The Games Madams Play by Serenity Snow

Heat Level 3
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Assassin's Core, 9

Alexi is determined to stabilize relations with her cousin and get the American Branch of the Krovopuskov family on an even keel. As she works, April decides to flex her muscle as Gray Light leader and her first strike leaves their enemies reeling.

In the aftermath, KJ is caught between the enemy and Gray Light which causes her to lose her job. When the feds prod her to get information from a witness, the situation ends with deadly consequences and KJ’s freedom on a collision course with a 6x8.

With Alexi her only sure way out, KJ fears her future is uncertain. However, Alexi stares down the barrel of the gun Gray Light’s actions caused knowing there are only two ways out and not all of them will walk out of the fire.

Be Warned: f/f sex



“I know this is asking a lot,” Captain Dillon said, the expression on his average looking face somber. “But I need you in deep cover.”

“I don’t understand,” KJ Russell replied, her gaze on the older man, her boss. His expression was hard to read, his eyes giving nothing away, yet her wolf, the animal half of her, sensed something about him wasn’t the same as it had been before this mess all started.

KJ knew she was on the verge of being suspended and probably without pay despite proof having been found that the two FBI agents she supposedly killed weren’t dead. However, two other agents were, and the feds were wondering how the hell they’d gotten dead with very well-done masks of Agents White and Keats, the two missing agents’, faces.

She hadn’t even known it was possible to do something like that, but here she was standing in her captain’s office having her ignorance corrected.

“Those agents were federal agents, and the FBI still wants to know who killed them, who put them there, and why. They’re also still looking at you for the murders.”

“Course they are,” she muttered. She still didn’t understand how her life had gone from everyday boredom to shit.

It would be easy to blame her girlfriend, or more accurately her wolf, for finding its mate now and in the form of mobster Alexi Russo’s sister-in-law. However, KJ knew that was just part of it.

“The best thing you can do right now is go deep cover and get the answers from Russo.”

“Is that your thinking or the feds’? I mean, I get I have a job to do here, but it’s not my job to find out who killed those agents.”

“If you want your life back, it is,” he told her quietly. “There is a lot of trouble going around, and there’s plenty enough for all of us. My job’s on the line, too. They expect me to get some of those answers.”

“I understand, but the worst that can happen to you is you lose your job. Me, I get dead or in jail twenty-five to life.”

Captain Dillon sighed. “We both have hard choices to make. You can do the job or not. Either way, you’re on suspension until this is all wrapped up.”

“Are you kidding?” she demanded incredulously.

“There are still murder charges pending against you for Hanigan’s murder. An autopsy proved someone poisoned her with belladonna.”

“I don’t even know what the hell that is let alone how to get it,” she growled.

Course, she could get it off the internet obviously, but she wouldn’t know how to go about using it to poison someone let alone kill them.

“Stop whining,” he snapped. “You’ve got to fight for your life if you intend to keep it. They will seek the death penalty, and you know that. Cop killers are reviled.”

“I know.”

“Then, buck up, and get Russo to help you clear your name.”