Cecilia's Claim by Raven McAllan

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Behind Closed Doors, 2

Everyone agreed the Brigstock family was unconventional. Just how unconventional could be somewhat of a shock...

She may have turned her men down once, but will she have the resolve to do it again? As danger gets ever closer, Cecy realizes her only chance of safety and happiness is with Caleb and Philippe. Will she risk everything and give them all the chance they need, or will she run?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, spanking

~ In Collaboration with Lee Brazil~


Cecy walked toward the stream and knelt beside it, dipping her hands into the cool water and splashed it over her face. Her gown caught tight under her and emphasized the curve of her arse. Caleb decided chivalry was much overrated. He moved swiftly across the glade, the grass masking his footsteps.

He leant over, his chest hard up against her back. Cecy tried to straighten, but he held her in the position she was and captured her hands in his. Her moan was not a protest, nor was the way her breathing had increased. The soft sheen on her skin was not fear or chill, and she pushed back as best she could, which increased the contact between them.

His prick, ever ready willing and waiting, thickened and jerked under the confines of his pantaloons.

Cecy gave a breathless laugh. "Ah my lord, your cock remembers me, such a pity his pleasure must be denied."

 Caleb kissed the nape of her neck, and relished the shiver she gave. "Must it love? Why must it? You want me, as you can tell I want you…" He kissed her neck again, sucked and soothed as he encircled her in his arms and rested his hands under her breasts, his fingers splayed across the fine material that covered them. "So?"

She twisted her head to look up at him. "So, no thank you, my lord. Oh my body wants you, there is no doubt of that, but my mind is wary. I know what you and Philippe demanded of me, and I don't suppose your ideas have changed much in such a short while. I do not embrace pain my lord, in any shape or form. That includes in my mind as well as my body. And truly I am fearful. It seems I am not such a rebel as I had thought. I worry for you and Philippe as it is, in case you are decried in public and held to account. If we became three and that was made public I fear for our lives. So it is not just the pain, although that…well that is so alarming I feel sick just wondering in what form it would be. It is the pain of uncertainty. And knowing how easily our happiness could be destroyed."

Cal stood up and drew her to her feet, spinning her so they were face to face. He brushed her hair from her cheek.

"Are you sure it would be pain, love? The line between pleasure and pain is blurred, and often cannot be separated. All we want is to show you everything we can do to give you the greatest pleasure." He waited, scarce able to breathe. Her breath was ragged, and her eyes had taken on that soft sheen of passion. "Remember how you felt when I touched you here." He put his hand between them and rubbed her quim. Even through her skirts he fancied he could feel her heat. She pushed into his hand. Emboldened, Caleb moved his other hand behind her and gathered the material of her gown up to lift it so he could then slip his hand underneath to caress her arse.

"Bastard." There was no heat in her words. "My lord, I don't want this."

Caleb moved his hand to her quim and slipped one finger between her legs.

"You may think not love, but your body tells a different story. You're wet for me, your body is hoping to feel my cock deep inside you."

 Cecy sighed and it was the saddest sound he thought he'd ever heard.

"My body is not my mind, my lord, and my mind says beware. For it would not be just your cock in my channel, and I do not wish for more. I cannot. Therefore either take me home or to wherever you feel we must go."

She put her hands on his chest, and her fingers circled his nipples, before she moved away from him. The sadness in her eyes brought a sting of regret to his heart.

"Ah Caleb. As to anything else? I dare not. For if I had to say no to either of you once more after sampling a brief part of heaven again, I don’t think I would survive."


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Cecilia's Claim by Raven McAllan


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Seize Love
Written by Nicole on 19th Sep 2015

Cecy turned away her true loves when she learned that they wished to share her with each other. Now she’s been sent away with her brother to avoid any ill will the ton may have for her and her previous exploits. She doesn’t expect Caleb and Philippe to sweep in and save the day. Now she must rely on them to get her out of harms way and back to where it is safe. Cecy must face her fears and desires of being with them both. She has to decide if she is ready for them to love her the way they want to. Secluded away the three of them come to terms with their feelings for each other. Will she take her father’s advice and seize it if she finds love.