To Claim His Girl by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Eli Waters has made his way back home from military school for one thing, and that is to claim Aria Dean. She’s one of his best friends, the girl who has been by his side through thick and thin. 

A year without Eli was difficult for Aria. She missed his warmth, his smile, his playfulness. But though she’s loved him for a long time, it doesn’t matter. She knows she’s not his type. She’s not blonde, or thin, or beautiful. She is just plain Aria. 

But now he’s back, and he’s different. 

With help from their friends, Eli is determined to finally claim Aria. Laying his feelings on the table, he makes sure Aria knows the truth. He’s not going anywhere. He loves her, and from the moment they first met when they were three years old, they belonged together. 

Can two young souls fight for their love, or will outside influences tear them apart? 



“I can’t believe you said that,” Aria said, breaking through his thoughts.


“I’m only speaking the truth.”


“It seems out of place.”


“Why? We’re friends. I’d say it seems more fitting for us to speak like that to each other. I’m not dating anyone, and I know you’re not.”


“Did I really turn you on?” she asked.


He climbed over the wall first, and helped her over, holding her hips as she jumped down. Neither of them was out of puff just yet.


Aria’s face had to be red because he’d told her that he was turned on.


Going down on their hands and knees, they went through opposite tunnels, coming out around the same time. He didn’t like that Wayne was following close behind them, but instead of being behind him, he’d gone behind Aria. The bastard was doing it to rile him up.


The next five minutes neither of them could talk as they worked through one obstacle after another. When Aria nearly fell, Eli had to grit his teeth as Wayne caught her, using the opportunity to feel her up, and smirking over at him. Wayne was being an asshole.


“Thanks,” she said, pushing his hands off her body.


Eli caught her, helping her over, and they were through the main doors. Aria whimpered. The whole of the track course was filled with more implements of torture.


“Let’s go,” she said, taking his hand. “So you weren’t kidding around?”


“No. I wasn’t.”


There was a sign telling them they had to run the track first.


“I hate running,” she said.


He held her hand even tighter as they started to run.


“I came back for you,” he said.


“I know. You’ve said that twice, but I really don’t know what it means.”


“It means that I want you, Aria.”




They finished running, and then had to grab a length of rope, going over some water. Together, they pulled the rope, moving across the water, and clearing it without much trouble. Going through some tires, they kept up.


Every now and again, he was distracted by her tits bouncing, but she didn’t once slow down.


When they made it over the finish line together, she collapsed onto the ground, and taking his chance, he moved over her.


He somehow managed to move between her thighs, pressing his very erect cock next to her.


“I mean that I want you, Aria. I want you to be my girl. You’re the one I thought about. The one I’ve been wanting for a long time.”


Her eyes were wide, and when he leaned down to take the kiss he’d been wanting, he groaned as a teacher cleared their throat. 


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Written by Tulip on 8th Jun 2017

What a wonderful sweet romance from Sam Crescent! I really enjoyed reading it from the very first page. To Claim His Girl is a friendship to steamy love story. I loved the main characters , Eli and Aria. These two determined young people realized that they loved each other and then had to stand up to almost everyone just to be together. They had an incredibly close bond since pre-school, not just with each other, but also their four friends. I really liked that closeness which made the story more special. They had to withstand a lot of pressures from their family, school, and secrets. Sam Crescent’s excellent writing made this book a fluid believable read. Eli and Aria had known each other for a long time. Yet, it wasn’t until Eli got into trouble and sent to military school that he realized that Aria was meant to be more than his friend. It made it more romantic that he worked so hard just to come back for her. There was a lot of drama, from the usual high school politics, to family secrets, and self esteem issues for Aria. Luckily, it didn’t drag out and the reader gets to really relish in the close bonds of friendship and young passions.It’s actually not all that steamy for a Sam Crescent book either. This one was more sweet than sizzling but just as entertaining to this happy reader. I both enjoyed and recommend this book for everyone.

Great short read
Written by josie martinez on 3rd Jan 2017

Great short read! Eli and Aria are the bomb! So can relate to what to Aria felt like in school. Beautifully written, tugs at your heart strings. Thank you Sam Crescent.

Written by SUPERSTARLET on 3rd Jan 2017

Eli Waters and Aria Dean are meant to be together but so many roadblocks try to keep them apart. Eli has enemies that would see him fail. Aria has family that could destroy her life. Eli finally figured out that Aria is the one for him and by any means necessary she will be his finally. Great read!

Aww, what a cute story
Written by Lisa on 3rd Jan 2017

Aria and Eli, young loves on the cusp of adulthood find love and family with each other and their best friends. Can you meet the one you love in high school? Some do. Eli and Aria gave known each other since they were young. They and 4 others are the best of friends. Once Eli realizes his feelings fir Aria, he comes back home to claim his woman. He won't let her father, his father, or even Aria stop him from greeting what's wants...her. Great story..for a minute I thought it essential a young adult book, but even without the graphic sex in SAMs normal books, this was great book

I loved it Eli got into trouble at school and his ...
Written by Fay on 1st Jan 2017

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book By now I think everyone knows that I am hooked to this author's books. And this book was no change. I loved it Eli got into trouble at school and his dad sent him away to military school. So now a year later and his back and he is ready to be the guy that his girl needs. Aria, Eli, Rachel, Chris, Branson and Mary have been friends since kindergarten. Now they are in high school. Chris and Rachel are together and Mary and Branson are together. And Eli has been in love with Aria but she has no idea how he feels. So Eli leaving for a year and finally coming back she feels like everything is back to normal But she doesn't know that Eli has had enough of being without Aria as his girl and now that his back he is ready to claim his girl and nothing is going to stand in his way. Not her father who is trying to have her marry someone to save his company or some idiot talking trash about his girl "She was his, and he’d been waiting for her for the past year. That was what kept him going, his memories of her, and the pictures he had of her." I loved every minute of this short story but especially the ending. I love books that have these happily ever after epilogues.

This is a super sweet story about young love and a group of ...
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 1st Jan 2017

This is a super sweet story about young love and a group of friends who truly have a bond for life and know that they will always be there for each other and help each other through all of life's trials and tribulations as an unbreakable unit. This story focuses on the relationship between Eli and Aria and how they finally realise that they are meant to be together forever. I loved this sweet romance and how their relationship bloomed into something truly beautiful despite the obstacles that they faced. Definitely a great sweet read that you will enjoy. Happy Reading!

I can't get enough!!
Written by Kindle Customer on 28th Dec 2016

I cant get enough!! Aria and Eli sitting on a tree... KISSING!! Gotta love the High School love. You can feel the love blossom from friendship with Aria and Eli!! I also love the dynamic they have with their friends and their unbreakable bond!! As always another wonderful read with Sam Crescent book's

Short and hot read!
Written by Rhonda on 28th Dec 2016

This is a short, sweet but still hot story of young love. Eli has been gone for a year and while his group has missed him, Aria has missed him the most. I was thrilled to see that there wasn't all the cattiness and drama of other girls trying to get to Eli when he clearly only wants Aria. Together with their friends, they will all finish high school together. I also did NOT like Aria's dad and was glad to see that Aria is a strong woman and stands up to him. I don't like weak females who let men walk all over them. There was some mild drama with a couple of other guys in school but all in all, this was a great and refreshing read. I also love the epilogs so I can see how the characters are doing years down the road. Sam outdid herself on those

Really love Sam crescent
Written by miranda delossantos on 28th Dec 2016

Always look forward to Sam cresents books and didn't disappoint how sometimes the chubby girl finds true love. Awesome

Written by Bethany on 27th Dec 2016

What every girl/woman wants! A bad boy who is an amazing man. A man willing to stand up for the woman he loves.