Warning: Cabin Fever by Laelia West

Heat Level 3
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Throuple Threat, 3

Malik assumed a triad relationship wouldn't be easy, but he never expected the amount of bickering it'd cause between Portia, his girlfriend, and Ezra, his lover. As if they didn't cause enough of his headaches, Malik learns that his final loan application was denied, pushing his college education to the precipice of the abyss.

In short, a spring getaway is precisely what he needs.

But upon arrival at the isolated cabin, tempers flare, accusations fly, and Malik is no longer certain of his relationships. Between distant family pressure and unbearable sexual friction, can he make his love life and future work at the same time?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, bondage, BDSM, breath play



Malik dried off and walked out to see if Ezra had gotten up. He had—in the manner that he’d regained enough sense to strip out of yesterday’s clothes but for his boxer briefs, where his erection seemed to proudly greet Malik good morning.

Geez. Sometimes, Malik felt that he had to do everything.

He took a moment to get dressed so Ezra wouldn’t get any funny ideas. Then he tried to wake up his dormmate again. “Hey. We have to get ready.”

“Hngh.” Ezra grunted and flopped an arm over his face.

Sighing, Malik tried again. “You can sleep in the car if you want, but we have to go.”

“Fuck off.”

A hungover Ezra would not be pleasant to take on a six-hour road trip, and Malik was rapidly running out of time to sober the stubborn ass up.

Malik shook him. “Get up, man. Drink some water.”

Ezra grasped Malik by the shirt and yanked hard. Malik flung his hands out and barely stopped from smashing his nose into Ezra’s, though Ezra jerked him closer anyway for a rough, biting kiss that would have been an eleven-out-of-ten on the hot scale if not for their mutual morning breath.

Then Ezra shoved him back and grumbled, “Not yet.”

God damn it.

Malik grasped the comforter and yanked, sending Ezra sprawling on the carpet in a tumble of dark curls and curses.

“Get in the shower or I’ll tell Portia you’re staying behind,” said Malik.

Ezra stumbled to his feet, eyes still closed, and muttered a plethora of insults on his way to the bathroom, ending in, “…I’ll fuck you so hard you choke on the pillow” before the door slammed.



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Cabin fever
Written by Polli.P on 1st Dec 2022

A nice short read that centres around Ezra, Portia and Malik. Malik is love with Ezra and Portia but thinks Portia and Ezra hate each other because they are always bickering. Malik is also wrapped up in his own personal problems and manages to mis understand the relationship between Ezra and Portia. His emotional turmoil for his two lovers and his financial worries can only be resolved if Ezra and Portia take their relationship to where Malik desires. If you're looking for an interesting, well written, engaging short story about college students enjoying a holiday, with a bit of spice thrown in, then this is for you. Enjoy!

Hot and steamy quick read
Written by Sarah ES on 1st Dec 2022

I liked this book better than the first one, but since it is book3 I missed some of the things they were referring to. A quick read without any real plot, but lots of steam in a fun kind of way.