The Púca's Forever Mate by Liathán O’Murchadha

Heat Level 3
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Faery Folk, 1

When American Nora Casey heads for Ireland after breaking off her engagement, she's not looking for romance or love. When she meets a mysterious man, Felidmid Eamon, she's attracted. It's mutual and on the very day they meet, they make love with wild abandon outside beneath the sky.

Their relationship heats up after that but there are things that Nora can't quite understand. When Felidmid confesses that he is a Púca, she refuses to believe it. He does his best to show her the truth, but she won't accept it. When Nora won't believe him, he falls seemingly dead at her feet with a broken heart. Maeve, queen of the faeries, intervenes and Nora has two choices—to admit she loves Felidmid and agree to be his forever mate or walk away, leaving him dead. What will her choice be?



            “‘Tis a fine and fair day, lady,” the stranger said.

            If he hadn’t been so good-looking and sexy, Nora would have ignored his brash greeting and walked away, but instead, she paused. “It’s a lovely day,” she said, cringing at her broad American accent that seemed so flat compared to his. “I don’t believe I’ve met you.”

            If she had, she would have remembered.

            “Ye’ve not,” he said. “But now ye have. Might I accompany you?”

            “You don’t even know where I’m going.”

            “Aye, and it doesn’t matter. The sea is it, or the hills?”

            “I planned to walk along the ocean.”

            He offered her his arm. “Then we shall. I’m Felidmid Eamon.”  

            “Nora Casey.”

            They strolled along the edge of the sea. It was more rocky than sandy, far different than the beaches she had visited back home in California and on the Gulf Coast. Nora preferred it, though, and favored the wildness of it. This was not a seashore dotted with sunbathers or surfers or hot dog stands, but an ancient ocean yet to be tamed.

            The man at her side had a wildness about him too and she liked it. In many places, they had to walk on the edge of the hills overlooking the Atlantic. After a half hour, they stopped for a rest and sat down on large rocks facing the sea.

            Although they’d talked as they walked, nothing of much importance had been said and she didn’t feel she knew him any more than in those first moments outside the cottage.

            Nora wanted to ask him what he did for a living, if he lived in the area, or if he was also on holiday. She parted her lips to pose the questions but he drew her close and kissed her. 

            His lips burned with unholy fever, a fire that lit and kindled but never quenched. Nora yielded to him without protest and kissed him back, even as her body shivered with unbridled delight and her muscles went weak. Felidmid cradled her close yet still managed to undo the buttons on her blouse, then unfastened the front-closing bra beneath it. Her breasts tumbled free and he caressed them, his hands sure but gentle. He fondled each nipple in turn then took his mouth from hers to suckle one, then the other.

            Nora all but ripped his shirt from his body and ran her fingers over his bare skin, marveling at the satin smoothness of it. Her nipples had turned into rocks at his touch and she moaned with delight as he used his tongue to lick each. Lower down, her pussy radiated heat and tensed with need.

            Without stripping her naked on the rock, Felidmid maneuvered her into position then entered her willing space with finesse and power. His hands were smooth as silk, as gentle as a feather’s touch but his cock had the strength of steel. He entered her as if he brought a blade 

home. The walls of her box clenched tight to guide him and caress his length. The thrill radiated through her as he shoved his cock in and out in ancient rhythm that teased before it satisfied.  Under the sky, blue dotted with clouds that reminded her of cream on cobbler, beside the ocean, in the open they came together, bucking and seeking until release hit.

             Felidmid slammed into her with the force of a strong wave, the energy of a tornado, and ripped away her inhibitions. She no longer cared that they were outside in a place where anyone and everyone might see. Instead, she gloried in it. With this man, in his arms, Nora had no more inhibitions, and shame was a foreign concept.


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Obsessed with this book!
Written by Blessing Bookshelf on 1st Dec 2022

I loved this book, the description of Ireland made me fall in love with it and want to visit it for myself. I felt like Ireland was its own character besides the two main characters. I enjoyed this wonderful short read and highly recommend it. It was steamy and mythical which is such a great combo for me!!!! I only wish it was longer but am completely obsessed with this book!

The pucas forever mate romance
Written by Juliz on 2nd Nov 2022

The pucas forever mate was a wonderful sweet amazing paranormal romance story with entertaining characters

The Puca's Forever Mate
Written by Elizabeth R on 2nd Nov 2022

Liathan O'Murcadha enthralls with the Puca's Forever Mate. This novella set in Ireland has the Puca Felidmid meet his true love Nora but he dies as she does not say she will join him forever in love. Queen Mab of the fairies offers Nora the chance to restore his life if she will venture everything for him. What will happen?

Love it
Written by DerryGirl on 15th Oct 2022

I enjoyed this book - cool story, great characters, authentic setting...ready for more from this author.

The Púca's Forever Mate
Written by Babs on 11th Oct 2022

The first book in the Faery Folk series. This is a new Author to me and it looks like this is her debut story, I will be watching to see what else she puts out. Fey Púca Felidmid Eamon and human Nora Casey's story, it is a well written short story that kept me turning pages. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The pucas forever mate
Written by P W on 11th Oct 2022

What a wonderful first read by thus author for ne. Storyline was great and kept me hooked throughout. Wonderful characters also. I received a free copy via booksprout and I'm giving my review freely and honestly

Will his heart stay broken?
Written by Nicole Potter on 11th Oct 2022

I really enjoyed this story. This was my first time reading this genre & I wasn't disappointed. Felidmid & Nora's story started out not in your typical manner. There is no denying the intensity of their desire but can Nora accept who Felidmid before it's too late for a chance at a HEA? If you love paranormal romance that is erotic with a fantasy element I recommend reading this book.

Irish folklore
Written by Jennifer c. Macaulay on 11th Oct 2022

This is book one of the Faery Folk’s series. I was drawn to this book because I love Ireland and its lore and legends. It’s a great short steamy read with all the magic of a fated mate story. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Hot and magical
Written by BONITA S on 7th Oct 2022

Hot and magical, modern fairy tale of abandon, love, freedom of spirit, and of course mischievous fae. Definitely an adult fairy tale <wink>

Interesting short story
Written by Di Budo on 7th Oct 2022

This book is a nice and interesting short story. These two deserved the chance to find happiness and they took it. I loved every single page

Felidmid and Nora
Written by Exciterose45 on 7th Oct 2022

Felidmid had s*x with many women but none made want a mate like Nora did. She went to Ireland on vacation after backing out of her engagement. He told her what he was even though she said that she loved him, she didn’t believe what he told her about him and his life. His heart broke and he died so the queen of the faeries took them to faerie land, he would come back alive there if she truly believed and loved him. Was given a great gift! Good book!

Feary Folk
Written by Kwallywoman on 7th Oct 2022

The story of Nora and Felidmid. Two people just trying to figure out their lives. Even with one of them being of feary folk. It was well written and loved reading it. My only thought was to have some information behind the legends they spoke of. Great read.

Cute story
Written by Dannie on 7th Oct 2022

This was a nice short read. I’ve read fantacy stories before but none like this. I enjoyed the folklore side of it

Fae romance
Written by Lmdez0820 on 7th Oct 2022

Now has left for Ireland after ending he engagement. She wasn't expecting to meet and fall a fae. She doesn't want to believe him, but it's divine in the end and she has a decision to make

The Púca&#039;s Forever Mate Book 1 of Faery Folk by Liathán O’Murchadha
Written by mickala robinson on 13th Sep 2022

first time reading this author and was a nice sweet read i found it an enjoyable read with great story and characters looking forward to next book