The Omega's Knowledge by Anne T. Thyssen

Heat Level 4
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The Last Court of Omegas, 1

In the mystical realm of Verocca, omegas were thought to have been lost to the world, a punishment from the Gods. However, on a tiny island, four omega princesses hide while waiting for their castle to be overrun by Tesarian Wolves, led by the powerful Alpha Cartan, who is eager to prove himself. His mission: to capture the legendary omega princesses, long believed to be mere legends.

Kiandra, the fourth princess, fiercely protective of her sisters, makes a heart-wrenching decision to become Cartan's Omega to ensure her sisters' escape. However, her preconceptions about alphas are shattered as she discovers the beauty and complexity of Cartan's world, leading to an unexpected romance.

Be Warned: anal sex, orgies, public exhibition, knotting


When I had everything packed, I slung the bags over my shoulders and grabbed the torch and book once more. I cautiously poked my head into the dimly lit hallway, glancing around, but the festivities had drawn the attention of the guards to the floors above. I retreated into the tunnels, heading even further down than the ground floor.

A chill seemed to creep into my bones as if something haunted this place. I knew I was entering a part of the castle I had never ventured into before. Our father had forbidden it, believing it was no place for delicate Omegas. I scoured the area for the door that would lead me into the dungeon’s hallways when I heard the undertones of Alphas’ voices.

I froze, waiting for them to pass by before resuming my search for the door. It proved challenging to locate, as the walls were made of stone arranged in a random pattern. I pressed my hands against the stones, hoping to find a hidden handle, and finally noticed something to my left. I turned and held up the torch, revealing a small iron handle protruding from the wall. A smile crossed my face as I walked over to it.

I pulled on the handle, hearing the stone slide away, and silently thanked my ancestors for constructing these secret passageways. I poked my head into the dark, eerie hallway, glancing around, but there were no guards in sight. I hurried down the corridor, following the sound of my sisters’ voices until I reached the cell that held them. I unlocked and opened the door.

“Kiandra?” Solana asked, astonished.

They all turned their heads to look at me.

“Come!” I urged them, waving for them to join me.

They hurried over and hugged me tightly.

“That was foolish!” scolded Vivina, though a smile played on her lips. “You should have escaped.”

“I couldn’t leave you all behind. Here,” I handed them the bags I had packed.

“There are only three,” Solana pointed out.

“I will stay.”


“I am not known to the Alphas. I could be of use here. I can protect our home until you’re ready to return.”

“Kiandra, that is utterly insane. You cannot stay. You’re coming with us!” Vivina told me.

“No, go to the tunnels. Just walk straight ahead. It will take you to your freedom,” I said, pulling my sisters out of their cell. “You have everything you need in the bags.”

“I am not leaving you behind! You’re coming with us!” Vivina insisted.

“That she is.” We all spun around, seeing a dark figure emerging from around the corner. Even through the thick, rotten smell down here, his Alpha scent overpowered it. He came closer, stalking us, making us feel like the small Omegas we were.

“Run,” I told them.

“Kiandra!” Vivina exclaimed.


The Alpha came toward us, but instead of running with my sisters, I ran to him. He had not expected that. He froze before he crashed into me. Despite never having met Alphas, I had studied them. I understood their weaknesses and how an Omega could even tame an Alpha to her will.

As my sisters ran toward the tunnels, I placed myself on my knees in front of the Alpha, letting my instincts guide me. It gave them the head start they needed while I remained submissive to the Alpha before me, bowing my head and tilting it slightly to the side. I felt his sharp eyes on me, trying to decipher my behavior, but I simply remained in place, waiting.

His hand shot out, wrapping around my long braid and pulling it back, forcing me to look up into his eyes. They had turned completely black, the pupil consuming the brown color, showing his instincts were playing and taking over, enjoying my submission. But then he forced his Alpha nature back, his eyes returning to their brown color, and his growl turned angry.

“Well played,” he snapped before he leaned down and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

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Great new start
Written by LuLu W on 24th Jun 2024

This is a first read and a great start of a new series. This has kept me enthralled and it is now 1am . The last 4 omegas on an island kingdom are surrounded by an alpha army determined to capture and claim. The youngest sister outsmarts the the alpha leader and frees her sisters but falls prey to her omega nature. Knots steam action feels and mysteries. I can’t wait to see if the other sisters escapes or who claims them.

The Omega's Knowledge
Written by SaraM2020 on 24th Jun 2024

This book 1 in The Last Court of Omegas Book Series has an intriguing omegaverse romance story with a well-constructed world & interesting characters. These characters have unique personalities, detailed histories, and believable interactions. This has a protective Alpha male and an Omega female who accepts her role. It has steam, drama, heat, excitement and HEA.

Good omegaverse
Written by Courtney B on 24th Jun 2024

Enjoyed this. Fmc is innocent but also strong without being bratty. Lots of spice, plenty of drama and a juicy ongoing mystery.

Spicy OV romance
Written by Book_Lover_97 on 24th Jun 2024

This is a spicy, enemies to lovers omegaverse romance. Kianra and Cartan have an intense connection and chemistry. I enjoyed the interesting world building and storyline. It was an very enjoyable read.

Changing Misunderstandings
Written by De'Anna on 24th Jun 2024

Start to The Last Court of Omegas hang on you won’t want to put it down. Kiandra loves her sisters so much so that she is willing to sacrifice herself to ensure they are free to live how they want hiding on their island trying to do everything they can to keep themselves of the radar of alphas despite the world of alphas thinking they disappeared as a punishment, but one alpha is determined to find the lost omegas. Cartan sexy as all get out alpha wants to prove himself as an alpha decides to go looking for the princess and he has found them but not without a fight so being the fourth princess offers herself allowing to escape he knows what they think of them as alphas, and he promised to prove her wrong. She gets the surprise when she realizes everything she was taught wasn’t exactly right he shows her that no all alphas are violent in fact it is the total opposite but will her sisters get away or will other alphas arrive, will she understand the alphas, will she still have communication with her sisters no matter where they are, will he prove to her that there is more to him than him being an alpha, and is there happiness to be found among so many misunderstandings?

Fantastic read
Written by RahiaLeight on 24th Jun 2024

I thought this was a wonderful read...maybe a bit overdone with the canoodling, but I also realize that the dynamic has a lot to do with that. Still, the story outside of the nest was interesting, and I think it could have gone much further, but I'd imagine that the other sister's tales will fill in the holes. I'm really curious as to what the king has up his sleeve. He might be a good guy, but I have my doubts.

I Loved It
Written by Danee on 24th Jun 2024

This is the beautiful story of Alpha Cartan and Kiandra who is an Omega. Both face their own problems. She looks for a way to sacrifice herself for her sisters and save them and Cartan has to deal with a trauma from the past. I loved them together and there was no denying the steam between them. This is a page turner and highly recommended reading.

A spicy and intriguing start to a new series
Written by EPM on 24th Jun 2024

The Omega's Knowledge is a super spicy and intriguing start to The Last Court of the Omega's series. I really enjoyed this new world and the Alpha (Cartan) and Omega (Kiandra), they both grappled with their places in the world and sought to achieve the best for their people. I loved bookworm Kiandra's thirst for knowledge and how she put her learnings to great use and how Cartan's protective Alpha instincts came to the fore when he met Kiandra despite his initial resistance and her foiling his best laid plans. I look forward to the continuation of the series, and what I assume to be Kiandra's sisters stories.

The book provides a unique perspective on Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.
Written by JLY8s on 24th Jun 2024

The Omega's Knowledge is the first book in The Last Court of Omegas series. The book provides a unique perspective on Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. There is also a paranormal-fantasy element that keeps the story interesting. The passion between Kiandra and Cartan is intense, and it had those swoony enemy to lover, and fated mates vibes, along with him being a possessive grouchy alpha. This is such a great world and charecter building it will keep you glued to the pages with its twists and turns of story. This book is also super sensual, and I loved how Kiandra and Cathan cannot keep their hands off one another. Look forward to more from this author.

Great starting of a new series
Written by Andrea R on 24th Jun 2024

This is the first book in this new series was excellently written and although there was alot to soak in I believe it set the stage for an exciting new series. The characters' chemistry was very well written too. Can't wait to see where we go from here.

Paranormal-Fantasy with Drama, and Lots of Steamy Hot Romance
Written by A.K. Shaw on 24th Jun 2024

The Omega's Knowledge is the first book in The Last Court of Omegas series. The book provides a unique perspective on Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. The storyline was not what I expected as it is full of LOTS of steamy hot erotic romance, along with drama, and a few twists. There is also a paranormal-fantasy element that keeps the story interesting. The characters have been entertaining to get to know, with Kiandra and Cartan being the main fascinating characters. They are both good beings, but the jury is still out on Marcan. I have a feeling he is going to be a problem in future books in the series. I look forward to reading book two.

Good start to series.
Written by Babs on 24th Jun 2024

The first story in the Last Court of Omegas, this is a new author to me. Kiandra the fourth Omega princess must make a choice in order to save her sisters from harm when their castle is besieged. She becomes Alpha Cartan of the Tesarian Wolves, Omega. The story is engaging and held my interest as these two through their ups and downs work towards a happy ending.

Omega's Knowledge!
Written by Mary on 24th Jun 2024

This is the first story in the "Last Court of Omegas" series about four omega princesses. This one is about the youngest, Kiandra, and her alpha Cartan. I loved this story!! The story is a paranormal read set in the Omega verse world and is emotional, heartwarming and spicy. The plot is intriguing and captivating keep you hooked until the very end. I love his proclamations to her when they become mated. It is swoon worthy with action, suspense, passion, enemies, fated and much more. This is a new author for me and I cannot wait to read more from this author!

Great story
Written by Court050 on 24th Jun 2024

This is Book 1 of The Last Court of Omegas I do love shifters romance stories and this one does not disappoint . I love the characters and story. Very entertaining,twisted, spicy, thrilling, suspenseful. I highly recommend. I can't wait to read more.

Written by Katdog281 on 24th Jun 2024

I love omegaverse books and this definitely didn't disappoint me. Can't wait to read more from this author. Great read!!

Great read
Written by Heather7170 on 24th Jun 2024

This is my first from this author and not my last. I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Can't wait to read more of her books.

Written by Steacyn on 24th Jun 2024

At first I had a hard time staying focused on this book. But once I got a few chapters in it was well worth it. I am looking forward to the next book to know what happens to the other woman and if the king finds what's he's looking for.

Lost Court of Omegas
Written by Shell R on 24th Jun 2024

Alpha Cartan had a whole plan of snatching the last four princess Omegas but what he didn't plan for was that one of them would be smart. Kiandra our little omega librarian princess makes this alpha work for what he wants. If you plan on capturing princesses you better have a master plan because Kiandra doesn't play about her family or her protection. Join the story to see how this alpha and omega play each other for what they really want. Enjoy ?

A fabulous omegaverse read
Written by Emmellen on 24th Jun 2024

The Omega’s Knowledge is a fabulous omegaverse read. My favorite part of this book is the heroine, Kiandra. While she has the typical omega trait of being driven by her dynamic, she’s also a bookworm. And it’s her complete innate longing for knowledge that both helps in her situation with Cartan and gets her into trouble. Cartan is a more typical alpha, driven by both his aggressive nature and his overwhelming desire to care for Kiandra. I also loved that Kiandra didn’t fall into that “I’m not like other omegas” trap that many authors succumb to. Once confronted with the reality of what her dynamic does to her in the presence of her mate, Kiandra works with it instead of resisting it. That was a refreshing thing to see! But the best part of The Omega’s Knowledge is the solid worldbuilding that Thyssen sets up. She uses many typical omegaverse tropes, like a pseudo-barbarian world, but she adds strong elements like clans that are both divided and yet driven to work together, and a king over them who is far more than he seems at first. This book is also super sensual, and I loved how Kiandra and Cathan cannot keep their hands off one another. Kiandra’s sisters, each quite different in personality, are clearly set up as heroines for future books. And I for one can’t wait for them, as Thyssen is building something special with this new series.

A compelling story
Written by A Schofield on 24th Jun 2024

I really enjoyed this story from the first page. It is about the Omega Princesses and how the survive the approaching Alpha’s. This first story in the series is about Kiandra and Cartan. It is compelling, fun, romantic and very steamy. I love how Kiandra develops throughout this story. She is understanding and compassionate. Cartan is serious and underestimates how an Omega will change his life. This story is a rare find as I was drawn in from the first page. 5 stars!

Hot and Steamy on Repeat!
Written by PT reader on 24th Jun 2024

A shifter romance where they really never shift? Hmmmm….well, I still loved it! The setting was super interesting and different, with instincts driving behaviors throughout the book. I also truly liked the characters, and I enjoyed the way the author described the interactions between all of them. You should to have some understanding of “Aloha” and “Omega” lore to truly appreciate the nuances of their strong driven instinctual actions. That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the steamy stuff or the story as a whole. I honestly can’t wait for the next book!

Enjoyed it!
Written by Red18 on 24th Jun 2024

I have read books about Alphas and Omegas before by different authors. I do love this genre. This storyline was unique to me and I loved it. Four Omega sisters and three cannot be found with Alpha clans desperate to find them is an amazing story. Throw in a King to the mix and you have a great series of books. I am completely invested ❤️ The only thing I would change is the constant s*x when Kiandra and Cartan got back to the camp. I would have preferred there to be a little more story in between to balance it out a little. A new author to me and I can’t wait to continue reading.

The beginning
Written by Nicole V on 24th Jun 2024

This is the first book in The Last Court of Omegas series. There is a lot to learn in this first book. A lot of information is thrown at you. But I did enjoy getting to know Cartan and Kiandra.

Spicy omegaverse series…
Written by Ashleear on 24th Jun 2024

Wow this was a great book! This was a dark romance omegaverse that was done so well! It is my top book for this genre. I loved the world building, the spice and pacing, and the dynamics of how this series can build on with more books. I can’t wait for the next story. This has cultural history and community, as well as a romance that can be celebrated and supported. These characters were so well done and gave so much life to this story. I can’t wait for the next book!!

Engaging Omega Read
Written by DidiF on 24th Jun 2024

A engaging look into the dangerous world of being an Omega. Kiandra has been hidden all her life but when her Omega sisters are threatened she ensures their freedom by using her knowledge to distract the attacking Alpha. Cartan finds himself enamored with his little Omega. Great world building, intense moments, humor, kidnapping, bonding, alpha dominance, and so much more kept me turning the pages. Can’t wait to read the next in the series.

Lots of spice and story 4.5
Written by skgillman29 on 24th Jun 2024

So I went in expecting the spice level here because it is an Omega/Alpha story, but I must say that the characters and actual storyline were surprisingly very well written. It starts with 4 Omega princesses hold up in their castle surrounded by an army of Alphas who have come to claim them. The youngest of the princesses proves herself as she helps her 3 older sisters to escape by finding the hidden tunnels she researched from her books. Each sister proves to have her own thoughts about the alphas at their gates, all not good, and flee the castle leaving their youngest to distract their adversary. This first book of the series was mostly introductory to the world the omegas live in and how the youngest of them all finds there's more to being an Omega than she perceived from her books. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series, as I do certainly hope there will be one, in hopes to find out what has happened to the remaining Omega sisters.

The Omegas knowledge
Written by Lancet on 24th Jun 2024

This was a great book..It was an epic fiery passionate love story between two very different people who learned what it was to no longer walk alone..Strong intelligent FMC ..Possessive but gentle loving MMC.The storyline was so good and parts mysterious that I couldn't put the book down. The main story wrapped up but there is definitely room for book 2 and 3 and 4..Hurry up I can't wait to get ahold of the next book in this series..If u love possessive strong alphas, fiesty heroines and steamy love scenes and well created story worlds u can step into. This book is for u..

Good book
Written by Jamee h on 24th Jun 2024

This was Really really good book. it had lots of steamy scenes and a very good story line. I definitely recommend reading this!

A good read
Written by TheresaSs on 24th Jun 2024

Strong characters, plenty of spice, suspense and intrigue makes this a good Omegaverse read. It was great to read about a highly intelligent omega and how she navigated her world