Water by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 3
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Born to Rule, 3

Duncan is filled with rage. All through the long journey from Mu Arae 7 he’d envisioned his bride as an opulent, curvaceous, dark-skinned beauty, and he’d ended up with short, thin, light-skinned Raine. He wants to ignore her but the call between them is too strong. He claims her with lust and desperation, not love. 

Raine accepts that she’s Duncan's slave, but she’s also determined to explore the underground well. With or without his permission. With so many obstacles against them, can their lust develop into love?

Be Warned: anal sex, forced seduction



Raine was almost running as she hurried up the dunes from the ocean back toward the spaceship, her arm held tightly by the ferocious angry alien. He was walking fast and his legs were so much longer than hers, that she didn’t dare slow down. He was so annoyed she thought very likely he’d pull her arm right out of its socket if she dragged behind him and slowed him down.


Raine didn’t understand why the man was so cross. She heard his words again in her mind, but they didn’t make any sense.


Raine, Raine, Raine. Raine knows fucking everything. Who are you, bitch? Why have you been sent to torment me? Your scent is driving me wild, making you me crave you, but I don’t even like you. I hate you.


Why did he hate her? She’d never done anything to him. She, Skye, Flame, and Terah had been captured by these aliens and had to do whatever they said. As slaves they had no power and no rights. Terah seemed happy as the slave of Andreas, the leader of the aliens. Flame made no complaints about her master either, although Raine was sure she had a bruise on her neck under her shirt. But both her friends had smiled at their new masters and seemed content. So why did this man who said she belonged to him hate her?


At least Andreas had told her new master not to hurt her. Although Raine felt sure the word hurt could probably be interpreted several different ways. Still, he wouldn’t be able to kill her and she thought he might not even break her bones. On the other hand, dislocating her shoulder was going to happen right now if he didn’t slow down soon.


The alien who’d claimed her was named Duncan. All the aliens had purple eyes, and wore purple uniforms. They came from a planet called Mu Arae 7 which was a very long way from Earth. Apart from that, she knew nothing about them. However, since she was being taken to her captor’s private room, he was either going to beat her or fuck her. Or maybe both.


Raine was resigned to whatever he did. There was nothing she could do to prevent him now she was his property. She just wished she knew what had made him so cross so that she could be sure to calm him down and prevent him from being so angry in the future. The idea of being beaten every day for the rest of her life didn’t appeal to her at all. But if she could find out what she’d done wrong, then maybe she could avoid doing it from now on, and avoid a beating as well.


The aliens were very big men. Taller than any men she’d ever seen, and with enormously broad shoulders, and thickly muscled bodies. His arms were wider than her thighs, and her head barely came up to his shoulder. He could break her body like a stick for the fire with his bare hands if he wanted to.


He pulled a black thing from a hidden part of his uniform and the spaceship door opened. Almost without pausing, he hurried down a hallway and then up a narrow winding staircase. His shoulders touched the walls on both sides as he walked, and he moved so fast she almost fell trying to climb the stairs after him with one arm still stretched in front of her in his tight grip. She was going to have a huge bruise on that arm. He held her so tightly the skin under his fingers burned.


He stopped at a door and used the black thing again. Just like the door to the spaceship, this door disappeared inside the wall. He dragged her inside the room, pulling her close to him and now gripping both her shoulders so hard every one of his fingers dug deep into her skin. Raine did her best to stare back at him without displaying fear or pain, but inside, her stomach was roiling, every muscle was pulled tight so her body didn’t shake, and her teeth were clenched to stop them chattering together.


“You aren’t what I wanted. You aren’t what I expected. Why do you have to be my bride? Why?"


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4 Stars
Written by Amy on 12th Nov 2015

I like the whole concept of this series. I do wish it were a little longer and had more chance to develop more. That being said at first I hated Duncan and his attitude and vile words towards Raine. Raine is a sweet young girl who only wants to please her new Master. As time goes on Duncan finally redeems himself and I felt at the end of the story they were left in a good place. I look forward to reading what happens next.