The Cabin by C. Tyler

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Charlie didn’t get along with her father, but she’s the only one left to deal with his estate since he’s passed. Unfortunately, the cabin she grew up in isn’t empty like the lawyers said it would be. Wild-man Declan has taken up residence.

While their initial meeting is rocky, the attraction is instant and powerful. When a storm hits and the pair are snowed in, how will they ever pass the time? And can they ever be more than a passing good time?



When I hear the bathroom door open again, I instinctively look behind me. My stomach drops. “Fuck me,” I groan to myself like some overheated teenaged boy seeing his first naked woman.

Declan’s not wearing a shirt. He’s not wearing a shirt, his jeans are unbuttoned so they hang on his hips, and my mouth is actually watering. The guy’s as toned as I thought he would be. His arms are thick with muscle that flexes every time he rubs that towel in his hair to dry it. His chest is broad and defined, and his stomach tight, even donning those sharp cuts above his hipbones.

There’s a small sprinkling of dark hair on his chest, but the one trailing down his stomach, the one just beneath his belly button that disappears into his open jeans is what holds my attention. It’s like it’s directing my gaze, commanding my eyes to follow it, and they do without hesitation.

I sweep my tongue across my upper lip, imagining it on his skin as he walks upstairs. His back is just as incredible, thick muscles chording beneath his still-glistening bronze skin.

We could have a lot of fun together…