Dance for Three by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go


Talitha has separated from her unloving ex and attends line dancing classes to lose weight and acquire social skills. Jared and Nathan are there too as Jared has promised to dance with his cousin at her wedding and cannot dance. The three become friends instantly, and Jared and Nathan ask Talitha to join them for a sexy romp. Jared and Nathan, gay partners, invite a woman to join them from time to time. As the line dancing classes continue, the relationship deepens and the sex is scorching.

But what will happen when the classes end?  Will Talitha see them again?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, sex toys, light bondage




Holding hands, the three walked across the road and onto the beach. Quite a few people were sitting on the sand and a smattering were swimming and playing in the water close to shore. Farther out a couple of people were whizzing by on jet skis.

Nathan asked, “See that sand bar a couple of hundred yards out?”

Talitha squinted in the bright sunshine, looked where he was pointing and nodded.

“The water is only a few feet deep on the sandbar. The other side of it is deep enough for boats, but you have to swim most of the way out to it. I know you said you like swimming, but how far can you swim? That far?”

“Easily,” she replied. “I love swimming.”

Both men looked relieved. “Let’s leave our stuff here then and swim out to the sandbar,” said Jared.

Nathan tucked the room key and a few other things into the pocket of his board shorts as Talitha removed her sarong, hat and flip-flops. Then they walked to the water’s edge together.

As soon as the water started to get deeper, Talitha looked mischievously over her shoulder at the men, and said, “Race you to the sand bar,” and dived cleanly into the sea. She came up ten yards farther out and began to swim in a swift, economical Australian crawl.

Jared and Nathan looked at each other, laughed and dived splashily to follow her. They both caught her up just as she was stepping on the sand bar.

“No fair,” said Jared, puffing.

“I am beginning to see why the Australians win all those swimming medals at the Olympics,” Nathan added.

Talitha gave a long look at Jared’s tiny swimwear and the cock growing ever bigger inside them and said, “And I can see why women watch the Olympic swimming too!”

“But board shorts have pockets,” Nathan pointed out, removing a couple of condoms from his.

“I do love a boy scout,” Talitha grinned. “But here? You want to have sex here?”

“It’s one of our favorite places. Just wait ’til you feel the sea washing over you as you come. It’s incredibly erotic. Plus the knowledge that someone might be watching you from a boat or a hotel with binoculars. And they might guess what we’re doing but they’ll never know for sure. That naughty feeling gives a whole new adrenaline rush,” added Jared, sitting down on the sand bar and lifting his cock out of his Speedo.

The water, which came halfway up his chest, was so clear it was easy to see how huge his cock had grown. And as Nathan sank down beside him and pulled his cock out too, his was just as large and ready.

Both men rolled condoms on—skin-colored ones this time—and grabbed her legs to pull her down with them. The water lapped around her shoulders.

One set of hands pushed her top up to hold her breasts and play with the nipples while another set removed her pants.

“Hey, don’t let them float away,” she gasped. But Jared just smiled and hooked one of his legs through the leg hole of her pants.

Then Talitha was pulled onto Jared’s lap and his cock sank into her cunt. She stretched around him and it felt so good, so right. She leaned in and kissed him. He pulled her ’til he was leaning back half floating in the water and Talitha felt Nathan’s hands on her ass then the squirt of gel into her anus.

“Lube?” she queried.

“Waterproof,” was the reply.

Then Nathan’s cock broached the ring of muscles in her ass. He waited there for a moment for her to get used to the feel of him then his hands started playing with her breasts as Jared kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue in her mouth and sucking on her tongue.

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Hot Story
Written by LAS Reviewer on 13th Sep 2014

She's ready to get out of her staid world and try something new -- line dancing! They need to learn a few smooth steps for his cousin's wedding. What are they learning? Line dancing! Now put two hunky men in line with a slightly uncertain woman and you have the makings of a hot time. You have to go read Dance for Three to learn more! I liked the concept of this story. She's not what pop culture considers thin and beautiful. She's what the rest of us call normal and healthy. Add in the two male elements -- a pair of gay men who don't need a woman in the relationship but can't seem to keep their hands off her and it makes for a fun, breezy read. Jared and Nathan were my favorite characters because they never once gave up in convincing Talitha to join them, be it for drinks, a vacation, or a romp between the sheets. Smooth operators your names are Nathan and Jared. Plus, they have some great lines that made me laugh. The scenes where they're together and showing their affections for each other were simply divine as well. Gives me shivers thinking about it. Talitha isn't what I expected and she took some time to grow on me. She's got enough backbone to put herself out there when it comes to dancing, but not men. I don't think this is a product of her low self esteem as much as a product of the culture we live in. And that's where the reader can relate. No one is perfect no matter how much we yearn to be. The idea that men who personify sex on a stick would be interested in her is tough to deal with -- even if it's yummy. I loved how she grew through the story and enjoyed following her on her journey to understand herself. If you want a beach read that will leave you a bit hot and bothered, then you need to read Dance for Three. I give it 4 cherries.

Sexy short story
Written by Bella March on 13th Sep 2014

When Talitha shows up at a line dancing class, she's embarrassed to realize her simple, casual attire is no match for the slinky, sexy clothes the other ladies are wearing. Hoping to make an escape she runs in to Jared and Nathan, partners hoping to learn to dance for a cousin's wedding. Later the men ask Talitha out for coffee, then for a night of pleasure at their home. Soon, one night turns into several and Talitha finds herself craving these men completely. But she knows this dance for three is only temporary. Or is it? There's something compelling about a seemingly gay male couple taking a woman as their third. This couple adds delicious romance to their seduction of Talitha with soft candlelight, music and gentle loving. It was as if she was the most beautiful treasure and they were her caretakers. I was swept away on this tide of sensuality. Not usually into the m/m stories, I was a little unnerved by the men calling each other "honey", but was quickly enamored of their gentle but firm command over Talitha. Readers will enjoy this sexy, short read.