The Bear's Reluctant Wolf by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Sweet Water, 2

Trace Dakota, a polar bear shifter, lives by his own set of rules, and makes no apologies for it. He owns a bar, drives a Harley, and expects compliance in all things. He doesn’t need nor want a mate and is content having one-night stands. But all of that changes when his shy, curvy mate walks into his bar.

Candace Jace, a wolf shifter, doesn’t want a man in her life, but knows she is in trouble when she meets Trace, an overprotective and barbaric biker that thinks he has some kind of claim on her. He seems intent on calling the shots and making it known she is his mate. Is Candace ready for a demanding alpha mate? And is she ready for his ex-wife to come back into his life? 

Be Warned: rimming, anal play



With determination and animal prowess running through his veins, he walked around the bar and made his way toward her. The closer he came to his strawberry blonde mate, the stronger the scent of peaches and vanilla intensified in his nose. Shit, she smelled good, like really fucking good. He could have come from the aroma alone. Trace didn’t stop the low rumble that left him as he saw the human’s hands all over what was his. The weak looking man glanced up at him, and his eyes widened a fraction. Good, at least he knew when he was no match. He stepped back quickly, held his hands in the hair, and moved away from her.  Trace allowed himself the luxury of watching her. She was a wolf shifter, yet he also smelled the liquor she had consumed, which was probably why she seemed oblivious to his presence. Her long, wavy reddish blonde hair hung loosely down her back, nearly touching the top of her ass, and sending his head reeling. He loved a female with long hair. The image of gripping those strands and wrapping them around his hand, tugging on them hard until her neck was bared, and then sinking his canines into her to mark his territory, ran through him deep and hard.

He took a step closer until he felt her body heat spear right into his bones. He wrapped a hand around her waist, and a guttural groan left him when he touched his mate for the first time. She was soft and curvy, and all fucking his. He spun her around at the same time a startled noise left her. It was just a tiny mewling sound, but it was one that had his cock jerking in his pants. Her hair was a fan of strawberry strands, whipping around and intensifying the scent of peaches. I bet her fucking pussy tastes as sweet as she smells. Her chest was now flush with his, and his throat tightened at the feel of her large breasts pressed against him. The moment their eyes locked he swore the ground tilted beneath him. Her blue eyes slowly widened, and he sensed the very moment she realized what he was to her. Mouth parted, all Trace could do was stare at those succulent pouty, red lips. She licked her bottom lip, just fucking dragged her tongue along the swell of it so slowly, so innocently that need slammed into him. For several seconds all they did was stand in that position: his hardness to her softness. He fucking knew she could feel his cock, because he wasn’t making it a secret what she did to him.

“Get off me.” There was no heat behind her words, but he smirked nonetheless. So she was trying to deny him? Not fucking likely. He pressed his crotch into her belly more insistently and let his grin spread across his face when a shocked gasp left her. He was blatant and obscene, but beneath her outrage over his dominating manner, he also smelled the instant she became wet. Her body and wolf knew he was her mate, and instinctively those two yielded to him irrevocably. Her mind might be trying to make sense of what was going on, but he wasn’t a patient male, and would show her rather than say words on what the hell was going to go on between them. There wouldn’t be any reason for her to contemplate and second-guess what the fuck was happening. Just looking into her gorgeous face, he knew that his little wolf mate was going to be a handful.

“You’re feisty.” He ground himself against her again. She placed her hands on his chest, and he knew it was to push him away, but instead she curled her fingers inward. An involuntary grunt of lust left him. She closed her eyes, and the crescent shape of her lashes, ones that were a shade darker than her hair, looked so delicate against the fairness of her skin. “Tuesday’s Gone” started playing, and he slipped his arm around her lower back, and pulled her impossibly closer.

“Who are you, and what are you doing?” The way she spoke, all soft and hesitant like, made him think that she would sound like that after he fucked her good and hard. He would take care of his mate, make sure she was thoroughly pleasured, and after it was all said and done she would be too fucking exhausted to speak in a normal tone. Fuck, he really needed to quit thinking about this shit right now. All it was doing was making his dick throb and his pants become tighter.

He leaned in, wanting to get as close to her as possible. This need to have her was bordering on insane, but he was on autopilot, letting his animal take control and lead the way. And to think he’d said he didn’t want a mate. It sounded fucking ludicrous now. Pushing her hair away from her neck, he felt her tense against him, and that had him smiling again. His lips barely brushed along the shell of her ear, but when they did she shivered. As much as she was trying to understand what was happening, she also couldn’t deny the pull between them. It was something only mates shared, and undeniable in every shape and form.

“You know who I am and what I’m doing.” 

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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 4th Jul 2014

The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf by Jenika Snow is the second installment in her Sweet Water series. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx. The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf is Trace and Candace’s story. I look forward to reading more books in the Sweetwater series and have quickly become a fan of this author. Candace is an independent woman and she doesn’t need a man to complicate things. She is happy with her life the way it is but things are about to change when she and her friends go into a bar and meets the owner. She was having fun on her night out but then Trace declares that they are mates and all she wants to do is run. He tells her that he will let her go home but she can’t run from him. He infuriates her yet she is attracted to him. When he shows up at her door asking to take her on a date she hesitates at first but then agrees to go. She is surprised at how much she likes him but she is still hesitant. She is not sure that she can handle this alpha but she can’t deny the attraction between the two of them. Will she deny her destiny? Or will she give in and find happiness with her alpha mate? Trace is content with life the way it is. He has no desire to settle down because he likes his life just the way it is. He has watched friends find their mates and is happy for them but it’s just not something that he wants…until she walks into his bar. He knows from the moment he lays eyes on Candace that she is his mate and he will stop at nothing to claim her as his own. When she is resistant he is determined to get past all her defenses and win her heart. He won’t be happy until she is his. He gives her a little space but he knows that he needs her as much as she needs him. He decides to take matters into his own hands and shows up at her door and asks her out to eat she accepts and he is elated. Now he has to get her to see that they are truly meant for one another. That she is his mate and that he would do anything for her. Will he succeed? Or will they both end up alone and miserable? I enjoyed The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf. I liked that Trace finally found what he had been looking for all his life…even if he didn’t know it himself. I like the fact that Candace was independent and that she wasn’t afraid to assert herself. I think the two were perfect for each other and that the chemistry between the two was evident from the moment they met. I like that Trace had to work for her and that she didn’t just give in right away. I also like that he was an alpha male that would stop at nothing to get his mate. I like the minor characters in the book and that I got to see how characters from The Timid Little Lynx were as well. I would recommend The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance. I also look forward to reading the next two installments in the Sweet Water series.

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 25th Mar 2014

Not only is Trace Dakota a polar bear shifter but he is one mean son of a gun with a reputation, attitude and the muscle to prove it. One night stands are his thing and a mate isn’t an option or so he thinks. But when the very delectable, sexy and shy Candace walks into his bar, his sight in set on her and nothing less than getting his mate into his bed will do! Candace doesn’t want a man in her life. Especially not an overbearing and overprotective polar bear who thinks he knows what she wants and needs. Trace might think by being her would-be mate that he has some kind of claim on her, but she is out to prove him wrong. Or is she? And when his ex-wife comes to town, intent on creating issues, is Candace ready to deal with her as well. Or will she walk away? No matter what genre author Jenika Snow is writing in, she displays a true talent for creating stories that tantalizer and tease the reader giving them what they want; thrilling adventure, action, passion, sparkle and an intense emotional pull that captivates. It’s so easy to get lost within the pages of a Jenika Snow story and The Bear’s Reluctant Wolf does just that, providing the perfect escape with its engrossing fast pace, delightful characters and sizzling hot-seduction that beguiles the reader. Readers can’t help but fall a little or a whole lot in lust over Trace Dakota who is the quintessential bad boy with his controlling, blunt and domineering attitude and the fight to back it all up. With lively heat and humor right from their very first meeting, it’s a whole lot of pleasure to watch Candace and Trace as she leads him on a merry little chase that is certainly not predictable but highly enjoyable. Watching the wild escapades as Candace goes toe to toe, or at least tries to, with Trace creates some laugh-out-loud moments that are clever and entertaining. The sexual connection and tension between Candace and Trace is exciting, tender, hot and sexy. Candace and Trace are bold, well-developed and memorable characters that with their personalities alone demand the attention of the reader. The ending is highly satisfying and will have the reader sighing in delight. Readers will be hard pressed to say goodbye to the couple at the end of this highly satisfying tale.

Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by undefined on 16th Mar 2014

Trace is a powerful and very alpha male, and Candace is a bit of a homebody but together they have chemistry off the charts. I really loved that while Trace is this big, bad biker polar shifter he has this soft side when it comes to Candace. The interesting thing about Ms. Snow’s shifters is that while they are shifters and have an animal side, it more influences their human sides than exhibits in an actual form change and they don’t spend much time in their animal forms. I really like that. Sweet Water seems to be a great small town, and it is definitely friendly to shifters since there seem to be a very large amount of them living in the town. Even though this is a continuing series, each story is easily read as a standalone story. I look forward to seeing what more Sweet Water has to offer.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2014

At 45, Trace Dakota, a polar bear shifter, had decided that he was never to find his fated mate when suddenly he scents her in his bar, Dakota Dark. Because of his ex-wife, he has a lot of trust issues, but the pull of the mating call brings his aggressive and possessive traits to the forefront. Candace has decided that men are off her agenda for the foreseeable future. She thought she had found someone she could enjoy a relationship with in Chad, but the coyote shifter turned out to be a horny hound dog. It seems one woman was not enough for him. He required two, three or even more. Now all men are dogs, in her opinion. Unfortunately for Candace Trace will not take no as a response to her being his mate. After running off her dance partner he lets her know he is there and she realizes he is her mate and tries to make a run for it. A human male decides to try his luck and insists Candace come with him to enjoy a good time. Trace's bear wants to kill him and Candace can only stop him by promising not to run. Something she ends up doing anyway. Trace shows up at her door three days later asking her to give them a chance to get to know one another and she agrees. The ex-wife shows up in all her nastiness to cause trouble. Can this new mating survive her, an unknown grown son, and troubled past on both side? It would be nice if all we had to do was smell someone and know that they are the one for us and that because they are our fated mate we would never have to worry about them straying. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way for humans. I think that is why I enjoy shifter stories so much. Candace was first introduced in Snow's "Bared For Her Bear" (The Wylde Brothers Book 1) and I was hoping that when she met Chad that the mutual attraction would be the forever kind for the reserved wolf shifter. I have enjoyed reading her and Trace's story. I held my breath as they learned to control their territorial impulses and panted over the love scenes. The most vivid emotion was the anger over Trace's ex-wife's actions. That lady needs to be taken down a peg or two. You will be surprised at who delivers the lesson to her. Pick up a copy today as you return to Sweetwater once more. "The Bear's Reluctant Wolf" can be easily read as a stand-alone, but if you are like me and enjoy reading everything you can about a series and its characters you may want to read about Sweetwater starting with Jenika Snow's Wylde Brothers' trilogy then move on to the Sweetwater series starting with "The Cougar's Timid Little Lynx", Sweetwater Book 1. Enjoy! Sensual Level: Explicit

A Must Read Series!
Written by Amy Bowens on 21st Jan 2014

The characters of the Sweet Water Series they just suck you right in! This story is about Trace and Candace. Both of them have been hurt before, Trace is your ultimate dominate alpha male fantasy come true. He is strong, sexy, and his dirty talk with drive your crazy! Jenika has a way with how the characters go together so well and how the flow of the story is written. Great book and a great series !

Candace was so sweet!
Written by Angie on 10th Jan 2014

Candace was so sweet and understanding with Trace after he opened up about some of his past. When they first met she was a spitfire. Trace became a changed man and it was so great to see these two work things out so easily.

Smexy Bear Shifter
Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2014

I had been waiting for this book for such a long time!! Yummy smexy dirty talkin bear!!!! This book has hands down the hottest mate meeting I have read in a long time!! I mean, damn girl, you will get naughty shivers!! Trace is scrumptious, he is possessive, lewd and wickedly delightful! Once he scent his mate he is all in, even though he had a trust issues due to his past. Yup, I am totally in lust! Candace is a great girl, she isn't meek or a pushover. She could have used a touch more sass, but is easily loveable. The steam factor is off the charts!!! I lived Trace's naughty mouth, heck I would have loved even more!! I am a sucker for a dirty talker!! There is some serious smexy action in the kitchen and a little stripper pole fun. Oh la, this is a book to read while in the cold shower!! The story here is mostly all about the couple, not much of an outside plotline. Not a complaint just an observation. Sometimes ya don't need extras, the romance is enough to carry you through. The mixed narrative really helps you understand where each character is coming from. It is really easy to see the change in POV and never gets confusing. The other great thing about this series is getting to catch up with old friends from the Wylde Bears series. This time we catch up with Ary and Charlie, they are so cute!! I am loving this series and can not wait for more. Maverick, Liam and Melissa are all still single!!(

The Scent of One's Mate
Written by Cheryl Marcus on 8th Jan 2014

"The Bear's Reluctant Wolf" was far and away better than what I normally expect from Jenika Snow, whose other books were all wonderful reads. I read this one straight through, unable to put it down. Take one rough and rustic alpha male who speaks unfiltered, the sudden return of his former spouse, and a sweet and mildly shy female who has settled into a safe,structured life. Throw in the unrelenting scent of one's true mate, and it becomes an emotional/sexual roller coaster ride not to be missed. I found myself holding my breath more often than not. Now I cannot wait to see which resident of Sweet Water gets caught by the scent of a mate.

Love these shifters!
Written by Colleen on 6th Jan 2014

I feel like I was waiting for this book forever. Now I've read it all in one night I have a book hangover and no hair of the dog to fix it :( I loved this book. Trace was a very growly, very dominant hero, more then most of Jenika's hero's and I was loving every minute of it. The heroine was a sweet submissive wolf with a backbone of steel. Their story was one of healing the heartbreaks of the past. Guess I'll start to count down to the next Sweet Water book. Wonder if the hero is Trace's son?