Sybil by Ella Grey

Heat Level 3
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Gambled Away, 2

They’re two broken people who don’t believe they deserve a happy ending...

An abusive relationship and a downward spiral into addiction was something Sybil never thought she’d escape. A second chance comes when the most feared man in Dublin wins Carey in a game of chance and take them into his home. Who would have thought he’d fall in love with her daughter?

The death of his mother led O’Grady’s right-hand man and enforcer, Baxter O’Daly down a dark path. Now he helps keep the streets of Dublin safe by killing the worst of the worst. He knows he’s rushing towards an early death but that’s never mattered, until now. Until Sybil.



Life used to be simple. Baxter would wake up with a simple goal in mind: keep John O’Grady alive for another day. It had gotten a little more complicated when his boss won Carey Murphy, after her father used her as collateral in a poker game. His boss had seen the bruise on Carey’s cheek, and instead of refusing the offer, had married and spirited her away to his mansion. He hadn’t just taken her, though. He took her mother, as well. John had suspected both Murphy women would have been killed by the alcoholic ex-policeman. He had every intention of divorcing Carey and giving her a hefty settlement. The older Murphy woman had been completely broken down by her husband. There had been dark circles under her blue eyes, and whatever she wore hung on her underweight form. At the time, Baxter hadn’t even spared her a glance. Until the day she did something unbelievably dangerous.

Sybil had ended up returning to her husband. O’Grady decided to bring her back to the mansion before her daughter figured out what happened. Baxter went with him because it was his job. Sybil hadn’t meant anything to him. They found her bruised and bloodied in her old home. His first thought was she’d returned to her abuser. He knew it happened. Thankfully, her deciding to return to Murphy had nothing to do with feelings. She’d wanted the collection of files he hid in the air vent—it documented all of his dealings. The proof she needed to blackmail him into leaving her and their daughter alone.

There was no way she could have known someone was waiting in the shadows, biding their time.

Trent McNamara had tricked his way into John’s home and attacked Carey.

Baxter didn’t know why Trent returned to Dublin. Even with the threat of a brutal death if he ever dared to show his face. If John’s enemies found out he hadn’t followed through on a threat, it would put the entire family into the crosshairs.

Trent wasn’t worth the risk.

Thanks to the downpour, nobody who glanced into the car would see the gun in his hand. He checked the magazine out of habit, knowing he always kept it loaded. Then he slipped the silencer into the inside pocket of his custom-made leather jacket. His baseball cap would shield his eyes from the worst of the rain. He slipped his gun into the holster, zipped up his jacket, and stepped out into the downpour.

Baxter never lost any sleep over the people he had killed. Trent was the latest on a substantial list. All of them deserved what happened to them. None of them had been innocent.


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Bodyguard Romance
Written by Red18 on 13th Sep 2022

The book started a little confusing for me but that is because I didn’t read the first book. It didn’t take long however to get into the story. It can still be read as a stand alone. I liked the romance between Baxter and Sybil. Baxter was your growly possessive alpha male who frequently tells Sybil he can never love her because he is such a bad man. Sybil is a victim of domestic abuse who believes she is undeserving of love. They end up with their HEA. I wished there was an epilogue to see how their lives worked out together. It just ended too abruptly.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 13th Sep 2022

Sybil never could have know how her and her daughter careys life would change after Carey was given to mob boss John but Baxter wasn't what she could have imagined for herself either! Well written steamy short, second chances at new love , older romance

Loved it
Written by Advocate nasrah on 6th Sep 2022

At first I thought it a story of the daughter. But it is involved a single mom. A love story simple and beautiful second chance for her. I like the leading male he was strong caring and protective towards her. And she was adorable. And the fact that she is older than him and still left her breathless it a beautiful bonus for me. Good job

Brave lady
Written by Envy on 6th Sep 2022

Beaten physically and emotionally by her scumbag husband, alcohol to dull the anguish and guilt. She just wants Murphy to leave her alone to finally live in peace and quiet, she wants to feel again, to want to be loved and cherished. Baxter can’t admit his feelings for Sybil, she sees through the tough exterior but also embraces it, thawing his cold heart. Murphy gets everything he deserves.

finding peace
Written by Di Ketchup on 6th Sep 2022

I loved this story. I think all women want someone to show them love. It is especially important to those who have had hard times. Lovely story.