Soft Stone by Megan Slayer

Heat Level 3
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Celestial Mates, 8

Two men from different walks of life find they’ve got more in common than they think, but can they have a shared love, too?

Zeus has cursed so many beings. He’s done things he’s not proud of and believes he’s unworthy of love because he’s damaged. When he visits Vegas looking for a weekend fling, he meets Stone, a human posing as a statue. Can the most dangerous god find love with a man pretending to be a sculpture?

Stone Martin wasn’t looking for love. He needs money and fast. The bills are piling up and his troubles are deepening. He only poses as a sculpture because the cash is decent. He meets Zeus and knows he’s too good to be true. When Zeus offers him a way out of his dead-end life, will he be strong enough to believe in the magic or will he lose his chance at having the love of his life?

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Why do you pose out there?” He sipped the coffee. He wasn’t a fan, but he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of refusing to drink it.

“The money isn’t bad.” Stone shrugged. “It keeps me sustained and lets me buy the art supplies I need.”

“Art? You’re an artist?” He tamped down his excitement. He loved artists and Stone kept ticking the boxes of what he wanted. “What’s your medium?”

“To keep going with my personal cliché, I’m Stone Martin. I pose on the Strip for money and in my off time, I’m a sculptor. I work in clay and stone.” He smiled, albeit wobbly. “Crazy, huh?”

Zeus laughed. “You’re a sculptor?”

“I am.”

Boy, did he have a shock for Stone when he told him the truth. He liked him. The man was easy to talk to and handsome in the silver paint. Like a sculpture come to life. Except Stone hadn’t been cursed and he wasn’t truly stuck in a piece of art. He’d save this man and prove to them both that romance wasn’t dead—and neither was he.