The Groom by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Heat Level 2
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Romance on the Go ®

After being abandoned at the altar, Oliver seeks refuge on a park bench. On her morning jog, Ava is surprised to discover a man asleep wearing a shirt that reads, “The Groom.”

In an effort to help him out, she takes Oliver for coffee. Their conversation flows easily, and they find themselves bonding. Then Oliver offers an unusual proposition, will Ava join him on his honeymoon?

Ava accepts, but when they arrive at the resort, they find Oliver’s former fiancée already occupying the honeymoon suite...


Ava’s lips were soft, warm from the sun and salty from the sea air. He kissed her gently at first, but when she returned the gesture with enthusiasm, he deepened the kiss. A moan rose from deep inside her, as though it had been a long time since she’d been kissed. He wondered if that were true. She wouldn’t be faking her longing to impress Wendy, would she?

She shifted beneath him, pressing herself closer and he realized that no, it was all for him. She wanted him. He slid an arm behind her back and pulled her against him, giving her a kiss that left no doubt about his intentions.

Beside them he heard a soft gasp followed by a lot of shifting sand. Strangely he’d begun this whole charade to get back at Wendy and Zeke for breaking his heart and stealing his dignity. He was certain the sounds he’d heard were the couple leaving. He couldn’t find it within himself to care. Ava was here with him.

Oliver pulled away for a moment to brush more of Ava’s wet hair from her face before moving in for another kiss. When they surfaced a few moments later they were alone on the beach.

When he glanced toward the restaurant an unfamiliar couple gave him a thumbs up. Ava tipped her head back and laughed.

She gave him a thorough kiss of her own for their new audience.

“I guess Wendy and Zeke didn’t like the scenery,” she said as they broke apart.

“Guess not.”

She looked up into his face. “But I discovered something.”

“What’s that?”

She brushed his lips again and then drew her mouth teasingly away. “I like kissing you.”

He gave her a longer, more lingering kiss. “I like kissing you, too.”

Despite the quiet cheers from the couple at the restaurant, he really didn’t like having an audience. His feelings for Ava had surprised him. If what he’d felt for Wendy had been a quiet flame, what was awakening in him now was a roaring fire. It seemed wrong to parade it around for the whole world to see.

He’d come to the island to nurse his wounded heart and to give Ava a holiday in thanks for her kindness. He hadn’t expected to find himself falling for her. Or had he? He needed some time to ponder this new sensation.

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Oliver and Ava
Written by casvec on 28th Oct 2023

Ava is out for a ran, when she comes across a man on a park bench. Disheveled and wearing a " The Groom" shirt, she can't help but help. Oliver was torn when he found his fiancée had left with his best friend. Upset he spent the night in the park. When Ava offered him coffee, he was grateful. This was fun fast read. Love that Oliver offered to take her on their honeymoon so that she could have a vacation. Unfortunately, drama takes a turn when his ex shows up with his ex best friend. Broken hearts, friends and an unexpected epilogue makes this a great escape.

Written by ENE on 28th Oct 2023

Enjoyable read. Ava finds Oliver on a park bench wearing a groom t-shirt and finding he was left at the altar. After comforting with a coffee finds herself talked into attending what would have been his honeymoon with him.

The groom
Written by Nate on 18th May 2023

This was Oliver & Ava’s book. After being abandoned at the altar, Oliver seeks refuge on a park bench. On her morning jog, Ava is surprised to discover a man asleep wearing a shirt that reads, “The Groom.” In an effort to help him out, she takes Oliver for coffee. Their conversation flows easily, and they find themselves bonding. Then Oliver offers an unusual proposition, will Ava join him on his honeymoon? It was an entertaining, fun & easy read. And am voluntarily leaving my review for this new author. (To me)

I loved it!
Written by Flavia K on 18th May 2023

This is a new author to me. And I found the story very sweet, entertaining and well written. The characters are really cute. I loved it!

Short instalove
Written by Caroline B on 18th May 2023

Oliver gets stood up at the altar and spends the night sleeping on a park bench. That's when Ava sees him and they end up having coffee together. To help him with his heartbreak Oliver asks if she'd like to go away with him... What will she say? Is a rebound relationship really the answer?... Expect lots of laughter, friendship, undeniable chemistry and more throughout!

The Groom by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Written by mickala r on 18th May 2023

nice sweet short story first time reading this author and will definetley read more great story and characters

Great Book
Written by Danee on 18th May 2023

This was a nice and short story. Oliver and Ava meet when she bumps into him on a park bench, after his fiancé doesn't show up for their wedding. Feeling sorry for him she treats him to a cup of coffee and that is the beginning of their journey. A wonderful story that holds your attention and is highly recommended.

The Groom!
Written by Mary on 18th May 2023

This is a short and fairly quick read about Ava and Oliver. It is a light read that is instant love. Ava is trying to jog when she sees a man on a bench wearing a shirt "The Groom". She speaks to him then offers to buy him coffee. Oliver has been left at the alter when his fiancé runs off with his best man. Olive comes up with a plan to go on his honeymoon and take Ava with him. This starts a cute, fun, sweet and entertaining story.

Ava and the groom
Written by Maleficent on 18th May 2023

Ava never expected to find a man asleep on a park bench with a shirt that said the groom. She takes him for coffee, the poor man had been left at the altar and the bride ran away with his best friend. Oliver offers her a vacation, spend the week with him on his "honeymoon". Ava agrees but when they get there the ex is in the room he paid for. They decide to stay the week but is it just to keep on eye on his ex or can it be something more?

The Groom by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Written by TracyaH1976 on 18th May 2023

The Groom by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime The story and characters, Ava and Oliver, were wonderfully written and developed. I enjoyed the compassion, love and journey. Great read.

The Groom
Written by Stacii on 18th May 2023

Ava and Oliver’s story starts when they meet after he was left at the alter. They decide to go on his honeymoon but when they get there his ex-fiancé was already there with his best man/ex best friend. Now it gets interesting and the drama and antics have you reading this and hoping for Oliver and Ava fall for each other.

Adorable Story
Written by JacquieK on 18th May 2023

I loved Ava. So kind and sweet and thoughtful. Loved Oliver too. Pitiful but adorable. Like a lovable mutt that looks at you with those eyes and you can’t help but fall head over heels for him. While I did fall in love with the two main characters, I did have to side with Ava’s best friend who SPECIFICALLY asked “What if you never come back? What if he’s an axe murderer?” Okay. There was an HEA, but still! What if he’d been an axe murderer?!? I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was biting my nails when chapter 6 hit, wondering how they were going to get through the situation at hand. All in all, it was a fun read. Easy. Delightful.

Great short read
Written by INNCTX12 on 18th May 2023

Oliver had just been dumped at the alter. Ava's best friend has been trying to get her to take up running, but Ava hates it. So when she decides to quit, she meets Oliver. Their instant friendship is what they both really need. Can Ava trust Oliver and they have a happily ever after.? Loved this sho rt, steamy read. Can't wait to read more from Stephanie.

The Groom, fun story
Written by Babs on 18th May 2023

Part of the Romance on the Go series. Oliver was left at the alter by Wendy she took off with Zeke, Oliver decides to sit on a park bench but falls asleep that is where he meets Ava. The story is short and fun to read. This is a new Author to me. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

A Surprisingly Funny Meet-Cute
Written by JennT on 18th May 2023

Oliver has been stood up at the altar, so he’s lying on a park bench when Ava huffs and puffs up. What ensues is a surprising meeting that becomes coffee, then dinner, then … a honeymoon vacation together !? Equal parts amusing and sweet, I really enjoyed Ava and Oliver’s romance. A lovely quick read.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 18th May 2023

This is the first book I've read written by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Romance on the Go Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Ava & Oliver; after being abandoned at the altar he ends up falling asleep in the park; she finds him. They go for coffee, while talking he asks her to go the resort with him where he was going for his honeymoon but when they get there his ex is already there. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Ava & The Groom
Written by Shell R on 18th May 2023

This was a cute short story of Oliver being stood up at his wedding and the next morning Ava finds him on a park bench. See what happens when one nice deed turns into forever. Would you go the extra mile and go on a free vacation just to make a complete stranger happy and give him back his dignity? Check out the story find out the crazy ending! Enjoy ?

Where will Oliver & Ava's story end?
Written by Nicole P on 18th May 2023

If you are after a short romance story then the author has you covered with Ava & Oliver's story. He was abandoned at the alter & she found him on a park bench the next morning. Is their chance encounter in a park the start of something new for Oliver & Ava?

Revenge bride
Written by Queen O on 18th May 2023

WHen you left at the alter you try to do anything to brighten your day. Until you meet a man you think is homeless that may have had a worse day than you

Written by Lizette R on 18th May 2023

This was definitely a sweet book! I don’t know how I necessarily feel about the first fiancé and such but over all it’s a cute and short read!

Fun read
Written by LBing on 18th May 2023

This was such a fun rom-com read and I really enjoyed how things played out for Oliver. I can't imagine being left at the alter but he sure experienced it. Thankfully, Ava sees him and kindly offers him a coffee. From there, they head off to use his prepaid honeymoon... Imagine his surprise when he finds his ex-bride already there ;P I got such a kick out of how things unfolded for him and how he chose to move forward. The ending was priceless and gave Oliver the HEA he deserved. Good fun!

The Groom
Written by Amber J on 18th May 2023

Ava is out trying to run but ends up just walking when she sees a man on a bench with the word Groom on his clothes. She goes to see if he is okay before she moves on. Oliver has just caught his fiancé cheating on him with his best friend and has no idea what his next move will be. After talking to Ava he starts feeling somewhat better. He ends up asking her to come on wat would've been his honeymoon with him. She takes a chance and accepts. Just as things are going well between them it turns very complicated. Will Oliver convince her to take a chance on him? This is an amazing story that will draw you in from the first chapter on. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Sweet and sexy
Written by Polli.P on 18th May 2023

Throwing caution to the wind, Ava goes on Oliver's honeymoon holiday despite not being the bride. Their very brief friendship leads to more and any chance Oliver had of a reconciliation with his bride is blown out of the window. Simple, sweet, sexy and very satisfying! Great short story with a beautiful HAE. Pure escapism and wonderful fodder for a lazy afternoon of reading.

Sweet Insta Love Story
Written by Crystal74 on 18th May 2023

Quick sweet inst love story. I really liked Oliver and Ava's love story. It was awful the way Oliver was left at the alter because his fiancée Wendy and his best friend/best man ran off with each other. When both couples wind up at the honeymoon spot they try to make each other jealous until Oliver and Ava start falling for each other it upsets Wendy and Zeke. When Zeke leaves Wendy , she trys getting back with Oliver but he isn't having it. He was falling in love with Ava. The only part that could have been left off is Weny and Zeeke having a double wedding and going to the same honeymoon spot as Oliver and Ava.

Great romance on the go story
Written by Marlena F on 18th May 2023

This was such an awesome short story! Considering the space, I didn’t have many expectations regarding the plot or the characters, but boy, was I surprised! IT ROCKED! The characters are well-developed and the plot is so cute and catchy! I was certainly not a big fan of the ex-fiancé AT ALL, but even with what she did, Oliver is still respectful and nice. The some of the stuff they did was hilarious – like confusing the staff of the resort! I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and sweet love story :D

The Groom
Written by Kim W on 18th May 2023

The Groom by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime is a good, and enjoyable quick romance read. The story has a great entertaining story line. The characters are great, wonderful, and they have great chemistry. This is Ava and Oliver's story. This story is a very entertaining page turning short and sweet romance read.

Loved this little insta love story
Written by Brooke H on 18th May 2023

It starts out a little sad with Ava finding Oliver on a park bench with a "The Groom" shirt on. He's been jilted at the alter. His in the moment plan is to take Ava with him on his prepaid and preplanned honeymoon. When he gets there, Wendy (the bride) is already there with Zeke (the best man and formerly best friend). A lot happens when they all get on the honeymoon. It's not a bad little short story.

short and sweet
Written by Holly D on 18th May 2023

Great book, a short easy read that def keeps your attention so we have Ava and Oliver who were strangers til one day when both their lives had big plans for them Ava- kind-hearted stranger, sweet Oliver - "the Groom" or at least that is what his shirt says (aka ex groom) A broken-up wedding, a lonely ex-groom on a bench, a sweet stranger, a cup of coffee, and then we have the honeymoon trip Once on the trip, Oliver sees some people who should def not be there. This is when the drama starts along with the fun. If you like sweet rom-coms then this is a must read I was given the chance to read this book as an ARC and am thankful to the publisher and Booksprouts for this opportunity. The review above is my own, honest and voluntary.

Dating at the honeymoon resort
Written by Vibekke on 18th May 2023

When Ava finds Oliver on a bench in the park early one morning she offered to buy him a cup of coffee. Oliver was stood up at the alter and can’t really understand why the one pushing for the wedding left him with his best friend. Oliver and Ava decides to go on the honeymoon as friends. When they finds out the other couple also is at the resort, they decide to fake a relationship. This is a really sweet book and I truly enjoyed myself reading it.

The Groom
Written by Amd2662 on 25th Apr 2023

Oliver/Ava. Jilted groom/Compassionate stranger. Friendly. Attentive. Devastated. Sadness. Betrayal. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Happiness. New beginnings. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Easy to read.

Sweet quick read-well written & easy to follow--enjoyed a whole lot
Written by Andrea R on 16th Apr 2023

I really enjoyed this quick read. It was quite charming and the characters were so lovable and real. I just enjoyed how the characters were written and the chemistry that they had was so believable. Author did well with this one for sure.

Gilted groom
Written by Sharon A on 16th Apr 2023

I liked the story 'The Groom' by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime. It was about a groom who was left at the altar and him meeting a good Samaritan in the park who offers to buy him a cup of coffee after he has spent the night on a park bench. She is beyond sweet to him, and he offers to buy her dinner to thank her for her kindness. As they are talking about him trying to recover from all the stress, he confides that the honeymoon was non-refundable and comes up with the idea that maybe she'd like to take a free vacation by going with him on his honeymoon. She hesitates at first but because she feels she can trust him, she accepts. Every thing is wonderful until they get there and find that his ex-fiancé is there with his best friend that she cheated with and they are in the honeymoon suite.

Oliver and Ava
Written by POmoto on 16th Apr 2023

Ava found Oliver on a park bench after he got stood up at his own wedding. Out of the goodness of her heart, she bought him coffee. On a whim, he invites her to his would be honeymoon. It was a cute story and a nice short read.

New beginnings
Written by Heidisue on 16th Apr 2023

For a short story, it had a complete circle with a cute ending… after a chance encounter leads to a honeymoon and an HEA