A Fighter's Love by Lily Harlem

Heat Level 4
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London Menage, 3

After battling her demons, Jenny has finally found the courage to stand up for herself and fight for the life she’s always dreamed of.

What she doesn’t expect is to find that as she emerges from her chrysalis, she’s very much caught the attention of two super-sexy, incredibly talented boxers at the club she helps out at. They’re enchanted by her, they’ll do anything for her, and heaven help anyone who tries to hurt her, including her miserly ex, Billy.

But as things heat up, it’s clear Dale and Jackson are no ordinary sparring partners. Beneath their tough exterior and lively banter, they share a softer relationship that’s kept well hidden from the rest of the world. Will Jenny be allowed into that gentle place? Can they make it work when passion and lust hits them all hard? There’s only one thing for it, and that’s to trust love in all of its forms.

A Fighter’s Love is book #3 in the London Menage series. All books are fine as standalone reading as the characters are only loosely linked.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex



After slotting in the last stack of papers in the filing cabinet, she paused, her hands on the cool surface, and blew out a breath. It was time to go home and she’d managed the entire evening without seeing either Dale or Billy. What a relief.

Suddenly she was aware of a presence behind her. Close up. The scent of man enveloped her and heat from a large body burned against her back.


It was Jackson. She went to turn but he pressed his big gloved hands on the top of the filing cabinet, trapping her within his colossal arms.

“What do you—?”

“Sh.” He pressed his lips against her temple, his stubble scratching her flesh.

Her heart pounded, her pulse thudded in her ears. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. Was he furious about what had happened between her and Dale? Was he going to order her to mind her own business about their relationship, or tell her she was a raving lunatic to suggest they were anything other than straight?

She could hardly think. Being surrounded by his thick, hot muscles, and the feel of his breath on her cheek, down her neck was beyond distracting. Jackson was neat testosterone and it was doing strange things to her female hormones.

“I learned today,” he whispered hotly against the shell of her ear, his lips brushing her flesh, “that you kissed my boyfriend last night.”

She drew in a breath. Had she heard Jackson right? Had he just confessed? Confirmed her suspicions in one heated sentence?

“I’m sorry,” she managed, not knowing what else to say. “For everything. But I’m going home soon and I won’t be back here, at the gym.”

He made a strange growling noise. It wasn’t like anything she’d heard before and it vibrated from his chest onto her back. “We don’t want that.”

“But…” Again she went to turn. Again she was blocked by his solid body. “What do you want?” she managed.

“You, tomorrow night. Dinner.”

“Dinner?” That had been the very last thing she’d expected Jackson to say.

“Yeah, we’ll pick you up at eight.”

She hesitated. “We?”

“Yeah, the three of us are gonna sit down and talk…” he paused, “about this unusual situation we’ve found ourselves in.”

“I don’t understand.”

“That’s why we’re going out.” He pressed his lips to her temple, the section now warmed from his breath. It wasn’t a real kiss, just a press of his mouth but it sent a skitter of little tingles over her scalp.

Jenny balled her fists, and kept her eyes closed. They were going out? All three of them?

As quickly as Jackson had surrounded her, he was gone.

The air seemed to flood her torso, chilling her, but her breaths became easier to catch. She spun in time to see Jackson striding from the room. His vest top had a line of sweat down the gutter of his spine and the ends of his hair were damp and sticking like tiny commas to the nape of his neck.

He’d come into the office, stated what was going to happen and then left. She should be mad. Wasn’t this the new Jenny? Not being told what to do. But how the hell could she refuse the chance to spend an evening with both Dale and Jackson? And what did he mean by ‘unusual situation’?

You kissed my boyfriend.

His words rushed back to her, blowing up a storm of emotions. Jackson had admitted what she’d suspected. Dale couldn’t deny it now. 

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Sexy Fighters, YES PLEASE!!
Written by WTXReader on 8th Apr 2018

If your looking for a quick read that is fast paced, hot and steamy then this is a story for you. I liked Jenny and reading about how she came into herself. After a tragic past and in a dead end relationship I was really happy to see her want more out of life. Her two fighters are a 10 on the sexy scale and loved their relationship. I don't like reading spoilers so I will not give any in this review.

Short and sexy
Written by Kiera Jayne on 8th Apr 2018

Two sexy fighters who are London natives? Wow, Jenny is one extremely lucky lady! I love their protectiveness of her. This was a fun and sexy story. The only thing that bugged me a little bit was how the story kept saying that Jenny was finally learning to stand on her own two feet, but I don’t feel she did. 4 stars.

Cold Shower Time!!!
Written by TheMissus on 8th Apr 2018

This isn't what I'd usually look for in a story. However Lily Harlem writes with so much passion that it's easy to fall in love with these sexy characters. I don't believe in writing Spoilers, so what I say is this, There is a very "Happy Ending" for our sexy menage. And damn, it's steamy!

Loved it!!
Written by SamMac on 8th Apr 2018

What a great story. Loved how the MC learns to stand on her own two feet, and had the support of two fighters. The two fighters (commence drooling) are brilliant and shows how they not only love each other, but extend that love to the MC. Great pace and highly recommend.

~A Fighter’s Love
Written by Coffee Time Romance & More on 8th Apr 2018

I LOVED A Fighter’s Love by Ms. Harlem! I have always been a fan of menage romance, but I especially enjoyed this story. The realistic fight scenes, the description of the club, and the upcoming event, the secret m/m romance, the way Jenny finds her backbone and finally stands up to Billy and leaves the relationship, as well as the sexy emotional menage love scenes make this book one you will want to read over and over. If you love scorching hot menage love scenes and true love with a happy ever after ending menage style, then you do not want to miss A Fighter’s Love by Ms. Harlem! This book got moved to my “keeper” folder on my kindle before I ever even finished the story! Regina Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

MMF that will leave you cheering for love!
Written by Lydia S on 8th Apr 2018

I don't normally prefer books with MM. So I have to admit, if I hadn't already fallen for Lily Harlem's writing, I would have stopped reading this book within the first couple of pages. I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T STOP READING! Lily Harlem has created another winner with A Fighter's Love. Besides having some wonderfully HOT scenes, this also has some incredibly romantic and heart string tugging scenes that linger in your head. This is truly a story of the good ones winning, in life, in love, and everything in between.

Very Hot scenes!
Written by Nikki Thompson on 8th Apr 2018

This was once again an amazing book! All the way from the intro with dale, to the end as a threesome. Gorgeous Jackson and Dale the two male fighters in the stories are strong, masculine, protective and loving. Jenny the Sweet, kindhearted female lead is the type of girl that will take what you throw at her and keep on giving , even when should should just cut the strings and let the Ex boyfriend Billy drown. Billy is the type of guy to use you till you are dried up, stomped on and no use to anyone anymore. I thought the Hidden strength portrayed by Jenny to stand up to Billy would turn out for the worst, I kept expecting Billy to grab her after work as she walked in the dark! In the end I did think the gym would have been handed over to Jenny since she handles the business so well . Jackson was so in tune with Jenny that he knew when her cycle was supposed to show up and when it didn't and he caught hints of symptoms he bought her a gift !!! Very Good book ! especially if you like 3somes of the MMF type !

Beautiful MMF Story
Written by pumpkin-luvin-u on 8th Apr 2018

I don't like reviews that just give a synopsis; you've probably already read that if you're looking at reviews. So I'll be brief. In this story, our main character is Jenny. Jenny is living life, but she isn't happy. This story follows her transformation from accepting life as it is to enjoying her life and finding love. And love isn't always as traditional as we think. I'm not really all that into books about MMA fighting or boxing, etc. But I've read other books by this author, so I had an idea what to expect as far as writing style and story. I am so glad I went ahead and opted to read this book. It was beautiful! It is all about accepting love for what it is, no matter how looks. Beautiful! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who's willing to see love in all its different forms.

The Perfect Introduction to Lily Harlem
Written by BrizzleLass on 8th Apr 2018

I have been meaning to read Lily Harlem for some time, I have several of her books on my TBR all of which I intend to read sooner rather than later, especially now that I’ve read this. A Fighter’s Love introduces us to Jenny, she’s in a relationship with boxing club owner Billy who is to put it frankly is pain in the behind. Having been together since they were kids and been through some tough times together Jenny feels obliged to be with him even though she is being mistreated and is extremely unhappy. Then two of the boxers, Dale and Jackson offer her an out with the moral support and courage she needs to walk away from this relationship as well as an offer of a new relationship, with them. Dale and Jackson were wonderful characters, already in a committed relationship with each other their pursuit of Jenny is something they both want to add a third person, a woman to their bi-relationship. They are very open with her and protective of her and each other. Jenny wasn’t my favourite character ever, she’s very naive and I found it hard to believe that somebody that naive would so easily transition into a menage relationship. Not saying they wouldn’t do it I just think there would be more hesitation and questions. I don’t think she would have just let her libido lead the charge. That said, I loved the three of them as a unit, the way they fit so comfortably together, the sex scenes felt real and natural, the way they spoke to each other and came together as one unit just felt completely real. I really enjoyed this and will definitely be trying to find more time to catch up on my other Lily Harlem books!

Great steamy read with amazing characters!
Written by Marci Ya on 8th Apr 2018

I really enjoyed this book. I respect Jenny’s character, her hidden strength and taking control of her life. I really felt for how unappreciated she was by Billy. Dale and Jackson were just yummy

Another sizzling menage story
Written by Deanna's World on 8th Apr 2018

Lily Harlem delivers another sizzling menage story with A Fighter's Love. These two hot, sexy fighters will certainly deliver a knockout blow to your Kindle and melt it while you read. I was excited to see that Ms Harlem had released another addition to her London Menage series. I love this series because no one does sexy menage quite like her. Her stories have heart, warmth and tenderness, and a whole lot of heat. A Fighter's Love did not disappoint at all with its build up to Dale, Jackson and Jenny being a threesome. I loved Dale and Jackson. What's not to love? They are both strong, fit fighters who are also tender and protective. I loved the dynamic between the two men even though they are firmly in the closet and how seamlessly they fitted Jenny into their lives. They were both so protective and caring of her, in particular against her horrible ex-boyfriend. And when push came to shove, they stood up for her and fought for her too. What girl wouldn't love that? I liked Jenny a lot. She's a sweet, hardworking and unassuming girl who is selfless and giving. She's put up with a lot of unpleasantness in her life but she still has it in her to be open and generous. I'm glad she finally stood up for herself with her user of a boyfriend and turned him into an ex, freeing herself and opening her to having Dale and Jackson in her life. There were moments when I truly feared for her when her ex wouldn't take "no" for an answer. There were so many close calls that got my heart pounding. Fortunately, she has two sexy guys in her corner. Perhaps the sexiest line in the entire book for me was this: "I learned today," he whispered hotly against the shell of her ear, his lips brushing her flesh, "that you kissed my boyfriend last night." Dang, that was hot! I might have melted just a little bit at that. And then went back and read the line again! :-) Ms Harlem is one of my go-to authors when I want a sexy read. I recommend her and her books to anyone, anytime.

Thr TBR Pile
Written by Jean on 15th Nov 2017

Double Knockout! When you're fresh from the fight, you can be blindsided with a sucker punch to the heart, as accountant Jenny Jones discovers after finally breaking off a long-term, dead-end relationship. As much as she dislikes her ex, Jenny agrees to finish some volunteer work at the boxing gym he owns, but unexpectedly steps into a different kind of ring when cornered by two hunky fighters that swing more than punches. Holy threesome, Batman. Jenny, Dale and Jackson together are hot hot hot!!! A well-told story about a taboo topic that initiates the reader to an alternative lifestyle along with the main character! Rather than bombarding us with long, graphic depictions of multiple partner festivities, A Fighter's Love brings us in gently. This story follows Jenny's journey from all-too-common abusive and unsatisfying monogamy to sensational, out of this world menage ecstasy with two brawny boxers whose hard (in more ways than one) exteriors disguise the biggest, sweetest hearts imaginable on the inside. The way Jackson's and Dale's loving relationship is extended to gradually include Jenny will melt your heart along with your underwear, attesting to the skill of this author, which is further demonstrated in really allowing the reader to "see" every subtle action and gesture of the characters with her words. If you're up for a bout of spine-tingling, seat-squirming, sensual reading pleasure, this book delivers a TKO

Great book
Written by undefined on 13th Nov 2017

Really enjoyed this book. Great characters--loved the heroes, their relationship with each other and their compassion and feeling toward the heroine. Just a really nice, romantic, hot story.