To Steal a Thief by Penelope Rivers

Heat Level 3
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Love by Design, 2

Emit’s painting is stolen, and he is mega pissed. The gallery hires extra help, Diego, to keep more work from being stolen. On top of that, police officer Ray is keeping an eye on the situation too. But Ray may turn out to be a little crazy, and Diego may end up stealing his heart.

Be Warned: m/m sex



What a shit day ahead. Olson asked him to sit in on the gallery manager interviews, and of course it had to fall on the day of the pool party Walter’s friend was throwing. He had Ray’s date tonight, too, but he was starting to wish more and more that he’d turned him down.

As he bitched in his head, the second interviewee came in. He found himself freezing up. Good God, this guy, Diego according to his application, was gorgeous. Messy, unkempt hair fell across his forehead, tickling his brow. His eyes were a deep amber, and when their gazes met, he saw the iris darken. He wore a button up shirt that didn’t quite fit, but he didn’t fault him for that.

“Tell us about yourself, Diego,” Olson said, oblivious to the fact Diego was a drop dead gorgeous part of the human race. Olson was happily involved with Antonio.

“My family is the most important thing to me,” Diego said, his voice deep and husky. “I am taking care of my grandmother and parents right now. I was born here, but they came from Mexico for a better life.”

“What interested you in our gallery?” Olson asked. “There is a labor shortage. You could work practically anywhere.”

Much to his surprise, Diego turned his attention from Olson to him. “It’s because of you.”

“M-me?” he stuttered.

“Yes, your art contains so much emotion. In each and every portrait you draw, you capture the feeling of the person. Getting the chance to work with my all-time favorite artist would be a dream come true.”

The words drove heat to his face and to other places he wasn’t willing to admit. “Thank you. I’m honored you feel that way about my art.” And suddenly, his fingers itched to draw. He wanted to capture this beautiful, complicated man on paper.

“We have been having trouble with pieces being stolen,” Olson said as Diego fidgeted in response. “What could you do to help prevent further thefts?”

“I’d plan to keep watch 24/7.”  Though Diego had been all about eye contact moments earlier, now he wouldn’t look in his direction.

“Let me just talk with Emit in private for one second.” With a polite smile, Olson tugged at his arm. He followed the other man into the storage room. “I like him.”

And I’d like to see him naked and horizontal, he thought. “I do, too.”

“Then I’ll hire him. The last guy on my list has been in prison for rape twice.”

“Fun,” he said blandly.

Grinning, Olson went back into the other room and clapped his hands. “Well, you’ve got the job.”

For the first time, a genuine smile crossed Diego’s face. The sight of it, the way it made his heart rush, frightened him almost as much as the pool party. He had to get out of here.

“I’ve got to go.” His face burning from the internal heat, he offered his hand to Diego. “Welcome aboard, Diego.”

When Diego shook his hand, the places where skin met skin burned. He tried to shake it off, but even with the idea of the pool party looming closer, Diego took a spot in his mind.