Bullied by the Boss by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Rex Donovan is an asshole. He gets what he wants, and right now he doesn’t want Nora Covington as his PA. After screwing all the other women who’ve worked for him, Rex doesn’t know how to handle Nora. She’s the type of woman that men don’t screw around with, and she’s also one of the hardest working women he has ever known. But instead of showing her any appreciation, he treats her like shit.

Nora hates her boss. He’s a horrible person. After a particularly bad incident in the office, she goes looking for a new job. She doesn’t want to work anywhere else, but she can’t take anymore.

But then an argument fuels a moment of passion between them, and for Rex there is no backing down. He wants her, and he’s going to have her, even if no one can know.

But secrets only last so long, and when Rex’s temper gets the better of him, all could be lost. Nora is pregnant with his baby, and now wants nothing to do with him. Is there any way for him to win her back?

**Rex and Nora first appeared in The Enemy’s Daughter


You Belong to Me by Sam Crescent



Rex stayed at his desk, waiting. He couldn’t hear what Frank was saying, and he wasn’t interested. Finally, they were all alone on the floor, and seconds later, Nora came in.

“Hey, I didn’t realize the time. I’m going to head out,” she said.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had an interview today?” He closed the file on the Richmond case, and looked up at her. Her hair was down, cascading all around, tempting him. The moment she had entered the office that morning, he had noticed her hair. Never had she worn it down. Looking at her now, he saw that she was dressed to impress. The skirt she wore molded to every single curve that she possessed, the white blouse highlighting her full tits and slender neck.

“You know. Frank told you.”

He got up from behind his desk. “Yeah, but I want to know why you told Frank, and you didn’t tell me.”

She licked her lips. “You wouldn’t even answer my question, and you would have probably made it next to impossible for me to go to an interview.”

“You want to leave?”

There was a pause, a slight hesitation.


“You’re lying.” He stepped closer to her.

“I don’t want to work for you anymore, and I don’t want to work in this office.”

“What have I done that is so damn terrible?”

“What have you done? You don’t even see what an asshole you are?”

“Oh, so now I’m the asshole because I expect a level of respect—”

“Respect! You treat me like a damn dog, and you have no respect for anyone but yourself. You’re the worst person I have ever worked for.”

Raising his voice, he closed that final distance. “You know what, fine, go elsewhere. I’m sorry I wasn’t the kind of boss to kiss your fucking ass.”

“I don’t need you to kiss my ass! You could have just been nice to me without all that crap. You’re mean. You’re a bully, and I want out.” She was yelling just like him.

“Is that what you want? You want me to tell you how wonderful you are, how nice you are.”

“No, I don’t want you to tell me anything because you know what, I’m not sticking around. You’re a horrible human being, and I’m glad that I know what it’s like to work for a scumbag. I’ve finally seen one.”

It was just too much. Rex didn’t know what happened next. One moment they were yelling, and the next moment he had her pressed up against his bookcase. Her hands locked above her head as he slammed his lips down on hers. She was so soft, so curvy, and he pressed his body against hers, needing her softness. 


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Long adn Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 14th Aug 2017

Bullied By The Boss is a steamy stand alone novel by Sam Crescent. I always love her books and the vivid characters that she brings to life in my imagination. This one was extra hot and very emotional. This story was a definite page turner for me. I’ve never wanted to smack the hero as bad as I did Rex for being so mean to Nora. Sam Crescent has a special talent for giving her readers a bad boy alpha hero who they will want to see redeemed. In the beginning Rex acted awful toward Nora. I hated him and so did Nora. I smiled when she finally stood up to the bully. It was then that Rex realized the real reason behind his actions is because he had been attracted to her all along. Nora was a nice girl who went out of her way to help everyone. She did not make it easy for Rex to earn her trust or her forgiveness. I liked that about her. It showed her strength. Sam Crescent’s writing was especially good on this one. The fast flowing story captured my attention on the first few pages. I loved the vivid characters, although with Rex it was more of a love to hate feeling. As usual, the hot sex scenes had me fanning myself. There was also an interesting appearance by Alaric from The Enemy’s Daughter.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Pauline Michael on 10th Aug 2017

Sam Crescent outdoes herself with this story! This might very well be my favourite, but then again I probably said that about the last story of hers I read. She writes mesmerizing alpha male heroes who practically leap to life from the pages and astounding curvy heroines who I find it so easy to identify with. Rex Donovan is perhaps one of the biggest jerks I've ever come across, but there is just something about a bad boy giving up other women when he finds the right one. Unfortunately that's not exactly what happens when Rex meets Nora Covington. Nora is possibly one of the most caring heroines I've ever come across. How she treats her coworkers shows her genuine interest in them and that she truly does things from the goodness of her heart. Watching these two tangle with one another was just as fascinating as witnessing the smoking hot sexual tension. I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop and how the supporting character advanced the main characters development and the storyline. Do yourself a huge favour and pick this one up, it's steamy and I couldn't get enough. The Story: When Nora Covington becomes an assistant to the most notorious employee in her firm she decides she can't take his abominable treatment anymore and soon she's looking for a new position. But when that position ends up being under her hateful boss she can't believe how things have evolved. But can she continue letting the boss bully her or is it time for a permanent change?

Coffee Tmie Romance
Written by Delane on 11th May 2017

Rex is a jerk who hires bimbos who do a job, just not the one they were paid for. When his boss, Frank, forces him to hire an assistant, he is pissed and takes his frustration out on her. Nora is tired of being verbally abused by Rex and decides no matter how much she cares for Frank and the firm, it is time for her to go. She is unsure what her future holds but she knows her future could not include another day of abuse from Rex. When Nora reveals she is looking for a way out, Rex is shocked to find he only wants her to stay. When he gets a taste of Nora he is shocked to discover she is who he wants, but one last mistake may cost him everything including a future with Nora. Can Rex find the words to convince Nora to stay or will Nora finally give up and walk away with his future? I loved the story of Rex and Nora. The story is full of emotions and pain but in the end, both could lead to a happiness either expected if they could only let it all go. I found the characters interesting and the law firm to be a dream. The ending was never a sure thing and I was shocked by the emotional roller coaster throughout every page. I highly recommend Bullied by the Boss and the writing of Sam Crescent.

At times heart wrenching .
Written by evam on 29th Apr 2017

I have to say that while I definitely liked this book, there were times I wanted to crawl into the book and strangle Rex! I think Nora was so great but too naive. Together they were great in that they brought the best out in each other, but I had to keep myself from screaming sometimes. Although I tend to like Sam Crescent's biker books this was great!

Great Story
Written by Kindle Customer on 29th Apr 2017

Hated Rex, wanted so badly to reach through the book and kick his nuts in the way he treated the heroine. The only reason why he treated like that is because he couldn't understand his strong feelings for her from the moment she worked for him. So he did the only thing he could and that is to be a dick to her and had sex with random women behind closed door of his office while she was working right outside it. JERK!!. Anyways the story started to unfold and the big jerk redeemed himself and she eventually forgave him but not without making him grovel first. Love the bonus story at the end better though.

Five Stars
Written by Amazon Customer on 29th Apr 2017

It was very good

One sit reading, Sam Crescent always is entertaining.
Written by Emily Heisler on 29th Apr 2017

Nora Covington hates her boss. He is a bully, a jerk, and a complete cad when it comes to women. When her previous boss set her up as the personal assistant to Rex Donovan she knew it was because there was no way he would sleep with her. Nora is the opposite of every women she has seen Rex with, she is full figured and as a brain. Rex doesn't know why he is a a jerk to Nora. Everyone loves her and she is the best PA in his office. When he is called to task about his behavior he begins seeing Nora for who she is and he wants her. Once he convinces Nora he is interested though will he be able to keep or or will old habits come back again? Fun story. Rex was a true jerk and you wanted to pummel him a few times when it comes to Nora. Nora is great and she is torn when it comes to Rex because she sees two sides to him. One sit reading, Sam Crescent always is entertaining.

Rex rex rex
Written by Gavinsmommaloves2read on 10th Apr 2017

I loved this story because Sam can give you a guy like Rex that you hate from point one and turned him into a hero youll love by the end and she is always amazing in that .. this book will make you angry then soooo incredibly happy... I love boss books. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Review Copy of this book.

Written by avid reader on 10th Apr 2017

Rex is a complete jerk and I applaud Nora for standing up to him. When he finally pushes to much and is about to lose the best PA he ever has, he has a big WTF moment. Lol. This is a definite must read. I loved this book!! Awesomeness in the palm of your hand. Sam Crescent is showing off her brilliance once again !!

Five Stars
Written by rusty1701 on 5th Apr 2017

I really enjoyed this book

Another great book
Written by Rhonda on 5th Apr 2017

Oh how I hated Rex!!! He was everything I hate in a man!! Nora was more of a nice person that I would have been. As I continued to read the story I started to change my views on him but I still actually cheered when Nora finally told him off! When Rex started to change, I think my feelings started to change. He was still a jerk but you could tell his feelings for her were coming to light. This was a wonderful story of enemies becoming lovers and how they deal with it. I love how Ms. Crescent weaves her magic with her readers and keeps them fully engaged until the end. Another thing I love about her books is we get to see the couple a few years down the road.

Five Stars
Written by Kathy Livingston on 5th Apr 2017

Love the book hate Rex love the ending

Written by ROGO on 5th Apr 2017

I dont know how Sam Crescent does it but every one of books touches my heart!! I love Rex and Nora... their story was a gut clencher and I loved every second!! That bonus at the end was a wondeful surprise!! Please Sam never stop giving us your wonderful stories!!

Love to hate the hero!
Written by Author KL Donn on 4th Apr 2017

I can't say how much I love to hate the hero! Rex is the ultimate jerk to Nora. You just wanna gut punch, but then, sweet mercy but then he work's his tail fighting for her. Nora wants to wilt, does she ever. But she knows if she gives in too easy he'll run their whole lives. I love Sam's bully type books, she ALWAYS gives me what I need to make everything right in the book world again.

Bullied by the Boss
Written by Neringa on 3rd Apr 2017

Form the first page I freakn hated Rex. He's such an a**hole. I couldn't imagine how, I could even like him. But somehow, somewhere along the story I did. I don't know how it happened. I guess, those a-holes knows how to win your heart. Lol Nora was one of those nice and sweet characters. And I love more sassy with some crazy in the h. So, I would loved for Nora giving some back, when Rex’s was a d*** to her. But still, Rex and Nora being such contrasting people, somehow fit together. Maybe they fulfilled each other with theirs differences. This book is pretty good for quick with no big dramas read. Oh, and if you are interested in Alaric, you can get his story in The Enemy's Daughter.