Zombie Girl by Melissa Hosack

Heat Level 3
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SKU 978-1-77130-147-3

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Karik mourns the woman he silently loved from afar. Yet even death can't keep them apart. Elizabeth wakes him from a sleep with her soft lips on his and her lithe body curled around him. Only his dream girl isn't exactly human. Far from it. She's a zombie and she's desperate for a feeding only he can give.


“Karik.” Her sweet voice breathed against my neck as her tiny hands slid along my chest. I could feel the weight of her lithe body as she leaned over me, her cotton-covered breasts brushing against the center of my bare chest. Her hair tickled along my skin, sending goose bumps down the length of my arms.

That undeniable sensation made my eyes pop open and a gasp tear from my throat. Dreams didn’t touch you, couldn’t touch you. As I focused in the dark, I was shocked to find myself staring into those green eyes I’d been dreaming about for months. “Elizabeth!” I scrambled to a sitting position and stared in frozen disbelief at the gorgeous woman in front of me.