Andrew by Dania Voss

Heat Level 3
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Sinful Seduction, 1

Charmeine Baker has sidestepped Andrew Knight for years. He’s persistent, irresistibly handsome, and makes her pulse race with excitement. She resists him because although he’s “a catch”, Andrew also represents the kind of wealth, power, and privilege she despises.

Successful nightclub owner Andrew Knight has known Charmeine since the day she was born. Now the pastor’s daughter is all grown up and he is certain she’s meant to be his. Only Charmeine keeps giving him the brush off despite their undeniable chemistry.

Andrew knows Charmeine has doubts about him, but he’ll do anything to have her, including pressuring her to marry him in exchange for saving her parent’s church from being bulldozed. Blackmail might be a sin, but Andrew will have to atone for his transgressions later.

Ever the dutiful daughter, Charmeine sacrifices herself and reluctantly agrees to marry Andrew. Can she survive at the mercy of the man who captured her heart against her will?



A rush of emotions bubbled up inside Andrew after Mitch and Simon left his office. He’d known Charmeine, or Harmony since her birth. He’d wanted her for so long it bordered on inappropriate. Until now, she’d respectfully refused his subtle advances, but tonight she’d chosen his club to celebrate her birthday. That had to mean something.

Andrew brushed off club patrons vying for his attention and proceeded to the railing overlooking the first floor bar, seating areas, and dance floor. Charmeine stood out in the crowd in her form fitting red dress and matching heels. Her golden hair cascaded in waves around her shoulders.  When her gleaming blue eyes found his, his breath hitched. So fucking gorgeous.

“Harmony.” Andrew felt as if he’d been sucker punched. He hurried to the high-backed VIP booth on the first floor where Simon led the women. Wait staff were already bringing wooden cutting boards topped with calabrese and soppressata, dry Italian salamis, assorted cheeses, olives, grilled Kobe beef skewers, and crostini bread. Charmeine’s face lit up as brightly as the champagne bottles with sparklers attached. Good job, Simon.

As expected, Simon was already occupying space on the red leather seat beside Riley in the half-moon shaped booth. Andrew gladly took his place next to a beaming Charmeine. A curl of pleasure warmed him as he noted she was already enjoying herself. Her special night was off to a wonderful start.

“You should have told us you were coming tonight. We could have prepared.” Simon poured them each a glass of the club’s finest champagne.

Riley grimaced. “That’s my fault. I didn’t think there’d be a mile long line on a Thursday night.”

Charmeine turned toward Andrew and met his gaze. “We weren’t even sure you’d be here, but I hope we didn’t cause any trouble by playing the ‘we know the owners’ card.”

Just then Mitch arrived with the ladies’ passes and handed them to Andrew. Andrew ran a finger along the edges of the passes. “Not at all. In fact, we had all access passes made for you and Riley. You’re welcome at any of our current and future locations. Anytime. Fully comped.”

The surprise and gratitude in Charmeine’s beautiful face warmed his heart. It was a simple thing to do for them. Andrew should have thought of it sooner. Better late than never, he supposed.

“That includes the Bunny Hill Room,” Simon added. “It’s a private, reserved space on the lower level. It’s set up like a cozy ski lodge with a ten-person in-ground hot tub, snowflake tiled floors, stone fireplace and cocktail bar, and a flat screen TV. Since it’s private, it’s clothing optional.” He directed a wink at Riley.

The ladies blushed prettily and giggled. Riley raised her champagne flute and they all followed suit. “To my best friend, my sister by choice, Charmeine. I love you. Happy twenty-first!” They all touched their glasses together and sipped in Charmeine’s honor.

For a few minutes they made small talk while nibbling from the charcuterie on the table. Andrew was impressed to learn Riley would begin DePaul’s MBA program in the fall.  He and Simon had earned their MBAs from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. He knew Charmeine had another year before completing her finance degree. So … the ladies were both beautiful and intelligent. An intriguing and irresistible combination.

When it appeared Simon had had enough, he slid out of their booth and extended a hand to Riley. “Come dance with me, gorgeous.” She hesitated a moment before taking his hand and heading to the dance floor. Good for you, Simon.

Charmeine surprised him by gently clasping his hand. Her warmth spread through him like fire and his cock stiffened. “Thank you for everything, Andrew. The champagne, appetizers, and passes are such generous gifts. You didn’t need to go to all this trouble just for me.”

He scoffed. It had been no trouble at all. The “everything” Charmeine referred to was nothing. He could easily give her anything her heart desired. She’d already claimed his heart years ago. When she placed the softest of kisses on his cheek, Andrew felt as if he were going to combust.

Charmeine’s eyes were dreamy with desire and she was flushed. Andrew took a leap of faith and brought his lips to hers in a feather-light, teasing touch. A soft moan escaped her lips, prompting him to silently ask for more.

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Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings)
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Written by Amd2662 on 2nd Oct 2023

Charmeine/Andrew. Minister's daughter/Parishioner. College Student/Business owner. Younger woman/Older man. Stubborn/Persistent. Attraction. Desire. Affection. Taboo. Adults. Virgin. Consensual. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Entertaining.

Hot, Marriage of Convenience Romance
Written by JennM73 on 16th Apr 2023

Charmeine only wants to help her parents out but in order to do this, she has to marry Andrew. Andrew is someone Charmeine has worked hard at avoiding. Their story is hot and I loved watching them fall in love with one another. This is my first read from this author but it won’t be the last!!!

Really good and steamy story!
Written by Ash J on 16th Apr 2023

I really enjoyed this story about Andrew and Charmeine. They had an immediate attraction to each other but Charmeine thought he was just a rich guy that would get tired of her soon, but Andrew had other plans. This book was super steamy but also contains a lot of Bible verses. Definitely a good read.

Written by Amber J on 5th Mar 2023

Charmaine and Andrew have a history together. Its about to be reignited between them when he offers to help her family. However, he wants her hand in marriage if he helps. She agrees because she wants to save their church. As they start to spend more time together Charmaine sees Andrew in a different light. Will she take a chance on him? This is a great story that will hook you in the first chapter. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Scripture according to Andrew
Written by Kwallywoman on 5th Mar 2023

I will say if you have problems with seduction and bible verses this is not your book. Andrew always had a thing for the preachers daughter. She thought he was sinful and not worth her churchy ways. When her parents are in trouble, who do they turn to. It was a good read.

Written by Wendy L on 5th Mar 2023

This is the first in a new series and is Andrew and Charmeine’s story. Andrew is a wealthy and successful nightclub owner, who is kind, generous, persistent, and overprotective about Charmeine. Charmeine is the pastor’s daughter, and despite the attraction between her and Andrew, she has tried to avoid him for years. When her parents church is on the brink of being bulldozed, Andrew steps up to the plate with the offer to safe it, in exchange they get married. The chemistry between these two is combustible and undeniable. This is a well written story which is filled with emotions, romance, redemption, and love, which leads to a steamy and all-consuming page turner. I look forward to reading more from this author whose work I recommend.

Hot romance
Written by LBing on 5th Mar 2023

This was an interesting romance but it definitely wasn't a clean one ;P The chemistry between Andrew, an older businessman, and Charmain, the local pastor's daughter, was palpable. While they did have one night together, years ago, she regretted it because she figured he was a rich and smarmy guy...without getting to know him. He knew she was it for him, though, and when he finally got an opportunity to finagle some real time with her, he went for it. Of course, it was a blackmail move, but he was the perfect loving partner to her and helped her grow and fall for him, too. Expect some family drama and a fair bit of angst to be woven in between steamy scenes, and yep, scripture quotes. Good fun!

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 5th Mar 2023

This is the second book I've read written by Dania Voss; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the first book in the Sinful Seduction Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Charmeine. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Charmeine's Andrew
Written by Shell R on 5th Mar 2023

First time reader of Dania Voss and I loved her short story. Andrew has loved Charmeine her whole life and has been trying to get her attention over the years at church. On her 21st birthday her bestie takes her to Andrew's club for a night of fun. That night Charmeine and Andrew had a little to much fun and lead Andrew to wanting more with her. Now it's five yrs later and Charmeine is still running from him. But luck is on Andrew's side and he was able to capture the unwilling Charmeine. Slowly over time Andrew made her a willing captive. Check out this story to see what situation lead Charmeine to be caught by the great Andrew. Enjoy

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 5th Mar 2023

This is my first Dania Voss novel, and I wasn't disappointed. Delightfully hot and steamy. Great characters, and a well written storyline. Would recommend. Cannot wait for the next book.

Wonderful & Sinful
Written by Danee on 5th Mar 2023

This is my first book I read by Dania Voss. Whoever thinks I read a story about a church and sinfulness does not come into it has not read this book because sinning certainly occurs in it. Andrew is a successful businessman who has had feelings for Charmeine for some time now, who is the daughter of the pastor and works in her father's church. Although she also has feelings for Andrew, she keeps rejecting him despite the age difference and the fact that Andrew doesn't give up and comes up with something that benefits both and she becomes his. A wonderful story with many lusts and plenty of sins.

Enjoyed it
Written by Bookishllly on 5th Mar 2023

This book is interesting and has a great storyline. It was well written and I appreciated the inclusion of bible verses into the story. I loved all of the characters but sometimes can’t stand Charmaine as she appears too judgy. I love Andrew for his maturity and strength. He deserves accolades for nursing unrequited love for as long as he did. Everything about the book was spot on but I did not appreciate the love scene at the altar. I appreciate the author’s license and liberty but there was no respect for the sanctity of the church and the altar of God. Also there was the overuse of biblical verses, bordering on overkill and ‘spoiling’ some of the scenes in the book. I enjoyed the book and will recommend it to romance readers.

The Pastor's Daughter
Written by Maleficent on 5th Mar 2023

Charmeine/Harmony has known Andrew Knight for years, he makes her pulse race, but she resists due to his wealth/power. Andrew has known since Harmony has become an adult she has meant to be his, even if she keeps denying him. On her twenty-first birthday she and a friend go to one of Andrew's clubs and she gives into temptation with him but quickly regrets everything. Five years later when the church is financial trouble, he makes her a proposition that she cannot resist.

Sinful Seduction and a little Blackmail!
Written by Mary on 5th Mar 2023

I enjoyed this story so much that I could not put it down. The story is nicely developed with steamy bits and scripture. The story is a fairly short and quick read about Andrew and Charmeine (Harmony). He has loved her for sometime and even though she feels the pull she refuses the temptation. That is until she gives in on her twenty first birthday. She makes her advances but soon regrets everything. Fast forward fives years and the church is in trouble and he makes his move to finally have his "Harmony". He is there for her at every turn and always putting her first, showing her love and support. I loved how he stood up for her with the pastor and her parents. A wonderful and touching ending as well. I really thought the scriptures added to the story, especially given her upbringing and inner struggles.

Written by Di Ketchup on 5th Mar 2023

I love this kind of book. It held my interest the whole book. I recommend it. You won't be disappointed. This is one of my very favorite author. I am a fan for life.

Good Story
Written by Merry J on 5th Mar 2023

Andrew has known Charmeine from the day she was born. Now that she has grown up, he is determined to get her to marry him. She tries to keep her distance from him but when her family's church is on the verge of being torn down, he makes a proposition that Charmein can't resist in order to help her parents. Will Andrew get what he wants in the end, and will it lead to a happily ever after?

Love it!
Written by Amanda1444 on 5th Mar 2023

Charmeine is the pastor’s daughter. She helps run things for her parents when they are away on a mission trip. She’s taken less money and done what was expected of her. Except for five years ago when she let go of her control and slept with handsome Andrew. The attraction between them is as hot as it’s ever been but she refuses to give in to her sinful nature. But when the landowner where the church sits threatens to evict them, she needs to come up with millions of dollars in ninety days. Andrew comes with an offer she can’t refuse.

Sinful Seduction
Written by A. Adams on 5th Mar 2023

This book revolves around a church. This book isn't wholesome and clean book. Charmeine is the pastor's daughter and works for the church. Charmeine Baker and Andrew Knight have a attraction. Andrew is quite a bit older than Charmeine. Andrew also now is a very businessman. Charmeine turns Andrew away everytime though. Andrew finds a way to strike a mutually beneficial deal with Charmeine. There is a whole lot of sinning going on in this book. In one place I never would've expected.

She is going down hard.
Written by Devil'sGreenEyedMistress on 5th Mar 2023

Talked about a hot game of cat and mouse. It's been proven time and time again if there's something that he want's nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will stop him from obtaining that. And she is what his heart and soul, desire is set on. There was no way she was walking away from this one. He wasn't going to let that happen regardless of what she minds have thought. Oh, but our preacher's daughter isn't so innocent when she gives into the cravings that she has for him either. Talk about edge of your seat, need a fan because these scenes are going to knock your socks off.

A great book with lots of scriptures and steamy love
Written by Sarah ES on 5th Mar 2023

Wow!! I was not sure if I was going to like this book in the beginning because of all the scripture quoting!! At first it was very annoying until we got into the thick of the book. Once in the middle of the story it was a lot easier to deal with the scriptures because of all the steamy love scenes and actual storyline that began to flow!! If you don’t like bible verses thrown in your face every other page or more this is not the book for you!!!

Smoking HOT!! This is a wonderful wonderful read!!
Written by Andrea R on 5th Mar 2023

I absolutely loved this book--it was super hot! Story was really great and so easy to stay interested in. This one was so amazing--chemistry was off the charts. I have found another favorite in this author and can't wait to read more of her books.

Written by Gkp2460 on 5th Mar 2023

This is a new to me author and I'm enthralled with her writing. Andrew and Charmeine are utterly captivating, their journey exciting. Charmeine Baker and Andrew Knight are as different as night and day. They may as well be from opposite sides of the world with how far their lives are apart. But, if you put the Preacher's daughter with a nightclub owner and hot, over the top demanding alpha you get a pretty steamy combo. These two enter a "temporary" relationship but can't deny the chemistry between them. Andrew is a great read!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 5th Mar 2023

Andrew is a successful buisness owner, and his sights have been on pastors daughter Charmeine for a while. Charmeine denies the attraction between her and Andrew, but when her families church is in trouble, a deal with Andrew could save it but what about her heart? Well written steamy, romance, with religion themes.