Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis

Heat Level 3
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Roaming Devils MC, 1 

It feels so good to be bad...and Ryker Dennison is just that—a bad boy biker who is working his way up to the President position of the Roaming Devils Motorcycle Club. He plays by his own rules, and the club comes first, until she comes back into his life. 

Ella Hawkins has loved Ryker since high school, even though the sexy doctor knows it's hopeless. She knows Ryker hasn't forgotten the part she played in his arrest or the fact that her father is a cop. But when Ella gets into more trouble than she can handle, there's only one man who can help her. Ryker will break every rule in the book to save her. Will it be enough?

Be Warned: public exhibition


Standing, she grabbed her keys and headed toward her car. The clubhouse wasn’t too far away. She drove there on autopilot and parked outside the gates. When she walked up to the door, one of the club members opened it for her and let her inside. The place was a different atmosphere during the day. No women gyrating on the stripper poles. No one fucking in the open. She didn’t want to think about whatever else they did that she didn’t know about. She walked down a narrow hall toward the back room and rapped her knuckles against the door of the room Razor had taken her into.

When it opened, she blinked a few times, not expecting Ryker to be on the other side, naked. He glanced around and grabbed her arm, dragging her inside before anyone saw.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.” She swallowed. “I actually came to ask Razor’s permission to talk to you.”

Ryker shook his head. “You shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous for you to be seen with me.”

Ella considered the danger he presented. In high school, he’d been the irresistible charmer. He’d kept his distance from her but she’d never thought too much about it. Her father preached heavily about crime in the city and how she needed to stay away from boys like Ryker. She was fairly sure he knew nothing about him back then but the association of the Roaming Devils tainted him in a way her father would never forgive. Ryker had been somewhat of a loner, though he had numerous friends. He was a troublemaker and gave the teachers a hard time about everything. Ella wondered if his life would have turned out differently if she’d made a stronger attempt to be his friend. There had been intense physical attraction between them at fifteen and if she had acted on it, would he be the criminal he was today? Would he have chosen the club life if there had been another option out there for him? Was it too late?

“I didn’t have any other way of talking to you.”

He grabbed a pen from the dresser and scribbled his number on her hand. “Call it, and I’ll answer. Don’t ever come here again.”

She stared at his body for a moment and she could see his reserve soften. “I wanted to say thank you. With everything, I know it wasn’t easy.”

He blew out a breath. “Ella, you really need to go.”

Even as he said it, he walked toward her without any intention of kicking her out. He cupped her face and held her while he leaned down to kiss her. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. The scrape of his stubble was enough to hurt but she didn’t mind. Ella felt his erection press against her as he backed her up to a nearby wall. He didn’t touch her. He simply kissed her, then pulled away.

“You need to go.”

 His dark brown eyes pleaded with her. She knew she didn’t fit in with his life but she saw a different side of him that he didn’t reveal to anyone else. Maybe she was crazy for wanting to pursue a relationship with him, but he reminded her of that boy she’d liked in high school. The same one that she’d offered pencils to in homeroom. He was fiercely loyal to those he considered his family. Possessive and protective. They weren’t necessarily bad qualities for a boyfriend. She simply didn’t know how the other stuff factored in.


He opened the door and glanced out in the hallway. “Go.”

 She left him, heading back the way she’d come. Fortunately there were no members lurking and nobody to explain herself to. She glanced down at her hand and saw Ryker’s number. After she got in her car, she backed out and left. Her phone was in her pocket and she reached for it, putting the number in her contacts while she drove. He said he’d answer her if she called. It was tempting to see if he spoke the truth.

She went back to the hospital and grabbed something to eat. She stared at her cell phone while she ate nachos and selected his number.

“Yeah?” came his gruff voice.

“I just wanted to see if the number was real or if you’d lied to me.”

He snorted. “Why would I lie to you?”

“I don’t know.” She dipped a chip in some nacho cheese. “Maybe you thought I was a groupie or something. Into hero-worship or some nonsense.”

“I don’t think that.” He was silent for a moment. “How’s your father?”

The very way that he asked her made her tear up. He hated the man yet he asked her about his well-being. A truly horrible person wouldn’t do something like that. She was sure of it. “He made it through surgery. He’s in the ICU.”

Ryker didn’t comment. “How did you know I like ham and cheese with two pickles?”

“You told me.” Ella felt her cheeks heat at the memory. “We were talking that one day. I don’t know. It was a long time ago. You were hungry and you said you could really go for a ham and cheese sandwich with two pickles. Diet coke too.”

She felt stupid for remembering it about him but it seemed authentic and went with her cover for the stolen drugs.

“I’m surprised you remembered that.”

She glanced down at her food. “There’s a lot of things I remember about you.”

Maybe she was a groupie, she thought, considering her opinion of him. They’d spent one entire night simply talking about everything and while he hadn’t been the most forthcoming, he’d given her a clue as to who he truly was. She dubbed him as a biker with a heart. He liked talking about his motorcycle. He liked tattoos and joked about Ella getting one. He’d even told her where to put it by brushing his finger along her arm. The tingle he’d elicited had been her first spark of attraction. She liked that he still created the same sensation by simply talking to her.

When he didn’t respond, she determined that her admission had dipped into territory that she probably shouldn’t be dabbling in. The line stayed silent for a while with just the sound of their breathing.

“Can you come over?” She swallowed. “Tonight, I mean. At my place. It’s right down from the clinic. Northern Apartments. I’m in building C, apartment three fifteen.”

“That’s not a good idea, Ella.”

“Maybe not, but when have you only stuck to good ideas?” She was going crazy. Only a crazy person would invite a biker to their apartment. Only a crazy person would want to sleep with him after everything that had happened. Only a crazy person would need his comfort. She still tasted his kiss on her lips, and her body grew hyper aware of how good it would be with him. Even if it was a bad idea.

“Please,” she found herself pleading.

“What time?”


“I’ll be there.” He paused. “And Ella?”


“If we do this, there’s no going back.”

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Knotty Girl Reviews on 2nd Jan 2018

BREAKING THE RULES is the first book in Lexie Davis' Roaming Devils series about bad boy biker Ryker Dennison, who is the president of the one percenter MC club, and the doctor he falls in love with, Ella Hawkins. Their story is told in more than one book (in fact, three so far!) Ryker and Ella have known each other since they were school age, but have gone off in very different paths. Ryker is in the MC, thanks to his father Razor, an evil SOB. And Ella becomes a doctor, and she also has a father who is a police detective who happens to hate Ryker and the MC. Ryker ended up doing time after being caught with Ella and her father finding drugs on him. Now, her father has been kidnapped and is being tortured by a rival MC. The only way to get him back? Produce 10 keys of cocaine. The only way Ella knows to get that is through Ryker, but first, she has to go through his father, and the terms could cost her everything. Ella and Ryker begin a back and forth love match which sees the two of them together and apart. Ryker's father wants them apart, as does Ella's father, but Ryker will do anything to keep Ella short of leaving the MC. Lots of action here, and you can tell that not only isn't Razor finished with his mayhem, but events that occurred in this book will definitely come back to bite everyone later! We'll see what happens next!

I loved this gritty MC romance
Written by Debra Taylor Reads Too Much on 10th Sep 2016

I absolutely loved this dark and gritty MC romance. It was such an exciting and romantic read about two lovers who came from very different worlds but they would have to break every rule to be together. Lexie Davis did a fantastic job on this story. She didn't pull any punches in showing the gritty underbelly of the MC lifestyle. Our hero, Ryker, wasn't exactly a nice guy, he had some vices that he struggled with for the entire story. Ella was his weakness and he would do anything to keep her safe and in his bed. This story was hot and intense and loaded with conflict as their two fathers tried to tear them apart. I loved the way this story was written to show real characters who were deliciously flawed. The writing was excellent. It was brilliant and beautiful. As a first time reader of Lexie Davis, I am amazed by her creative writing style and how she was able to pull me into the character's relationship. I so look forward to the next book in the Roaming Devils MC. 4.5 Stars for this book.

Written by p leslie on 10th Sep 2016

I received this book from net gallery for an honest review. Ryker is a member of the Roaming Devil's MC. He's been drawn to Ella since he was fifteen but he's not a good man and she deserves a lot more than he can give her. When Ella comes into the club house asking for help to save her dad; she makes a deal with Razor (president of MC and Ryker's dad) but what price will she pay for breaking the deal? Razor warns Ryker to stay away from Ella and Ella receives a similar warning from a parents. Will they break all the rules to be with each other? I really enjoyed the book. Ryker is torn between complying with club rules and following his heart. My heart broke for Ryker; his dad is his worst enemy. I liked the connection between Ryker and Ella: it was sweet and intense. He never takes advantage of her and never pretends to be what he isn't. In the second half of the book: I found Ella a little overbearing. She doesn't truly accept him for the man he is. I loved the intensity and depth of Ryker's character. I enjoyed the book and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it,

an intruiging mix of sensuality and crudity
Written by Roshan sri surya teja on 10th Sep 2016

breaking the rules by lexie davis the story line goes like this there are be many biker clubs but only the top one percent are true biker clubs.The male lead ryker dennison belongs to such a club and his father razor is the head of the club. The female lead ella is a doctor and ther daughter of a police officer.Ryker was meant to someday take his fathers place,and alot is expected from him .Once a clubmember always a club member there is no getting away from the club. the club deals with a lot of illegal activities and members mustnt have any liabilties( lovers ,families etc) club is the only family one has . Some situations make ella and ryker meet and they realise that they have been crushing on each other since highschool . Ryker is more experienced and finds that he has something special with ella and he is something entirely different around her and finds that she brings the good in him . both their parents disapprove and try to deal with it in their own ways ( one being a thug and other being a cop) . what the couple endures to make their love work is the story. the author did a fascinating job in mixing the opposites ,a crude guy like ryker and a sweet girl like ella . the writing is simple ,easy to understand and the descriptions are detailed and vivid . there are no lapses in the story and it felt like reading a sidney sheldon or jackie collins novel. i would love to read the next book ( if the author is plannig on writing one). i got this book in exchange for an honest review from net galley and i thouroughly enjoyed the book . the book is not appropriate for young audiences or those who hate indecent wording and violent scenes . if u like to read a mafia style romance novel this book is for u.

dirty, sexy
Written by Bette Hansen on 5th Sep 2016

This one was raw, gritty, dirty, sexy, and I LOVED it!! Ryker has never known life with the Roaming Devils MC. His father is president and he's been grooming Ryker since the day he was born to take over. The only thing holding him back - his own personal kryptonite - Ella Hawkins. The drugs, booze, and women couldn't break him but one look from her just might. Lusting after a cop's daughter probably isn't the wisest thing for a guy living on the wrong side of the law should do but when she comes to him for a favor he knows deep down he'll do whatever she asks. Definitely a book I recommend!

I loved this MC read!
Written by JulieD2 on 5th Sep 2016

An enjoyable book. Ryker is torn between his love his MC and and a young woman Ella. His father is Razor, the president of the Roaming Devil's MC and is Rykers worst enemy, he hates him, he also has to follow all his orders. He's been drawn to Ella since he was fifteen and Ryker had decided she deserved a better man than him and more than he could ever give her. But when Ella shows up at the club house asking for help, she makes a deal with Razor, (and he really is a bad guy to deal with). What price does she have to pay? What's the price breaking the deal. She has to stay away from Ryker, the same warning she had from her parents. Ryker has a similar warning to stay away from Ella. Will they break the rules, what can happen if they do? A fantastic tension filled story. Ryker and Ella really had a connection, but everyone was trying to keep them apart. A great story. 5/5

good read
Written by undefined on 3rd Sep 2016

an ok read