The Dating Tutor by Melissa Frost

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Ellie is hardly the most sought after girl at Noble High, so she is completely surprised when the boy most likely to become prom king asks her out. Her short-lived glee quickly turns to panic as she admits to herself that she doesn’t know the first thing about dating. 

After a fair amount of wheedling, she convinces her best friend and hockey star, Alec, totutor her in the ways of love. Only once things start, she finds she knows even less than first suspected. Dating is full of more codes and unspoken rules than she ever imagined. 

Even more difficult is the effort not to cross lines with Alec. Every lesson brings her closer and closer to the boy next door whom she’s never had a romantic thought about before in her life. Each caress and playful scenario has Ellie wishing more for her best friend’s affection than the boy he’s teaching her to woo.

14+ due to sexuality and adult situations



Ellie walked to her front door with her arm tucked into Alec’s. “This actually was a really fun night,” she reluctantly admitted. “I had my doubts, but date Alec is actually an okay guy.”

“You had doubts?” His tone was light and playful as he led her up the front walk. “You should have known I’m quite the catch way before now. I don’t know why it took you so long to figure it out.”

She shrugged a shoulder. “Oh, I don’t know. Could it be the usual behavior I see from you?” She poked him accusingly in the ribs. “Spraying me with your garden hose, burping, leaving your dirty gym shorts on your bedroom floor for weeks on end, and the many other boy faux pas you commit.”

“Dating Alec and hanging out at home Alec are like two different men.” He winked. “You’re one of the rare people who have ever gotten to see both sides of the coin. In fact, you might be the only one.”

She nodded with an affectionate smile. “No one knows you like I do.”

“No one,” he agreed.

As she reached the first step of the porch Alec tugged her hand to pull her to a stop. As she spun to face him, the question died in her throat when he cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss caught her by surprise. It came so suddenly that she didn’t have time to worry over what to do or how to react. She simply melted against him with a content sigh.

Alec swept her hair back from her face and deepened the kiss. His body moved forward to brush ever so gently along the front of hers.

This was unlike any kiss she’d ever experienced before. The few attempts she’d made of it in the past had been anything but spectacular. An awkward brush of lips. A quick, shy peck. This was…ethereal. This was what it was like to really be kissed.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, he nudged her lips apart. His tongue grazed ever so gently across her bottom lip before flicking up to caress her own.

Her heart nearly stopped as she leaned closer to him, wanting more.

And just as suddenly, he pulled back. He took a few steps backward with an amused chuckle. “Very good. Do that Saturday and Jake will be putty.” He shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his slacks and bobbed his head in farewell. “I’ll see you Monday for the game?”

Ellie felt as if her brain had been fried. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. She just stared at him feeling numb. Yet warmth was radiating through her chest, and she felt as if her skin was electrically charged. Knowing she needed to respond, she forced her head to nod. “Y…yeah. I’ll see you Monday.”

“See ya Monday.” With that, he turned and sauntered down the driveway to head to his own home.

She watched him retreat and tried to convince her heart to…stop…whatever it was it was doing. He’d kissed her. So what? It hadn’t meant anything. To either of them….right?


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Written by Kindle Customer on 8th Jun 2015

omg I loved this book! though sometimes I just got to a boring part and would skip ahead a little bit..... but it was cool. I just didn't like how the book left me hanging and I can't wait to read Alic's side to the story.

Simply wonderful
Written by Jordan on 8th Jun 2015

I always enjoy good clean books with a little bit of kissing involved, and this. Took was perfect. I enjoy the nerdy, why, and not very boy outgoing type of girl to fall in love with the jock types of book and this was perfect. I recommend this book to everyone. I read this book so fast and then I had to jump to read alecs version. It was simply enchanting.

Written by Emily Faust on 8th Jun 2015

Okay yes, this book may seem a little too juvenile if that, but I seriously loved it. I have no shame. I go through books in a matter of hours and I may have finished this book a little earlier than that, but I honestly wanted it to be so much longer. This book is the definition of a light read that just makes you feel insanely good inside once finished. The Dating Tutor just fills you with envy of Ellie because she gets the greatest guy in the world as her best friend. It was just sweet to know that Alec cared enough about Ellie to help her with something as simple as a date. It was also cute to see how helpless Ellie was during this whole process. It's always a good thing to read a book like this once in a while or all the time depending on who you are. I have read this many times and it still gives puts a stupid smile on my face along with a good mood. I can guarantee that it will do the same to everyone else who decides to give this book a try :)

Wonderful YA read!
Written by heath1005 on 8th Jun 2015

There are simply not enough young adult romances out there like The Dating Tutor by Melissa Frost. Believe me, I've scoped out a ton of them to know. I've been so caught up lately in YA books that push the limits and the boundaries of this genre at times, that I often forget that authors write these books for Young Adults...not for woman of my age. So for me to lose myself completely in a story that has not a single swear word, or reference to drugs, or alcohol, is like finding a rare diamond in the rough. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the angsty teen reads, I'm simply saying that it was absolutely a breath of fresh air to read a book that was so clean, sweet, and beyond memorable that I wish there was a sequel in the making. First we have our adorable tom-boy heroine, Ellie. She's gotten herself a date. A first date. but she has absolutely no idea how to go about being a girly girl. So she enlists the help of her best friend, who just so happens to be a boy, to get her to that datable level. Thus begins the adorable tale of the unexpected. I adored Ellie. She was real, and she was so sweet, and naïve and all things funny. She's awkward, but doesn't let it pull her down. She's a very, very likable heroine. Alec...a boy that I could easily see my own little girls falling in love with someday. He's got a darker side, but its expected. He's a little protective and the ultimate BBF for young girls everywhere. And yeah, I can't deny the fact that I was swoony just a little bit myself. It's not illegal though. It's fictional. :) The Dating Tutor was a fast paced read, right around seventy pages. But it was so consuming, and just right for me to escape with!! With very lovable characters, a smooth writing style and enough drama to carry its readers along, I very much recommend The Dating Tutor to anyone looking for an all-out fantastic young adult, contemporary novella. Ms. Frost, you have earned a fan in me, for sure!! Now how about a book in Alec's point of view? Just a suggestion :)