A Lamb for the Bear's Appetite by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Sweet Water, 4

Liam Dakota, a polar bear shifter, has never needed anything but a female to warm his bed. But all of that changes when he sees his mate up on stage stripping in front of a room full of men.

Olive Brownstone, a lamb shifter that has always been there for her brother, Holden, has had to sink to lower depths to make sure he is safe. When she's demanded to degrade herself by Trent, a sadistic leopard shifter, she has to submit or watch her brother die. But Olive and her brother have found a way to escape, and she now finds herself staying with Liam, the mate she has been pushing away since they first met.

But it is clear Trent isn't going to let Olive go, and that means Liam will have to go head-to-head with the leopard until only one of them is left standing.




He twisted his hips slightly, letting her feel exactly how big he really was between his legs. God, his cock had to be as thick as her wrist, but Liam was a big guy all around, so the fact he was extremely well endowed wasn’t a surprise. The images of what it would feel like to have him sliding inside of her slammed into her brain.

“I could take you right now, Olive, and you’d let me, wouldn’t you?” He ran his tongue up the length of her neck. “Yeah, you’d let me, because you are just as far gone with this mating as I am.” The sound of his claws retracting and digging into the bark beside her head didn’t even douse the fire burning inside of her. “You have no idea what I want to do to you. I might even frighten you if I said exactly what is going through my head right now, baby.” He cupped the side of her face, and right when she realized what was happening he had his mouth on hers and his tongue passed the seam of her lips. The flavor of him exploded against her taste buds, and she found her hands speared into his hair and tugging forcefully at the strands. He grunted, and a concentrated shot of his lust slammed into her nose, making her open her mouth wider and deepening the kiss. Their combined harsh breathing, coupled with the sound of her moaning and him grunting in an almost animalistic way had Olive wanting nothing more than to tear each other’s clothes off and get fucked by her mate right against this tree.

He broke the kiss and started licking her throat, up and down, up and down, until she found herself reaching between their bodies and pressing her hand against his erection. He growled right beside her ear, a purely alpha male sound. “You could, Liam, God, you so could.”

“I could do what, baby?” He never stopped licking her, and she knew why he did it. He wanted his scent covering her, wanted anyone that was within smelling distance of her to know that she was his, and the repercussions for messing with her would be in the form of his bear emerging and tearing shit up.  By the prick of his claws gently digging into the skin at her neck, she knew that he was close to shifting.

“You could have me, Liam. Oh, God. I want you to have me. Right now.”

He growled low and deep, and so forcefully that she felt the vibrations in every part of her body. Just as he reached between their bodies, his fingers brushing along hers, he said, “I want this, too, but I’ not about to take my mate up against a tree.” He leaned back and looked at her in the eyes. “When I slide my cock deep inside of your body, Olive, it is going to be in a bed with you beneath me, surrendering every part of yourself to your mate.”

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Romancing the Book
Written by Crystal on 2nd Dec 2014

I held off on reading this book until the last minute. I knew that I would love this book. I hate when I reach the end of these book from this author. It makes it even more exciting because in these shifter books they are always paired with a different animal then they are. In this book we have a polar bear and a lamb. That is just nothing I thought I would ever read about. I enjoyed meeting Liam and Olive. Liam might be a polar bear, but when it comes to his family or his mate in Olive’s case he’s pretty protective. He can also be a huge and loving like a teddy bear, just don’t tell him I said that. Olive is a lamb (she’s really a sheep) and even though everyone see’s them as soft and meek. Not Olive she can let her temper get the best of her. I have to say though that they were well matched. They just had this connection that was electrifying. Even they felt it every time they touched. I could really just imagine these two. I really could picture them standing around the pond. I just seem to have a connections with these books. Everyone that I read I just get into them more. I love how the characters are mated with just the right one and they have problems that people in real life have. They just might have to have bigger problems to make them seem that they have overcome a lot. It seemed in this story that the mating things was instant when in other’s one might feel that someone is their mate or find out that someone they have always been around is their mate. It just takes something special to bring it around. I want to read another of these books as soon as I get done with the one I’m reading. I don’t think my family would like that because I would never get anything done.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 4th Jul 2014

A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite by Jenika Snow is the fourth book in her Sweet Water series. A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite is Liam and Olive’s story. We first met Liam in the Bear’s Reluctant Wolf and you really get to know him in A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite. I felt that A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite was just as good as the other books in the Sweet Water series and I hope that there will be more books in the series. Olive is working for the local thug to pay back her brother’s debt. He told her that it was either that or her brother’s life. She didn’t want him to die so she reluctantly agrees to work his debt off by pole dancing in his club. She is mortified but feels that she has no choice at all. There is no way she is going to let her brother die. One night Liam walks into the bar and causes a scene because she is his mate. That causes some extra trouble for her and she tries to avoid him the next time she sees him. She doesn’t care that he is her mate she only cares about getting her brother free. Things turn from bad to worse when Trent announces that her dancing is not enough to pay back his debt. She is desperate to rescue her brother and escape. When she gets the chance she takes it and ends up in Liam’s home. Will he be able to keep her and her brother safe? Or will she regret running to her mate? Liam loves the ladies and he is happy without any attachments to any particular one. He goes through them like they are candy. Then he steps into a night club run by Trent and sees Olive dancing. He is immediately jealous that she is not dancing just for him because he knows that she is his mate. He will do anything to get her out of there but she resists his advances especially after he caused a scene that first night. He wants to get her out of there but she is refusing to go because her brother is there as well. He doesn’t know how but he is going to get her and her brother out of there. When he gets a call from a mysterious man he jumps into action to save them. Once they are rescued he focuses his attention on her however they are unsure if they are safe yet. Will he be able to keep them safe? Or will he end up losing the mate he didn’t even know he wanted? A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite is full of action and romance and delicious shifters that will keep you reading until the last page. I enjoyed the storyline of A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite. I really liked learning more about Liam since you meet him briefly in book the second book in the Sweet Water series. I liked Olive’s character a lot because of how much she cared for her brother. It showed how far she was willing to go to keep him from getting killed. She was pretty selfless and was even willing to forgo her happiness to make sure her lived to see another day. I think her character was also pretty sweet and somewhat naïve. I liked Liam as well. I think once he found his mate his whole character changed and he became the man he was meant to be. He was a strong Alpha character that needed to meet his mate to realize what he was missing from his life. I would definitely recommend A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite to anyone who likes reading paranormal romances. In fact I highly recommend the entire Sweet Water series.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2014

Liam Dakota meets his mate in a strip club and she wants nothing to do with him, but things aren’t as they seem. Olive Brownstone doesn’t want to strip, but she’s being held against her will by Trent, a really bad leopard shifter. I really enjoyed this story, the characters were interesting and their motivations were easy to understand. It did have some issues with editing, and there were a lot of little issues that kept me from being fully immersed. However, the story itself was quite enjoyable. I do recommend this story because I really liked Liam and Olive, and together they’re very sexy. It’s definitely a romance with a lot of tension and Ms. Snow does a good job of juggling plot, tension and sexy scenes.

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 15th Mar 2014

In order to save her brother Holden, Olive, a lamb shifter, debased herself by agreeing to strip in the vile leopard shifters Trent Sharp’ club and live in his home for one month. Three weeks into the contract Liam, a polar bear shifter, comes to the club with his friends to enjoy the show and sexual favors to be found there, when suddenly he scents his mate. He is enraged that she is scantily clad and dancing in front of all these men. He has not even seen her face, yet his bear raises its possessive head, wanting to pull her out of the club and claim her and mark her for all to see that she belonged to HIM! Olive rejects him and tells him to go away and leaves with Trent. When Olive finds out that Trent never intended to honor their agreement, but in fact plans to torture and kill her and her brother, she calls the only person she knows will come, the bear shifter mate she sent away. Is she safe? Will her sick and near death brother survive? Can Olive repair the damage she has caused her relationship with her mate? The best one yet in the Sweetwater series as far as I am concerned. A Lamb For The Bear’s Appetite has a serious plot as well as the expected romantic angle. Unfortunately, one can’t turn on the news and not hear of a Trent Sharp destroying people somewhere in the world. It’s too easy to understand why Olive does what she does. What I will never understand are people like Sharp. If you enjoy suspense and drama with spicy love scenes then you will fall for Liam and Olive. I can’t wait to see where Jenika Snow goes next with this series. A great novella to enjoy during a quiet afternoon break or perhaps curled up on the sofa on a cold winter’s night.

Liam was such a great guy!
Written by Angie on 4th Feb 2014

I liked how Liam took care of both Olive and her brother. It was great to see the guys from Sweet Water helping along with a new face Declan.

Another great story from the Sweet Water Series
Written by Amy Bowens on 29th Jan 2014

This is Liam's story! He is the son of Trace Dakota! Liam is only 24 and who is a bit of a womanizer! That all changes when he enters a strip club with friends and he meets his mate Olive. Olive is repaying her brothers Holden's debt . He owes a lot of money to Trent a leopard shifter for drugs and the only way Trent will take payment is if Olive works his strip club. Olive is terrified of Trent but, he will kill her and her brother is she does not work off Holden's debt. Then she meets Liam! They both know as soon as they meet that they are each other's mate. In order for Olive to keep her brother and herself alive she refused to have anything to do with Liam. Then realizing she and her brother are in serious danger she turns to the only one she can trust her mate. Sweet Water is a great series! All of the characters have had to overcome a lot to get where they are today, but with help and support from each other nothing can defeat them. Looking forward to the next in the series hopefully Declan's story will be up next.