has some pretty dark content, it is not too dark and ends in a happily ever after.

Enjoyed and quick read
Written by Momma25 on 27th Sep 2022

The book had me hooked within the first few pages. Overall an enjoyable book. Felt like it too a jump quickly with the main characters at one point and maybe could used a little more working up to those feelings, especially for main female after what she had been through. All and all Would recommend for a quick enjoyable romance with small amount of angst. Would read more from author

Written by BecM on 27th Sep 2022

Jayden is not an Angel but a firece protector. He melts you with his intensity. Tammy a survivor. She strength shines through. A hot, steamy & fun story. Enjoyed it.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Sep 2022

Tammy is in the run with her son Zach from her ex, she asks her uncle for help and he sends Jayden for protection. Jayden is drawn to Tammy and wil ldo anything to keel her and Zach safe, but can,Tammy open up to another after all shes been through? Well written steamy, protective, desires, action and more

Really enjoyed
Written by Katielou88 on 27th Sep 2022

I really enjoyed the book not your typical MC romance loved both Jayden & Tammy Now going to have go back & read books 1 & 2 in this series

Biker Believer
Written by Nerdy Norie on 27th Sep 2022

What a sweet story that rising out of darkness. While it felt like we read abuse scenes none were actually written which speaks to the excellent writing of the author. I felt Tammy’s fear and her abuse. I loved the happy go lucky yet “I’ll hurt whoever crosses me” demeanor of Jayden. Enjoyed the story and how it built effortlessly and concluded even quicker. Wasn’t drawn out but was in-depth enough to build a solid story.

Love overcomes
Written by Valerie Toney on 27th Sep 2022

I loved Jayden and Tammy’s story! She takes her young son and runs from her abusive husband with the help of her uncle. Her uncle sends a guy from his MC to watch over her and to keep an eye out for the husband. Jayden shows Tammy and her son Zac how a real man treats the people he cares about.

I loved it
Written by Nasra on 27th Sep 2022

Beautiful story, great characters I loved it. I loved jayden with little zack. It was light not like really other mc books but I enjoyed it. Good job

Jayden, biker and Tammy, on the run ... Protector romance
Written by Kindle Distracted on 27th Sep 2022

We meet Tammy hiding with her son in the basement of her house: terrified that her drunken husband would find them and beat her senseless; determined to leave. The image of her jogging to the bus stop with her son on her back is powerful and liberating. Jayden is sent by Tammy's uncle Hudson to get the house ready for her and hand over the keys. Within minutes of meeting her his protective instincts kick in, and not long after his body follows suit. This is a surprisingly sweet romance as the two mcs get to know each other and learn to live and love together. The bikers are on the wrong side of the law so their solutions to problems are often violent and Tammy is surprisingly OK with that. The epilogue was half romance and half steam (Seemed weird that it was her first time for doing all that stuff ... they had been together for a year by then and Jayden had never been shy about pushing the boundaries before?) Anyhow, enjoyable, well written story with likeable mcs and support characters. 4.5