Tweed Me by L.M. Kennedy

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Kendra Richmond hates musicians and when Denver Colorado’s home town rock star, Tyler Dyne, friends her back on Twitter, she’s skeptical to believe he’s more than a cocky front man. Talked into meeting him for a coffee, under the guise of helping with a charity show, Kendra ends up driving him to a family emergency and finds herself drawn into his private world of heartache and loss.

Having grown up in a home with an absent artist father, Kendra wants nothing to do with Tyler’s fast paced life nor his flirtatious conversations and pushes him away. Tyler won’t take no for an answer, however, and vies for her affections by opening his heart, revealing he is more than a bad boy in need of taming. When Kendra discovers he’s the recipient of a kidney transplant, with no family to ground him, she can’t deny the feelings she’s developed and the desire to be close to him.



“Play. Play. Play.” The chanting began, and my friends and I happily joined the fervor.

Tyler plugged the guitar in and played a few chords. This broke the mind-numbing chant of a thousand voices and they were shouting again.

“This song,” he said over the voices and paused. “This song,” he repeated as the crowd settled, “is for someone who was close to my heart. Someone I loved very much.”

I didn’t miss the past tense he used when talking about this someone.

“It’s me!” a woman yelled, and laughter crackled through the room as more voices joined in the sentiment.

He grinned and pointed in the direction of the voices. “You know I love you too.”

Tyler positioned the guitar in his lap and plucked out the first chords of the song. The stage lights dimmed as the sound echoed in the large room until one central cone enveloped him. He was the only brightness in the vast space, the effect giving him a ghostly appearance, and this seemed to soothe the wild mass of people.

The song was hauntingly beautiful, and each pull of the strings felt attached directly to my heart. Eyes closed, he sang about losing someone with a beautiful soul.

When the world was dark,

With no hope in sight,

Your beautiful soul,

Filled it with light.

When I thought I might turn into a puddle, the song ended and the lights came up. The crowd exploded with applause, and Tyler gathered his guitar and walked off stage with a quick wave. The other guitar player, Cole, stepped forward and started another song with the bassist, Travis.

Rosie, Maggie, and I looked between each other. We were still clutching each other’s arms and shared the same tear-stained cheeks.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” Rosie said as another tear tumbled down her cheek. “I’m a mess.”

I nodded and dabbed at the river on my cheeks, not wanting to get makeup all over my face by drying my tears without a mirror.

As we made our way to the bathroom, my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I pulled it free and stopped dead in my tracks as a Twitter message glowed up at me.

Tyler Dyne @TylerDyneTweed

I know you’re here. I need you, Bug.