Saving the Grace by Lacee Hightower

Heat Level 3
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The Gentry Duo, 2

“Be a good girl,” my mother always said. And I did.
Until Reese Gentry looked my way.
Eyes holding a beautiful guarantee of wicked, unchaste sin and sex. 
Smile flashing shameless bliss and obscene desire. 
Hands offering sweet pleasure and bitter punishment.
Sometimes even the good girl next door needs a dirty secret…

With no clingy strings, I willingly give him what he wants, when he wants it, wherever he wants it.
But strings are sometimes broken…

Reese Gentry is used to two things. Getting what he wants … and repeating.
But then life has its own ideas…

Two years pass, and he’s back. But I’m no longer that spirited girl from the past. Those days were only the beginning of my story.
Those days were before I was left a … slut.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex


My body is instantly on fire, my heart thundering. Temptation slides through my core as his hand creeps down my torso, reaching underneath my dress and brushing over the damp fabric of my panties. I feel his intensity, his dominance. This power he has. It’s who he is. Who he’s always been. I want him. His hands on me. Inside me. No more doubt. No worrying. No jealousy.

“I need you, Reese,” I whisper, watching the blue in his eyes, the expression on his face, both shameless, hot seduction.

I love you so damn much.

“Open your legs, Graycee,” his voice lowers, “so I can give you what you need.”

I open my legs and a finger, then two, slides inside my panties, pushing into my sex so deep that I think I might shatter. “Oh, God, Reese. Feels so good.”

“Shh, baby.” There’s a command to his voice as his palm cups my mouth to quieten me while his fingers push and thrust, his thumb doing crazy insane circling motions over my clit. He kisses at the tender spot just below my ear, knowing just how much that tiny move affects me. “Now I’m going to lick all that modesty and lingering doubt out of you. And you, Graycee, are going to stay very quiet.”

Dropping to his knees, he urges my dress up and slides my panties to the side. Burying his face against my cleft, his tongue pushes into me. He’s rough and urgent, greedy and fierce, like wicked voodoo, licking, stroking, teasing, doing everything that I crave. I can barely breathe, so lost in Reese, this connection between us something way deeper than sex. My fingers automatically wind through his hair as my hips seethe around the firm movements of his mouth. We’re staring at each other like there’s no other person in existence. Like a hundred or more people aren’t footsteps away from us.

“Oh my God. Reese. No more. Not here.” The smooth sleekness of his tongue licks through me, inside me, slowly. Quickly. Then slow once again before flickering over my clit as he pulls me hard against him, his hands tightening against my hips.

“Don’t ever do that to yourself again,” he says in a voice that’s heavy with intensity. “Or to me, Graycee. Don’t let that man, or the past, control you. You’re stronger than that. You’re stronger than he ever was.” He licks through my sex again, stopping at my clit. I rake my nails through the sides of his hair, my pleasure building. Consuming me.

“Reese, this is crazy. You’re going to make me come.”

“Yes, I am. And you’re going to stay silent. And then, when we get home, I’m going to make you come again, until you scream my name.”

His lips cover my sex, and I’m instantly grinding against his mouth, squeezing my eyes shut, stirring with twenty sensations as he delves deep inside, his hands all over me. I’m shamelessly writhing, my sex clenching with every impatient thrust. Too late to care where we are or how many people are only feet away, he’s tonguing me into a shattering orgasm. My body spasms around him, my nails drilling into his shoulders as I bite down on my lip, choking back a scream. He pulls me closer to his face, his lips still sealed tight. My sex convulsing, my entire lower body trembling. When I open my eyes again, only feet away from me, his gaze dark and evil, is none other than Rodney.

“Reese!” I push at him, lowering my dress.

“Rodney! He was there! Right there!”

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TBR Pile
Written by Stefan on 19th Oct 2018

At the beginning, Graycee and Reese meet and quickly have hot sex. She loves the sex, but hates the anonymous nature. Being written in the first person, you get inside her head and feel the conflict. She shares this pain with her male study friend, Rodney. After a night of steamy sex, she asks Reese to stay the night. He leaves. You feel the enormity of her loss as she decides to end the relationship. The story jumps forward a couple of years. Graycee is now a nurse, but something has changed. She’s no longer the confident young woman, hurts herself and takes drugs to deaden the pain. Lacee drops hints as to why, but you don’t discover the single event for quite a few chapters. Reese reappears, as her boss—he bought the hospital Graycee works at as a nurse. We have multiple twists and turns. Will they get together-yes, no, no, yes? I enjoyed this romance. Plenty of twists to make it a very enjoyable read. Don’t panic about the story being book two in a series, it is standalone. Chapters switch between the main two characters, Graycee and Reese. Don’t worry, the chapters are labelled so—no confusion.The sex scenes are well written, sensual and steamy. Graycee keeps you on tiptoes and when you think it’s a done deal—Rodney’s re-introduced. You’ll have to read the story a second time to catch the dropped hints.…It’s worth the effort. I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment, but the story builds to an exciting confrontation between the two men.The sex scenes are hot, but most of the story focuses on the internal workings of Graycee’s mind. This is the only reason I don’t give the story a five--Graycee's internal pain dominates the middle of the story—and for me, maybe a little over done. Overall, I'd definitely recommend Saving The Grace!

Send me Reese Gentry!!!!
Written by simple on 17th Oct 2018

Send me Reese Gentry! Please! He may be an arrogant dominant, but he changes his life for Graycee, proving over and over that he's going nowhere. Just like book one, this is a great read with lots of suspense and plenty of hot sexy scenes and has an awesome HEA. Really enjoying Lacee's books.