The Beast of the Loch by Pelaam

Heat Level 3
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Cryptid Hunter, 1

Duncan Muir is a renowned zoologist, but as well as being a professor at a university, he works for a society investigating sightings and attacks by cryptids.

His latest mission is to Scotland where a marine cryptid is reputedly attacking the local sheep. He takes his faithful friend and right-hand man, Potts, to assist.

However, he finds another mystery when he meets the local laird, Lachlan MacIver. The man’s taciturn reputation in the village is at odds with the man Duncan comes to know.

As their relationship develops, the mystery deepens. The cryptids are real. However, Duncan is as equally certain they are innocent of the attacks as he is that Lachlan is in danger.

Duncan must solve the mystery to protect the man he’s grown to love.

Be Warned: m/m sex



Taking advantage of Lachlan’s absence, Duncan stared out at the loch. Mist obscured the scenery on the right side of the boat, although he could still see the house clearly. A tingling sensation diverted Duncan’s attention, and he peered intently at the water.

Between the boat and the shore on Lachlan’s home’s side, Duncan detected ripples he knew were caused neither by the breeze, nor any kind of current in the loch. Something seemed as curious about the boat as Duncan was to see the beast itself.

“Here they are, Duncan.” Lachlan came back on deck carrying a couple of fishing rods, and Duncan hissed his frustration under his breath as a splash sounded then the lake went still. “Is something wrong?”

“No, no. I was just lost in thought.” The fault wasn’t Lachlan’s, and Duncan had no intention of ruining their afternoon. “The loch’s so vast.”

“Yes. And yet I feel an affinity here.” Lachlan sighed. “I could make it my home. What about you, Duncan?”

“My work is in the university and that means I could only be here during the holidays. But, yes, there is something special about this place.” Duncan reached out to touch Lachlan’s cheek. “Something very special.”

“I’ll set up the rods, then we can go back below stairs. The living quarters are nice and cozy.” Lachlan’s voice was breathless, and Duncan smiled, drawing him into a soft kiss.

“Let me help you. Who knows? We may come back to a couple of fresh fish for dinner.” Duncan took one of the rods, and between Lachlan and himself, they were set up in the hopes of a successful catch. “Now, it’s time you and I christened that bed of yours.”

“Yes.” Lachlan took the couple of steps to close the distance between them, and, wrapping his arms around Duncan’s neck, pulled him down into a demanding kiss, his tongue thrusting deep past Duncan’s lips.

That Lachlan was bold enough to make the first move sent Duncan’s arousal spiraling.

“Hurry.” Duncan all but growled the word as they made their way below deck.

By the time they reached the wooden archway to the bed, Duncan had already unfastened his shirt, and he tossed it uncaringly aside, before scrabbling to unfasten his pants.

The moment they were both naked, Duncan went over to Lachlan and took him in his arms. While they kissed, he ran his hands up Lachlan’s slender body and through his lover’s hair. The kiss deepened, and they slid their tongues against one another. Lachlan tried to get impossibly closer, pressing his body hard against Duncan’s.

When Lachlan finally eased back, panting softly, Duncan peppered kisses around his lips. Then he kissed and sucked his way down his lover’s throat as Lachlan arched his neck to offer easier access.

When their hard cocks rubbed together, Duncan took a backward step. “Lachlan, I want you.”

“Yes, Duncan, please … want you so much…. Want this.” Lachlan punctuated the words in between heated kisses.

“On the bed.” Duncan’s voice was low and rough, and he couldn’t stop himself from touching Lachlan’s body as they crawled onto the spacious bed.