Bred by the MC Prez by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Heat Level 3
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Breeding Season, 5

Forge doesn't negotiate when it comes to money ... until he's offered a virgin in exchange for a debt.

The curvy blonde awakens something primal in Forge. He takes the girl as his own and he has no plans on giving her back. Beth's innocence is the light to his darkness. He started out wanting a toy, but soon can't imagine life without her.

Beth never had a say in her own life. When she's sold to a notorious MC Prez, she expects a nightmarish life as a club whore. What she gets is a possessive biker who claims her for himself. He's older, covered in ink, and feared by everyone—and she becomes addicted. Forge teaches her to love herself, and in turn she falls hard for the bad boy.

But good things rarely last, and Beth soon becomes Forge's weakness in a dangerous turf war. Will their love survive or will Forge have to return his prize?

Be Warned: anal sex



“You’ve been denied everything,” he said.

“I don’t know if I’m going to annoy you. Like with the food, I wasn’t allowed to order my own food. It has always been ordered for me. I’m not allowed to have a voice, Forge. I’m to be quiet and have no say in what happens in my life. My dad always said I didn’t know what I wanted and could never be trusted.” Her teeth sank into her lip.

“Do you enjoy being your father’s pet?” he asked.

“No. I wanted to get away so many times, but he knew. There were guards and they’d drag me back. I’ve tried to escape so many times. I hate him. I hate him so much.” She wrapped her arms around him and Forge, he held her close.


She was supposed to only be a toy for him. A woman to carry his baby. But within a matter of hours, Beth had already gotten under his skin and now he couldn’t fucking think without his thoughts being dominated by this woman.

Taking her lips once again, he pressed his dick against her stomach, and he wanted inside her. He wouldn’t do it around the back of the diner for their first time. There was a lot of shit he had to do, and riding out with Beth wasn’t one of them.

He’d already gotten Hound to cancel his appointment with one of his intel guys. He wanted to get some more information on Beth’s father. Mr. Peterson had a couple of deals in high places, one of them being with the cartels bringing drugs into the city. Forge didn’t like anyone going over his head, and he’d been having a few issues when it came to the cartel and turf wars with other clubs.

He had his informants always willing to find him the information he needed and that was where he should have been heading, but taking Beth anywhere near the lion’s den right now didn’t appeal to him. He didn’t know if he could trust her. With how her father had always treated her though, he had to wonder if it was all an act.

Peterson was an asshole, greedy and manipulative, but he was always in it for himself, which never failed to make him an easy target. Had the bastard always been priming Beth to take the fall for his bad deeds and debts?

No one else was getting to Beth. She now belonged to him and there was no way he’d be letting her go. And although he wouldn’t fuck her around the back of a diner, he could play.

Kissing down her neck, he flicked his tongue over her pulse before biting down and hearing her feminine cry, but it wasn’t filled with pain. No, when it came to Beth, he only ever wanted her to feel pleasure and he couldn’t wait for her to be writhing on his cock, begging him for it.

He put his hand on her stomach and began to glide down toward her pussy, cupping her through her jeans. If he hadn’t been riding his bike, he’d have demanded she only wore a skirt, but it would just have to do for now. After flicking the button open, he slid his hand inside, finding her panties.

Again, he was going to stop her from wearing them as he wanted nothing between them, especially when he got his hands on her. When he pushed past her panties, he found her wet, not too much, but he didn’t mind her not being too wet. He’d have a whole lot of fun getting her soaked.

Teasing over her clit, he took possession of her mouth once again, and when she gasped, he plundered in deep.

“I’m not going to fuck you here, baby. I’m going to save that for my bed, but I want to see you come.” He used a second finger to stroke over her clit and as he did, she opened her thighs a little wider. The tightness of the jeans got in his way and he was too desperate to wait to taste her.

Removing his fingers from her cunt, he grabbed her jeans and pushed them down hard to her ankles. It was a wriggle but he was able to remove one of her booted feet out of the jeans and lifted it over his shoulder as he crouched low.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her nerves palpable.

“You’re going to trust me because I’m going to make you feel so damn good.” Staring up at her pussy, he saw she had a fine dusting of pubic hair. When they got back to the clubhouse, he was going to have her completely bare when he did this next.

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Bred By The MC Prez
Written by Fabiola Cadet -Destil on 23rd Jun 2020

Oh boy do I love when these two ladies get together! What can I say about Forge and Beth? Well it was a transaction that turns into love for both and that's all I can say about this book. You want to know more? Go Get It and find out, this is a must read for sure.

Another awesome book!!
Written by c. sloan on 23rd Jun 2020

Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino have some it again!! Holy cow. ******SPOILERS***** You could almost feel the pain Beth had endured at the hands of father. You wanted to reach in a punch him in the face. And forge....holy hotness on a Tuesday morning!! His alphaness was shew!!! Tie me to a bed post and call me princess please. Forge has got to be one of my favorite alpha males You have your alpha males then you have forge in a league all by his hotness. All I say is I LOVED THIS BOOK and not one bit sorry I stayed up all night reading it...

A Filthy, Gritty Underworld of Violence and Unexpected Second Chances...
Written by K. Lindtvedt on 23rd Jun 2020

This series has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. Of the first four books, two were stellar, one was "eh", and one was not worth the effort it took to read. Yet, despite this back and forth, there is a deliciously filthy string of grit. An unbreakable thread of unapologetic, I-don't-give-a-f*ck-ness, that grabs your interest in a chokehold and won't let go. And no where is this feeling more in your face than in Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino's fifth Breeding Season Series book, "Bred by the MC Prez". The darkest, most depraved book in this series thus far. Here, the authors present us with the story of Forge and Beth. Beth being a horribly timid young woman, filled with fear and doubt. A twenty-four year old born of an affair, who after the death of her mother, is viciously isolated, mentally abused, and purposely groomed to be sold by her sinister politician father. An evil man who views Beth as nothing more than a pawn in his game of human chess. And Forge, a violent, murderous criminal in his own right. The unyielding, unforgiving president of the Hell's Slaves MC. The man Beth gets unwillingly traded to, to clear her father's debt. What follows is a startling, at times uncomfortable tale of familial dysfunction, personal destruction, unexpected loyalty, love, and second chances at life. It is a beautifully dark and suspense filled story world impregnated with starkly opposing landscapes of innocence and unapologetic degradation. It is as thought provoking as it is unthinkable. A story that will lead you to see the good inside someone only known for bad. And, once again make you realize the subject matter within, behind the smutty goodnees, contains a truthful glimpse of the underbelly of humanity. A truth where father's abuse and sellout their daughters, and abused women struggle to overcome and find peace. For me, this installment was the most striking. Stirring up emotions within me like a tornado. YES, it is still a smutty, fetish focused book about impregnation fantasies. Yes, it is in line with all the others with its simplistic, far fetched, and over the top flair. However, it's also alluringly multifaceted, more emotionally complex than you would expect, and topically bold. There is also a fair amount of care taken with the character development and the overarching story world. And it definitely grabs you and demands your attention, making this one definitely worth the read.

Great story
Written by Rhonda on 12th Jun 2020

Another great story from Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino. Beth has had a horrible life and when she's brought to the MC Forge is President of, she thinks things will get worse. Forge feels something for her and decides to claim her as his own but there are people close to him who aren't happy about this. There were a couple of twists in this story that made me go Wow!!! Can Forge save the woman who has come to mean a lot to him?

A must read
Written by Julie on 12th Jun 2020

Fan of MC books, this one is for you. Excellent read full of drama and in the end love. You will not be disappointed with this book

Loved it!
Written by TRae on 12th Jun 2020

Love the breeding series!!! Loved all the ups and downs with these 2 characters and of course the HEA❤️

Steamy read
Written by Bedtime Fairytales on 12th Jun 2020

Virgin sold to bad alpha biker. Forge and Beth's chemistry is off the charts. This is your next book hangover.

Enjoyed it. Would recommend.
Written by Liz on 12th Jun 2020

I enjoyed this book. The hero is rough, conflicting, vicious and scary to crosss. Heroine is sweet but has had hard life. Things arent smooth when they come together and there's a lot danger within & outside the club. People will use fact the MC Prez is showing a weakness to hurt him, even if it's by using heroine. Enemies with different agendas and methods, physical & psychological, to come between the hero & heroine will arise. The hero always put club 1st but can he learn put heroine 1st before he losses her? Will heroine journey toughen or break her? It's entertaining read. Would recommend. Safe with exceptions: Very mild sexual assaults but very explicit sex & graphic violence.

More than just a payment
Written by Sydney Neblett on 10th Jun 2020

These two authors have a way with words that is just magical. In this book the rough life of the MC meets the sweet innocence of a woman who will bring about endless change, making for a story that’s not to be missed. I love how each character was so well thought out and developed. It made it all the more amazing as we watched the relationships grow and develop between the characters. Beyond the mushy stuff, which was oh so delicious, these authors kept the action alive as threats popped up at every turn. I especially enjoyed the ending and the final bombshell, so good. This book makes me want to read another book by these authors, I hope we won’t have to wait too long for the next one.

c sloan
Written by Another awesome book!! on 10th Jun 2020

Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino have some it again!! Holy cow. ******SPOILERS***** You could almost feel the pain Beth had endured at the hands of father. You wanted to reach in a punch him in the face. And forge....holy hotness on a Tuesday morning!! His alphaness was shew!!! Tie me to a bed post and call me princess please. Forge has got to be one of my favorite alpha males You have your alpha males then you have forge in a league all by his hotness. All I say is I LOVED THIS BOOK and not one bit sorry I stayed up all night reading it...