Under the Alpha's Protection by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Nikita Ashton and Raoul Saint Germain have been friends for five years, so when Nikita is attacked, there is only one place she can run to—straight into Raoul's arms.

Raoul is the Alpha of his pack and he is furious that the woman he loves has been harmed on his territory. Were it not for the fact that Nikita does not believe in anything even remotely paranormal, his wolf would have claimed her years ago.

Nikita is in need of tender, loving care, not his baser needs that are threatening to overtake him. However, when Nikita admits that she knows about his being in the lifestyle, the Dom in him cannot resist the challenge to make her his submissive.

Blissfully happy in their new Dom/sub relationship, everything changes when Nikita is kidnapped. Can Raoul get to her in time to save her life?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking
"Drink, squirt."

Nikita didn't even think to argue, so enthralling was his deep voice, and she drank the cool liquid eagerly, until he took the water bottle away and his hot, firm lips touched hers. Her barely banked down arousal flared into an inferno again, and she moaned when he broke the kiss and licked along her jaw. His curiously rough tongue reminded her of her cat at home, and created exquisite friction along her sweat slicked skin.

"Get on the bed for me and lie down on your front." The whispered words into her ear galvanized her into action, and he murmured his approval.

"Good girl. I'm going to restrain you now, my sweet girl. Just your arms to start with, and then I'm going to fuck you."

She couldn’t stop her moan at those words, and he laughed, the sound so low and sexy, Nikita was sure she could come from listening to his voice alone. He ran a hand down her spine until he reached her butt, and then he scraped his nails along the tender flesh. The burn was pain and bliss all wrapped into one, and she jumped when he parted her ass cheeks.

He dropped a kiss on her anus and slipped a finger into her pussy causing her to pant, and her internal muscles pulled tight, and tried to draw the digit inside. Raoul laughed softly and slipped another finger into her desperately clenching cunt at the same time as his tongue pushed through the tight ring of her muscle that had never been breached before. Warmth spread through her as that tongue probed in tune with his fingers in her pussy. He took her right to the edge and then withdrew.

"Nooooo." The high-pitched wail leaving her mouth didn't sound like her voice at all. Raoul paid no heed to her whimpering. Instead he grasped one of her arms and pulled it upwards, and then there was the sound of Velcro and something soft and thick wrapped around her wrist.

He ran his finger underneath the restraint, and then his face appeared in her blurry vision. Unlike earlier when her mind had played tricks on her, this time round all she saw was Raoul in all his ruggedly handsome glory. Her mouth went dry at the sight of his bare chest. He must have somehow got undressed when she wasn't paying attention, too caught up in the myriad of sensations he'd already coaxed from her body.

If this was what kinky sex did, then Nikita couldn't understand why more people didn't embrace this lifestyle. Never in her life had she been this turned on. Raoul repeated the process to her other arm until she was tied and couldn't move.

"What's your safe word, squirt?"

"Red, but I don't need it. Please don't stop."

"Good girl."

The approval in his voice washed over her senses, and Nikita was close to tears, so overwhelmed was she by the intensity of the moment.

With her breasts squashed into the bed, her nipples chafed against the cover, and she bucked when he slid his hands under her and pinched each nipple in turn. With his naked chest pressed against her back, exerting pressure on the left-over soreness there, Nikita felt owned, and used, and she reveled in that feeling, as he rolled each hard nub between his fingertips and pulled. Darts of arousal shot through her body to her clit, and she couldn't help her breathless moan.

"Oh, that feels so good."

He kissed her shoulder and withdrew again. Tiny stings to her back made her gasp. Each sting was soothed by soft lips.

"Turn your head and look at us in the mirror. I want you to see me fuck you. I want you to see my cock plundering your sweet cunt, so that you'll know who owns you."

Instead of appalling her, those words excited her further, and she dutifully turned to look. Even though her vision was hazy she could see him towering over her, his body so big and dark compared to her, and every fiber of her being tensed when she caught the first glimpse of his cock. Thick and long, it rose from its thatch of dark hair, his heavy balls swinging underneath as he moved. Raoul took himself in hand and stroked his dick from head to root with slow measured moves that had her mewling anew.

"Beg me for my cock, girl. Tell me you want it. Tell me you're mine."

"Yes, anything, please. I need you …. I need your cock … Sir."

The tagged on address made him growl, and Nikita closed her eyes when he placed several cushions under her hips until her ass was elevated.

"So wet, so beautiful. Who owns this pussy, squirt?"

"You do, Sir."

"Damn fucking right, I do."

He slid the thick head of his erection through her pussy lips, and Nikita held her breath as his heat branded her. He repeated that process over and over until Nikita wanted to scream and her nerve endings were strung so tight, she could barely breathe. She yanked on her restraints, but it was useless. When he finally breached her hole it was with agonizing slowness that awakened every one of her vaginal nerves, and she grit her teeth at the sensation of being filled and stretched to capacity.


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The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2014

For five years, Raoul Saint Germain has been in love with his best friend Nikita Ashton. In fact, if Nikita had believed anything other than the known existed, alpha werewolf Raoul would have given into his wolf and claimed her as his mate. When Nikita is attacked and runs to Raoul for safety, he’s furious that she’s been harmed in his territory. He’s also torn since Nikita needs looking after right now, not to see the Dom in him come out now that he has her in his home and under his protection. Nikita has known about her friend’s lifestyle for a while now, and when she admits it, Raoul can’t resist the challenge of teaching her how to submit. Just when they are both finding a new happiness, Nikita is kidnapped. Can Raoul get to her in time for them to have a lifetime of the happiness they only got a taste of? There is a lot packed into this really intriguing book. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Raoul and Nikita change and grow, and of course there was the incredible chemistry and sex between them. There is definitely an element of BDSM to their relationship that just adds to the heat. But there is also so much more. You get an interesting look at the shifter world the book is set in and it’s very richly described for a relatively short book.

Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 12th Jan 2014

After being attacked, Nikita can only run to the same man who has been there for her since being a freshman in college. When she falls into his arms, injured and terrified, she knows there is no other place she wishes to be. Raoul is the Alpha. Nikita has been attacked on his territory. There will be hell to pay, when the Alpha's mate is attacked. Even if said mate has no idea who he truly is. Raoul's family history is back to seek revenge. Nikita has become his tool of choice. Nikita is thrust into a world she has never known existed. Now it is time for her to sink or swim. Under the Alpha's Protection is a wonderful romantic story of true love, risking it all for the one you love. Raoul is a fantastic character, but Nikita proves she is more than worthy to take her place beside the Alpha if she wants it. The story unfolds on a tide of action, lust and love, which gives the reader a perfect picture of life Under the Alpha's Protection. This is a wonderful introduction to the writing of Ms. O'Connor. - See more at: http://coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/underthealphasprotectionbydorisoconnor.html#.UtK6LejnZdh

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 7th Dec 2013

I really enjoyed Under the Alpha's Protection! Readers are in for hot sex, an alpha male and a connection that blows their socks off! When Nikita is attacked she runs to the one person who she knows will keep her safe. Raul is livid when his mate turns up at his door in a state after being attacked. She smells like shifters and she's terrified. He struggles to push his wolf down and take care of her when all he wants to do is go and find the attackers and rip them apart. With Nikita in the dark about his shifter abilities he believes he's protecting her. But when she's put in danger again he has to hope that he can save her and gain back her trust.

Sexy read
Written by April Holgate on 17th Nov 2013

A really good book that I wanted to love. It had all my fave elements, so it should have been a slam dunk. It just seemed to lag at times. And when the action finally happened it was way too brief. I liked Nikita and was really rooting for her and Raoul.The story just felt like something was missing. The hot and heavy action was awesome, it just took them a while to get there. But one they do get things going the steam factor is off the charts hot! Just enough yummy BDSM action in the bedroom to warm any gal up! I like the book but wasn't in love. It was a very enjoyable read and I am definitely looking forward to more from this author.

Nikita rocked!!
Written by Angie on 9th Oct 2013

This book was way beyond what I expected. Nikita and Raoul started out as friends, but they both were in love with each other. Raoul was a great guy and did what he had to do protect Nikita. There were some twists and turns and by the end I was cheering for Nikita to do the right thing. This is a must read!!

Short, Sweet, Oh So Satisfying
Written by Cheryl Marcus on 5th Oct 2013

A man in love yet willing to suppress his desire to protect and stay friends with the object of his affection until circumstance turns the tables? That is exactly the premise of this short yet jam-packed story. Raoul is a true Alpha-male in more ways than one. Nikita goes from victim to ...? Oh, no, I am not going to give away the ending. You will just have to buy it and read for yourself. You will not be disappointed, I swear it. The unexpected twist is worth it alone. Doris never disappoints, and this hot,sexy read, with totally believable characters, is true to form. I cannot recommend it high enough.