Behind Closed Doors by Lexie Davis

Heat Level 3
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Roaming Devils MC, 3

Her life is in shambles. After the wedding of her dreams, Ella Hawkins finds herself in handcuffs before the ink dries on her marriage license. This time, Ryker can’t save her.

He's the President of the Roaming Devils MC and he protects what is his. After doing his best to keep the peace, Ryker Dennison is finally pushed to the point where only one thing matters: retribution. Ella has his heart and he’s claimed her body and soul. They love hard and nothing can ever come between them. Not even his club.

Power comes to those who take it, and Ryker soon learns that playing nice has to stop. The nightmare with his father has to end one way or another. The public image of the Roaming Devils is at stake along with his relationship with Ella. Life is about to get more complicated, possibly even deadly…

Be Warned: anal sex


“Tell me what prison is like.” She pulled away from him.


“No. Tell me.” She stared into his dark eyes. “I want to be prepared for everything.”

“You’re not going to prison.” He cupped her cheek. “I’d go to prison before you ever stepped foot in the door. It’s not happening.”

“You can’t exactly take my place.” She propped her arm up on the seat and faced him. “I could be looking at serious time. I don’t even know if I have my job. My dad told me to wait to hire a lawyer. He’s trying to do God only knows what at the station.”

“I can take your place.” Ryker reached for her hand. “I have a motorcycle club that has a shady past. I’m sure I could bargain with the DA. You’d probably get probation. You won’t serve time though.”

“You’d do that?”

“In a heartbeat.” Ryker smoothed his fingers along the back of her hand. “I love you. I don’t say it lightly either. You’re the only person in this world that I love. It’s not something I can rationalize or ignore. I’d do anything for you. You know that.”

She did know that. “Don’t do anything crazy. I still need you in my life.”

He gave her a small smile.

Once the rain had let up, Ryker finally pulled away from her, deciding to go back to the club. Ella didn’t want him to leave, but she didn’t have much of a choice. They couldn’t hide away together for the rest of their lives—though that sounded like a good idea. She needed to check in with her dad and figure out all the other shit going on with the case.

“I’m working some things out tonight at the club. I don’t know how cell reception will be. If you need me and I don’t answer, call Vampire.” He stood beside the car, peering down to face her. “Let me know what your dad finds out.”

Ella undid her door and got out, walking around the car to the other side. She hugged him, pulling him close in a tight squeeze. Ryker hugged her back and she clung tighter. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him to go home with her. Fuck everything else in their life. She wanted him and it hurt to be apart.

“It still hurts.” Ella pressed her face against him as tears ran down her cheeks. “It still fucking hurts.”

He leaned in to kiss her. His warm mouth pressed against hers lightly and she melted into him. He opened his mouth and deepened the kiss, making her forget they were in a public place. The rain sprinkled down on them though neither one cared.

She was the first to pull away. Backing up a bit, she forced herself to break physical contact with him. If she didn’t, she’d never leave.

“Can I have your jacket?”

It was his favorite. It smelled like him too.

He sighed. “You’re going to force me to ride cold and wet?”

She didn’t say anything as he took the jacket off. He only wore a black T-shirt underneath. Once he mounted the bike, he glanced over at her.

“I am a doctor,” Ella replied. “Well, for a little while longer anyway. I can heal you if you get sick.”

He smiled. “I do miss playing doctor with you.”

She tried not to laugh and failed. “You’re not funny.”

“Tell that to the smile on your face.” He started the engine of the bike and it roared to life. “Love you, babe.”

Standing beside her car, she watched as he backed out of the parking spot and took off. Ella held his jacket close. It was still warm from his body as he disappeared from her sight. She loved him. There was no denying it. And with that came a small glimmer of hope that made her feel like she could get through anything.


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The Romance Reviews
Written by Knotty Reviewer on 13th Feb 2018

The third and final installment of Lexie Davis's Roaming Devils MC series shows us what happens after the marriage of club president Ryker and doctor Ella. We pick up right on their wedding day, and Ella pays the price for Ryker not getting rid of his father, Razor. From jail, he's managed to have Ella arrested and charged for a number of crimes, and if that's not bad enough, there are dirty cops manipulating evidence. The club has voted and they want a permanent solution to Razor's crimes. But who will take him down? And will Ella and Riker's marriage survive? An excellent closer to the series!

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 6th Feb 2018

Ella is a woman who has been through hell. All she wants is her happily ever after with the man she loves. She has to decide if the man she loves is worth her life. Ryker finally finds his light in the darkness. He gets one day before the past comes to haunt him. The choice between family and the woman who is his world is at hand. Ella’s life is on the line and she may lose it all. A monster is looming out of the darkness, hell bent on destructon. Can Ella and Ryker hang onto their love, or give into the pain? I am a huge MC fan and the story of Ryker and Ella is a beautiful if not heart wrenching read. The emotion is high on every page and the choice between light and darkness is the difference between light and darkness for Ryker. The book is emotional and brings the reader from happiness to fear and on to tears throughout. It is an excellent read; both light and darkness need each other to appreciate life. I recommend Behind Closed Doors to any romantic at heart.

Loved it.....
Written by Amy Jones on 6th Nov 2017

The best one yet. Loved Ryker and Ella. It was awesome to follow them in all 3 books. Now I'm kind of sad that it's the last book. Great job Lexie Davis.