Angel's Honor by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 3
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Angel Shifters, 1

Raphael had no idea what he was getting into when he went to Castle Archangel to study the People’s oral history. He didn’t expect his wings to suddenly change from brown to the purest white—the mark of an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha. There has never been a male Omega before, not in all the millennia angels have flown the skies of Earth. However, when Raphael meets ebony-winged Gabriel, the true leader of the People, he knows he wants this man more than anything. Change is not always bad.

When Gabriel’s wings suddenly turn to startling ebony, he must deal with the knowledge that he is an Alpha, a leader of the angels. When he discovers that his destined mate is a man, he must accept that being Alpha of the People means accepting more than he’d expected. When their current leader challenges him, accusing Gabriel of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of the angels.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Gabriel,” Raphael replied, standing gracefully. He attempted a smile. “What brings you to my afternoon storytelling session? Did Ariel tell you I’d be here?”

“She did.” He paused. “And I think you know why I’m here.” He didn’t look away, instead letting his eyes take their fill of Raphael’s masculine beauty. His blue eyes were clear and intelligent and his lean frame was muscular, but for some reason, when Gabriel took in the entire package, he couldn’t think of a better word to describe his mate than mine. The possessiveness he felt startled him. Raphael’s dark hair set off his eyes, like deepest night showcased the brightest stars. When he flicked his gaze down to his mate’s arms, he frowned slightly, disappointed to see the long sleeves covering up what he’d hoped were changed markings. He couldn’t possibly be wrong about this, could he? God help him if he was.

Raphael narrowed his eyes, seemingly impatient with Gabriel’s indirect response. “I am not some damsel in distress.”

Gabriel’s nostrils flared. “You want me to say it?” he asked quietly, controlling the instinctive heat Raphael’s intransigence raised. He wasn’t angry, not precisely, but he was agitated. Restless.

Raphael nodded. “It won’t be real unless you speak it aloud. Let the wind hear.”

Gabriel took a deep breath and concentrated on the way the dirt shifted beneath his bare feet. He listened to the air sighing over his shoulders. He glanced up at the infinite sky and let his mind truly accept the knowledge of what he was about to do. When he looked back down, Raphael had braced himself, putting a hand on the tree he’d been sitting against.

“I claim you as my Omega. My mate. My succor and healer. I claim you for our People, for our honor.” Here he paused, trying to push words past the thundering of his heart. “And I claim you for myself.” He spoke the last in a whisper, hoping to God that Raphael could hear him. He sensed the people around them watching, mixed human and angel, and he despaired at having to do this in front of them. He’d have preferred privacy. But perhaps the legitimacy of my claim will not be questioned, because of the public nature of my action, he mused, trying to find the positive in the most vulnerable moment of his life. Claiming a mate of the same sex is truly unprecedented. There will be repercussions.

Raphael’s eyes flared, black on blue. “If your claim is valid, I will accept you as my Alpha. My mate. My leader and shield, for the honor of our People.” He stepped away from the tree and began to unbutton his shirt. “And I would be honored to claim you for myself.” He said that last quietly, so only Gabriel could hear, hands trembling as he peeled off his shirt and flung it to the grass.

Reason lost the battle with instinct. Gabriel’s wings burst from his body like rain falls from a thundercloud and he strode forward, not caring that humans had seen him shift. Let them look, a voice in the back of his heat-clouded mind said. Let them see the Alpha claim his Omega. He reached out and grabbed Raphael’s arms, fingers pressing into the silvery marks that traced up the shorter man’s skin. Abruptly, Raphael’s wings sprang forth: blinding white, tipped with gold. Gabriel’s mouth opened, but he couldn’t speak. Couldn’t breathe. They began to rise together, magic filling their bodies as the mating instinct began to take them into the skies.

“Gabriel,” Raphael croaked, holding onto Gabriel as tightly as Gabriel held onto him.

“Shh,” he said, bringing him closer. Their legs tangled. They were so close he could feel Raphael’s erection straining against his jeans. Gabriel moaned softly, hips jerking as a rising thermal off the ridge suddenly lofted them thousands of feet into the air.

“My God.” Raphael looked dazed.

Gabriel knew how he felt. He leaned in and Raphael met him halfway, lips soft and warm and perfect. When Raphael nibbled Gabriel’s mouth open, he groaned, unable to comprehend how such a simple thing could make his entire body feel like it was on fire. He grabbed his Omega, pulling him even closer. He couldn’t get close enough. The kiss turned feral, with Raphael ravaging his mouth, tongue running over Gabriel’s lips desperately, and then they were falling.

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Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena Yates on 22nd Oct 2014

As some of you may know, I am somewhat partial to angel stories. They are fascinating creatures, present in one way or another in many of this planet’s religions, and since nobody can say with any scientific certainty whether they even exist, who is to say whether any of the stories told about them are true of false? Other than religious dogma, we have nothing to guide us. What better starting point for an author to ask “what if?” and Erin M. Leaf has done a great job of not just asking that question, but providing a pretty unique and fascinating version of things in this story. ‘Angel’s Honor’ sets the tone for a world where angels have two forms: a human one and an angelic one. Each angel carries markings that correspond to his or her wing color, and those colorings are pretty significant. But, not all is well in this world, and it is up to Raphael and Gabriel to attempt to fix the mess. Raphael is a historian. He studies the oral history of the angels, who call themselves the People, and as such he is well aware of the many myths around angel leadership that exist. The problem is, there haven’t been any proper angel leaders in over three hundred years, and the current usurper of the throne is cruel and about to ensure the angel species completely vanishes. Hus brother sends him to Castle Archangel, the seat of power, because “something is about to happen”. Raphael is in for the shock of his life when the color of his markings and wings suddenly change to white, and even though he knows what it means in theory, that he is an omega and the alpha’s true mate, he also knows there has never been a male omega – not in all the millennia of history he has studied. Gabriel wakes up one morning to discover his markings are not black, and so are his wings. He cannot believe this is happening, but he has no doubt as to what it means. He may not have wanted this responsibility, but he hates what the current “leader” is doing, how he is slowly killing the People, so Gabriel knows he will have no choice. He also knows his mate is out there and quickly goes to find him, even though he had no idea he was gay. Rejecting God’s will, however, is not a choice he has, so he finds Raphael and deals with what they both have to do. If you like stories about angels who are set to fight evil in whatever shape it appears, if the idea of two angels having to deal with a sudden change in their life’s purpose sounds interesting, and if you’re looking for a supernatural read set in a creative and imaginative world that is not quite like our own yet bears many similarities, then you will probably enjoy this short story.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2014

This is 'Angel Shifters, book 1. I am waiting for book 2 to come out. I did like "Angels Honor". It was a little slow at the beginning but when it did get moving, it got moving. The subject of angels and love stories hasn't really been a story I've picked up before but this one was good. The attraction between Raphael and Gabriel was swift and engaging for the reader. The legends of the storyline kept it new and fresh. I will gladly recommend this one for a good read. Raphael didn't know when he came to study that he would find his mate and be Omega to the new Alpha and it would bring about a world of change for his people. But when he meets Gabriel and finds his mate, everything seems right. Gabriel, for his part, knew something was going to happen when his tattoos turned black--the sign that he was a true Alpha and that he would be taking over the leading of his people. His Omega turns out to be a male, though, and Gabriel finds that that is good for him because the heat and intensity between the two men helps bring about the change that is needed to save his people.

The Romance Review
Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2014

Exceptionally well written and edited! As far as Raphael was concerned, the fact that his life is currently a mess was all his brother's fault. It wasn't enough that they were born into an ancient race, with tattoo like markings that transform into wings. Suriel had to go and become the first sorcerer born to The People in eons. Raphael was convinced all that power was making Suriel a little bit crazy. Why else would he insist that he, the boringly average younger brother, move to Castle Archangel, while he himself was hidden away in some cave? Raphael had no desire to go anywhere near the home of their leader, Samael, the dark angel who seemed to find wicked delight in making The People suffer. Unfortunately for Raphael, he loves his brother like crazy, so it didn't take much effort to convince him to do what he'd been told. He just wished that Surial had given him a bit of a heads up about everything that happened after he arrived...because that morning he'd woken up with the white wings of an Omega. That shouldn't have been a problem, except only women are Omegas, and while Raphael may be gay, he most definitely isn't ready to become some alpha angel's wife! Erin M. Leaf offers readers a fast paced M/M paranormal romance that is full of adventure, drama, romance and sexy surprises. Building a unique world where humanity merges with the heavenly, her characters are witty, well developed, and emotionally engaging. Known for her edgy and erotic stories, ANGEL'S HONOR is guaranteed to make your heart pound!

Fallen Angel Reviews
Written by undefined on 15th Feb 2014

It was fascinating how Raphael’s studies about the history of his people, the Angles, came to life when his wings turned white symbolizing that he was the Omega the Angels had been waiting forever for. Gabriel barely remembered meeting Raphael, but when his wings became black, he realized that he was destined to be the Alpha ruler with Raphael at his side. Raphael knew that his brother Suriel’s ability to see the future showed that his destiny was foretold in their oral history, but he didn’t know that Suriel had sent him where he needed to be to fulfill his destiny. Add Samael, the leader of the Angels, whose every action was for himself causing misery to his people and you have the potential for an explosive situation! This was an enjoyable story and I hope that this isn’t the end of the story.

Short, Sexy and Steamy!
Written by MM Good Book Reviews on 4th Jan 2014

Short, Sexy and Steamy! My three favorite colors. And this book is nothing I’ve ever read before, Angel shifters. Me likee!! Raphael is sent to Castle Archangel by his brother, who is an angel sorcerer. Raphael himself is a different kind of angel. His body art and wings are changing, becoming snow-white and pure, he is the Omega. Being a historian of their culture, Raphael knows that this change means he is the destined mate of their alpha. But the alpha they have now is evil and hateful and Raphael doesn’t think he is even gay. Gabriel is an angel shifter as well, his body art and wings are growing ebony, and this too is a sign. You see Gabriel is destined to be their alpha and Raphael is destined to be his mate. This aspect to the story was intriguing, as Raphael has always known he was gay, but Gabriel has always been with women. Gabriel doesn’t even blink though when he realizes his mate is Raphael. And when these two claim each other, oh my GOD (pardon the pun) it is stellar! This was a fantastic start to what I hope will be an even better series. As short as the story was, I was still given a lot of history of this group of Angel’s and how they each individually came to be where they are now. As well, I now have a good idea of where their paths are going to lead. I’m pretty sure (well, desperately hoping!) that the next book will be for Raphael’s brother and Gabriel’s sister. Both are sorcerer angels and have been given the gift of sight, so that will be a fun story to read! Looking for something fast, fun, and sexy? Grab a copy of this one because it is all that plus a bag of chips!!