Speed Dating by J.J. Collins

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Sometimes love comes at you fast. Answering an old friend’s call for help, hunter Dillon Royce comes to Arizona to stop a shapeshifter who’s targeting gay men. He finds himself falling for the prime suspect, cheetah shifter Kaz Genovese.

Kaz insists they’re fated mates. Or is he just trying to get close to his latest victim? Dillon needs to solve this one fast, before he totally loses his heart … or his life. 

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Sorry, speedy. I can’t take any chances. You’re going into a holding cell until we get this resolved. If you want to call a lawyer—”

“That won’t be necessary.” Kaz shifted. The bonds meant to restrain a human fell loose on the cheetah’s form. He slid his paws free and bit through what he couldn’t slip out of.

Then he leaped at Dillon.

They fell backward, onto the narrow bed. Kaz shifted back. His teeth grazed Dillon’s throat, just a tease, before he crashed his mouth against Dillon’s in another of those soul-blasting kisses.

Dillon had his knife. One thrust and it would be over.

Instead, he accepted the kiss. How had he gone his entire life without being kissed like this? Like Kaz intended to swallow his soul. As if he already had.

His hands moved as if with minds of their own, exploring, groping Kaz. Not an inch of him was still. Every speck of Kaz’s naked body seemed in constant frantic motion. Holding him was like holding on to a primal life force. His body was the desert, spare and barren at first glance but harboring unexpected bursts of color and flavor and life. An entire ecosystem of fiery desire, all of it focused on Dillon.

So long. Too long since he’d had any relief, or so desperately wanted it.

Only when he realized Kaz was tearing at his fly did Dillon come back to his senses. This was all happening too fast.

Somehow, he got his eyes to focus. “Don’t I even get dinner first?”

“What? Oh.” Kaz slumped, all over. Even then his body still vibrated with speed. “You humans and your stupid rituals. What a waste of time. You’re my mate. We were born for each other. Isn’t that enough for you?”

“Sorry, no. I don’t have the luxury of instinct. Right now, I’ve got a set of murders to solve. That’s my first priority. You and your mating urges—” Our mating urges, he couldn’t help thinking, “—are going to have to wait.”

“Go slow?” Kaz tested the concept and, from the lift of his lip, clearly found it distasteful. “I don’t know if I can do that. Though it would be an interesting test.”

“You’re going to have to. And you’re going to have to sit in a cell for a while. You’re the prime suspect. Can’t be helped.”

“That’s not going to happen,” Kaz said firmly. “Tell you what. I’ll go do some investigating on my own. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow night and we’ll have that dinner. And then I’m claiming you. That’s as slow as I can go.” He palmed Dillon’s cheek. “We’re going to be spending our lives together. I suppose I should ask you your name.”

“It’s Dillon. Dillon Royce.”

“Dillon.” His name sighed off Kaz’s tongue. “Until tomorrow night, my love.” He captured Dillon’s mouth again and sent his senses spinning. When Dillon opened his eyes, those delightful lips were gone, the hand at the back of his neck was gone, the scent of cat was a fading memory, and the door to his room stood open.

He went to the open doorway, although he knew it was pointless. Of course, Kaz was nowhere in sight. The ache in his groin was now joined by a more poignant ache in his soul, its one true mate discovered and abruptly torn away. Maybe there was something to the mate bond after all, even where humans were concerned.

Or maybe that was guilt he felt, that in spite of everything he was falling hard for his number-one suspect. That he’d let a possible killer go free.

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Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 15th Oct 2017

A mystery involving shifters who are out to kill unsuspecting humans, a hunter who thinks he knows what he’s doing, and a suspect who is as hot as his behavior is suspicious… if you’re the distrustful kind. Set in the heat of the Arizona desert, this story is a classic whodunnit combined with a romance that begins with lust, moves to fated mates trying to figure out what’s what, and ends in deeper emotions neither of the main characters expected when they first met. Dillon is a hunter of shifters and finder of killers, and he has come to Arizona as a favor to an old friend. Dillon is eminently qualified, in part because he has had a run-in with a big cat shifter before and survived to tell the tale. In fact, I suspect that he is out to hunt shifter killers partly due to vengeance, not just because he wants to see justice being done. He is a good tracker, a talented detective, and a keen observer. He also falls for Kaz despite his best intentions and lack of belief in the existence of fated mates for humans. I loved watching him struggle with the undeniable attraction between him and Kaz – who Dillion believes to be the suspect he is looking for. Kaz is a cheetah shifter and he does his heritage justice. His speed is extremely high, but his cunning is remarkable as well. He may have started out just wanting to have fun with Dillon, but as soon as Kaz realizes that he has found his fated mate, his agenda changes. With the humor and arrogance of a great cat in human form, he sets out to conquer Dillon’s heart. If you don’t mind some realistically gruesome details in your murder mysteries, if you want to see two men struggle with the fact that they seem destined to be in a relationship no matter how unlikely it seems that they will succeed, and if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful yet entertaining and full of passion, then you might like this short novella.