The Omega's Knowledge by Anne T. Thyssen

Heat Level 4
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The Last Court of Omegas, 1

In the mystical realm of Verocca, omegas were thought to have been lost to the world, a punishment from the Gods. However, on a tiny island, four omega princesses hide while waiting for their castle to be overrun by Tesarian Wolves, led by the powerful Alpha Cartan, who is eager to prove himself. His mission: to capture the legendary omega princesses, long believed to be mere legends.

Kiandra, the fourth princess, fiercely protective of her sisters, makes a heart-wrenching decision to become Cartan's Omega to ensure her sisters' escape. However, her preconceptions about alphas are shattered as she discovers the beauty and complexity of Cartan's world, leading to an unexpected romance.

Be Warned: anal sex, orgies, public exhibition, knotting


When I had everything packed, I slung the bags over my shoulders and grabbed the torch and book once more. I cautiously poked my head into the dimly lit hallway, glancing around, but the festivities had drawn the attention of the guards to the floors above. I retreated into the tunnels, heading even further down than the ground floor.

A chill seemed to creep into my bones as if something haunted this place. I knew I was entering a part of the castle I had never ventured into before. Our father had forbidden it, believing it was no place for delicate Omegas. I scoured the area for the door that would lead me into the dungeon’s hallways when I heard the undertones of Alphas’ voices.

I froze, waiting for them to pass by before resuming my search for the door. It proved challenging to locate, as the walls were made of stone arranged in a random pattern. I pressed my hands against the stones, hoping to find a hidden handle, and finally noticed something to my left. I turned and held up the torch, revealing a small iron handle protruding from the wall. A smile crossed my face as I walked over to it.

I pulled on the handle, hearing the stone slide away, and silently thanked my ancestors for constructing these secret passageways. I poked my head into the dark, eerie hallway, glancing around, but there were no guards in sight. I hurried down the corridor, following the sound of my sisters’ voices until I reached the cell that held them. I unlocked and opened the door.

“Kiandra?” Solana asked, astonished.

They all turned their heads to look at me.

“Come!” I urged them, waving for them to join me.

They hurried over and hugged me tightly.

“That was foolish!” scolded Vivina, though a smile played on her lips. “You should have escaped.”

“I couldn’t leave you all behind. Here,” I handed them the bags I had packed.

“There are only three,” Solana pointed out.

“I will stay.”


“I am not known to the Alphas. I could be of use here. I can protect our home until you’re ready to return.”

“Kiandra, that is utterly insane. You cannot stay. You’re coming with us!” Vivina told me.

“No, go to the tunnels. Just walk straight ahead. It will take you to your freedom,” I said, pulling my sisters out of their cell. “You have everything you need in the bags.”

“I am not leaving you behind! You’re coming with us!” Vivina insisted.

“That she is.” We all spun around, seeing a dark figure emerging from around the corner. Even through the thick, rotten smell down here, his Alpha scent overpowered it. He came closer, stalking us, making us feel like the small Omegas we were.

“Run,” I told them.

“Kiandra!” Vivina exclaimed.


The Alpha came toward us, but instead of running with my sisters, I ran to him. He had not expected that. He froze before he crashed into me. Despite never having met Alphas, I had studied them. I understood their weaknesses and how an Omega could even tame an Alpha to her will.

As my sisters ran toward the tunnels, I placed myself on my knees in front of the Alpha, letting my instincts guide me. It gave them the head start they needed while I remained submissive to the Alpha before me, bowing my head and tilting it slightly to the side. I felt his sharp eyes on me, trying to decipher my behavior, but I simply remained in place, waiting.

His hand shot out, wrapping around my long braid and pulling it back, forcing me to look up into his eyes. They had turned completely black, the pupil consuming the brown color, showing his instincts were playing and taking over, enjoying my submission. But then he forced his Alpha nature back, his eyes returning to their brown color, and his growl turned angry.

“Well played,” he snapped before he leaned down and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.