Thrill Me by Tina Donahue

Heat Level 4
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Wanna Be Bad, 2

Longing to be bad…

Shelby totally craves both bad boys Ben and Dominic, cousins and celebrated chefs at the Caribbean resort where she works. Their heated gazes prove they hunger for her, but they haven’t made a move.

Yearning for their potent masculinity, killer smiles, and effortless charm, she sets into motion a decadent plan to be with them … at least for a little while. Her ideas include nude photos, a locale where anything goes 24/7, plus BDSM and other kink.

Fun-loving Dominic’s on board. He’s always had his eye on Shelby. Ben has, too, but he’s reluctant to mix business with pleasure. A previous work relationship screwed him big time. He’s unwilling to repeat the experience, and he won’t … as long as he keeps this about sex, no strings or expectations.

Yeah, right. In an erotic journey that surprises this threesome, all bets are off, resistance impossible, surrender assured.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), public exhibition, anal sex, double penetration, bondage, flogging



Dominic bumped Ben's shoulder. “For the kink, we can devise entrees and pastries to smear over naked bods for everyone to eat or lick off.” He spoke to her. “Right?”

If they did so to her, she’d have no complaints. However, that wasn’t what she had in mind. “Although we’d love to have you guys supply refreshments for the participating guests, that’s not why you’re here. The island isn’t ready to open yet. There are still publicity shots to take.”

Dominic’s smile wilted beneath confusion. Ben didn’t look as if he were following either.

Just say it. “We want something better than this for the brochures.” She lifted one showing Dom’s Den, the BDSM chamber here.

The pictures showed three performers in the exotic shows—specifically two males and one female—getting it on at the Saint Andrew’s Cross. Lighting accentuated the whips, crops, leather outfits, and perspiration on all three.

Dominic stared. Ben’s eyebrows inched up.

She tapped the brochure. “This is where you come in.”

Their gazes jumped to her.

“Not in Dom’s Den.” She put the piece face down on the table. “But on the island. For publicity shots. You’re both young and good-looking. The type of men who belong in an ‘anything goes’ scenario. The initial publicity shots will be with you guys wearing trunks or board shorts. Possibly both. We’ll see how it goes.” Her gaze fell to their groins. She dragged it back up. “I’ll be wearing a swimsuit or bikini, until we do shots for the European markets.” She clasped her hands to keep them from shaking. “Nudity doesn’t bother people overseas like it does those in the States. So those photos will be without suits. However, everything will be in silhouette or strategically placed lighting, our faces in shadows or blurred or whatever Chad comes up with.”

She snatched a breath. The extra air didn’t stop the room from twirling around her. “He’s the resident photographer. Once the photos are through, there’s a three-day stay on the island to do market research. Jon’s a stickler for wanting to know what will happen before opening any event to the public. He’s going to invite every staff member who wants to participate in the fun to do so.”

Ben didn’t seem to be breathing any longer.

Flushed, Dominic rocked on his cushion, his eyes bright.

She wished they’d say something. Since they didn’t, she had to. “For the three-day thing, I’ll be your guide. Meaning, I’ll be hooking up with both of you—together—at the same time—a threesome to try every activity, fetish, kink, and whatever else the island offers.”