Breaking Mace by Angelique Voisen

Heat Level 4
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Hellhounds MC, 2

Tough times need hard men, and Mace is the perfect tyrant for dystopian times. Werewolf alpha and president of the Hellhounds MC, he runs Wolf County with an iron fist. The penalty for breaking the law is death. But Mace shows unexpected mercy and becomes possessive over the incubus that did his people harm. 

Echo hitchhiked his way across the apocalyptic-torn country, feeding on the lust and desperation of others. After Mace lets him go, Echo is captured by slavers, and returns to Wolf County by unexpected means. No matter what he does, Echo can’t seem to fill the vast emptiness inside him. What better way to go, than die at the feet of a dominant male capable of taming his troubled soul? 

Echo’s pull on Mace is inevitable, but is their attraction real or manufactured? 

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition



Standing so close, Echo felt Mace’s member pressing up against his stomach and his own need for release. Mace could have taken him back there, could have rolled him and taken what was rightfully his without asking. Mace didn’t exactly show restraint, but he went for the next best thing. He compromised. Mace didn’t know he’d opened a door, a path Echo suspected both of them were shit-scared to find out which way it led.

Would whatever existed between them—Echo wouldn’t go as far as to call it a relationship, because it wasn’t there yet—eventually kill them both, slowly and surely? It was a merciless world out there. Mace’s reaction in the parking lot spoke volumes. Would Echo weigh him down and eventually drag him to the dirt?

“I know you’d never hurt me,” Echo whispered.

Mace’s eyes narrowed. “That’s a lot of fucking blind faith you’re putting in me. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to trust strangers?”

“A stranger doesn’t put his life and livelihood on the line for another. A stranger wouldn’t crash into an armed rig to reach me.” Echo ran his hand down Mace’s left pectoral and lingered near his ribs, where old scars barely covered the Hellhounds MC insignia. “Black deeds might have painted your reputation red, but your secret’s safe with me.”

“What secret is that, little demon?” Mace’s dangerous tone would have sent most men running, but Echo stayed his ground.

“I can see the real you, Mace. Beneath your armor, you can be decent too.”

Mace’s figured blurred. He didn’t see the alpha press him up against the tiled wall or pin his hands above his head. Echo drew a shaky breath.

“This. Us. We’re fucked up.” Mace said those words, but that didn’t stop him from nosing his way up Echo’s neck. His tongue swirled over the spot again, compulsively and obsessively.

Echo burrowed his fingers into Mace’s hair, encouraging him. “Do it, Mace. Give your mark to me.”

Mace growled. Echo felt the scrap of his slightly sharpened canines prickling his skin. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“Educate me.”

“You really want to bind your soul to mine? To a fucking killer with no morals?” Mace asked, locking his golden gaze with Echo’s. Whatever he saw there made Mace hesitate.

“Don’t you know? You already staked your claim and made me yours the moment you ripped a path to my cage,” Echo said. “You know what, big guy? I’ve never been certain of anything in my life, but I’m sure of you. Of us.”

Mace expelled a harsh laugh. “You’re no thinking straight.”

“I’ve already said my piece. I’m not the one with regrets or uncertainties.”

Mace glowered at him. “There’s no going back after this, little demon.”

“Only forward. Take me, Mace. Make me officially yours.”

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reviewer's choice award from redz world reviews
Written by Tina on 19th Apr 2018

I got this free for a honest review Breaking Mace is the second book in the Hellhounds MC series by author Angelique Voisen. I was really looking forward to this book. We sort of met Echo in book one, we did meet his twin Ezra. I wanted to know what the bad boy twin was like, and what motivated him. Echo is a complex character with many layers to explore. When we meet Echo in this book, he is captured by slavers. He is weak, and defeated. Both physically and mentally. He is an Incubus who has always been told he is nothing, worth nothing. His name even reminds him of that. When Ms Voisen tells us the story of Echo's name I almost cried it was so sad. Made me really want Echo to have a great love. Sometimes people tell us we are bad so much we start to believe that is all we are, that is where Echo is. Mace is the leader of the Hellhounds. Big, tough, and the kind of man you do not want to be on the wrong side of a fight with. He will win, no matter what. He is intense both personally and physically. His love for Echo is just what a naughty Incubus needs. I loved the intensity of this book. There is raw emotion that kept me turning the pages. I love intense reads and this one is one. I cannot wait for more from this series in the future. I would suggest reading the books in order they do build on each other. But if you want some great MC Bikers and different, interesting, paranormals this is the book to pick up. Five Shooting Stars and Reviewer's Choice

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Christy D on 12th Mar 2016

Mace is the president and all-around badass of the Hellhounds MC. So it was very disconcerting at the end of book one to see Mace release Echo, Ezra's incubus twin, and allow him to leave Wolf County after all the destruction he caused. I'm not even sure Mace understood his feelings, except he knew he had to get Echo as far away from him as possible, and Mace made Spider swear, on his life, that he'd never tell anyone that Mace didn't kill Echo. Hmm. Mystery and suspense within the club. Mace hasn't been right in the head since his mate died during the Fall. Wolves mate for life, and Mace should have followed his mate into death, but instead he became a partially insane leader of a biker gang, and he's managed to make Wolf County practically a paradise in the dystopian world they now live in. Now, he and his brothers have sniffed out slave traders in the area, and they head out to take back what's theirs. Mace didn't expect to catch Echo's scent, but when he does, Mace goes a little bit more crazy knowing his mate is hurt. "I named your brother after the prophet Ezra, because he’s the one good thing in this miserable life I created. You, you’re just an empty echo, a waste of space,” Janet Haines once said." I didn't think I had any empathy for Echo, especially after he abandoned his brother to being killed by the wolves, but there's something really sad about Echo. Deep down he just wants someone to love him, just him, and to keep him. Of course I definitely didn't see Mace's decision and the fallout from it coming when he decided to do just that. The ending was exciting and reminded me of a Mad Max movie. It looks like The Collector, the guy who owns most of the southern lands, has set his sights on getting what the Hellhounds have. An incubus to add to his zoo. Well, Echo and Mace aren't about to let that happen, and it's a fight, to be sure. I'm looking forward to more in this series as, so far, the action/adventure and sexiness have been over the top.

3.5 Stars
Written by Milica on 4th Feb 2016

This can be read as a standalone,but the reading experience would certainly be better if you read Revo's Property first... I have read only a couple of books by AV (for now) and she is quickly becoming one of my safe choices. Because of two, she knows how to write tough men. You know the kind - rough around the edges, with the dangerous vibe (even better when they're on the bike), growly (but in no way Neanderthal), possessive and protective when it comes to their own. But she knows how to make them emotional,too,but in way that is not forced and without diminishing their tough image. And the second reason is power exchange...I like when one partner is dominating and the other submissive,but not in the BDSM context. And she certainly knows how to write those,too...but with never getting the feeling that the submissive MC is somehow weak. So,that's what you're getting here - one werewolf MC (with all the traits listed above) and one incubus who finally found a reason to live and feel again set in a post-apocalyptic world trying to raise itself from the ashes. Recommend this one,as well as the first one in the series! Now on to the next...