The Last Love of the Leannán Sídhe by Liathán O'Murchadha

Heat Level 3
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Faery Folk, 3

Annie Shea is not your usual Irish woman. She's the Leannan Sidhe, an ancient member of the Faery Folk. She's known for enthralling men and rewarding them with fame and riches. If they play her false, they die or go mad. It's been the same for centuries until she meets Aidan Doherty, a handsome and sexy singer in a pub who is a bricklayer by day. He has an amazing voice and when she takes him home, their physical attraction becomes wild sex. The next morning, he's loathe to go and she wants him to stay. Annie sets him up for fame but before it happens, he falls from a scaffolding at the job site. Warned by the queen of all fairies, Annie prevents his death but it's time to tell the truth—if he believes it or not. Will they love forever or end it?



She’d lived many places, large and small, fancy and plain. “We’re here,” she told him, although it was obvious.

“Aye, I can see that well enough,” Aidan replied. He had a quick wit and she suspected a sarcastic tongue. She liked that. “Shall we go inside or visit the sheep beyond?”

“Inside, to be sure,” Annie told him. “‘Tis unlocked.” Once he’d stepped out from her car, she kissed him hard. His arms snaked around her and pulled her tight, close enough she could feel his stiff erection. “I hope ye know ye’ll spend the night here, my lad.”

“I’m counting on it,” he said. Before she found words for a response, he put his hands on her and lifted her, then carried her into the cottage. He turned the doorknob and kicked it open, then entered. “Which direction is the bed, woman? We’ve immediate need of it.”

What a man this was! How bold and magnificent. She hadn’t known his like in so very long, centuries at the very least, and maybe never. “That we do, a chara. It’s to the right.

Aidan silenced her with his mouth, his gob fastened onto hers like a lock. Sweet Morrigan, his lips blazed. By any reckoning, her mouth should be burned to ash. Delicious chills rocketed through her body, every nerve ending singing with high passion and body aching with need. Her arms clutched tight around his neck as he acted the wildman and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and without pausing, he stripped away the emerald-green peasant-style dress she wore. The tiny satin buttons down the front popped as he pulled the garment free, revealing her full breasts tipped with carnation-pink nipples. His fingers tore the satin scrap that passed for panties, leaving her pussy bare.

“Ye’re as lovely as I thought ye’d be,” he said and brought his mouth down to lave her nipples, one at a time. The moist sensation perked them into tight buds, sensitive and tender. As he used his talented tongue, his hands roamed across her skin, caressing, touching, and stroking. Annie wanted to purr like a satisfied cat and when he took one of her nipples into his mouth, suckling like a babe, she ached to shriek like one. He teased the tender point with his teeth and then worked his way lower. He used his tongue with the skill of a swordsman of old and his teeth to every advantage.

Most men, if they left a love tattoo at all, marked her throat or maybe the top of a breast, but not this one. Aidan nipped and nibbled from her breasts to her belly. Such teasing torment lit her passion and she used her nails to score his back, digging hard, craving more. He moaned his pleasure which inspired her further. Annie’s long, slender fingers pinched his nipples hard, then dropped lower to fondle his erect cock.

“Oh, woman,” he growled, voice husky. “Woman.”

His talented tongue licked a path down to her cleft while his breath blew hot against her skin. Distracted by desire, her hands slowed then stopped when he darted his tongue into her pussy. Aidan tantalized with every stroke of his tongue until her desire expanded. Her pussy radiated heat like an electric fire and twitched with increasing need.

Annie had pride in the fact she conquered her lovers, that she delivered that delicious combination of heat and sweat and sex but Aidan gave as good, nay better, than what she brought to this bed.


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not sure
Written by Queen O on 18th Aug 2023

Annie is the last descendent for the Faery Folk, Known for known for enthralling men and rewarding them with fame and riches or just going mad and dying. Its has been that way for centuries until she meets Aidan and everything becomes more. Will he be enough for her happily ever after or will it all be too much

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 18th Aug 2023

This latest addition to Faery Folk kept me hooked thanks to the endearing characters and engaging story line. I can't wait for my next adventure with this author.

loved the use of faery
Written by kathryn m on 18th Aug 2023

this was a great third entry in the Faery Folk series, it does everything that I was hoping for. The characters were uniquely written and I enjoyed the way they were written. I had enjoyed the previous two books and loved the way the author wrote this.

Delightful story
Written by Emzy S on 18th Aug 2023

This a very touching story. You have the wonder and malice of the Fey combined with modern times. I love the way that the author takes a fey tale and makes it their own. This is a beautiful weave of steam, fate, love, drama, action, and surprise. Definitely worth the trip.

Last Love of the Leannán Sídhe!
Written by Mary on 18th Aug 2023

This is a very short and quick read that is a touch different. It is a paranormal story that is sweet. Annie and Aidan fall hard and fast in this story. These two meet unexpected but their story develops fast with some very interesting developments. I love the magical moments in this steamy read and what a fun end.

Enjoyed reading
Written by Babs on 18th Aug 2023

The third book in the Faery Folk series. What Leannan Sidhe Annie Shea wants she takes and she wants human Aidan Doherty a singer at night and a bricklayer by day. I enjoyed reading their very short story with its up and downs. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

A quick, romantic, and steamy read.
Written by Sarah ES on 18th Aug 2023

This book is filled with insta love, passion, and a HEA. As with all books by this author there is also a touch of the supernatural. So basically just a short and sweet steamy afternoon read. Great job.

Quick read
Written by tburbr on 18th Aug 2023

Quick short read. Good story. Interesting storyline. You should go read this book and the other books in the series

Best of the series so far!
Written by DerryGirl on 8th May 2023

Loved the newest in this Faery Folk series - the author brings these legendary fairy characters to life in the modern age in a delightful way. Annie is amazing and Aidan, he's smoking hot. No wonder she finds a mortal she can't live without! I received a free review copy from and am leaving a voluntary review.