Destined Dragon by Laura M. Baird

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Dragon shifter and Vegas businessman, Raibert McKade, has it all. Except for a mate. When no one holds his interest and casual hook-ups lose their appeal, he immerses himself in work, leaving no time for socializing. Until one morning, all his plans are rearranged when his mate literally runs into him.

Game designer, Layla Brantley, needs a drastic change, and a dream job in Vegas offers the perfect opportunity. Leaving behind parents who don’t support her and a deadbeat boyfriend who never appreciated her, she’s ready to make her life her own. She never expects to collide with a handsome man and discover he’s Raibert McKade, owner of The Mercury and host of the convention she’s attending. And she definitely doesn’t expect the man to show interest in her.

Raibert has his hands full with the captivating and curvy Layla, and he’d have it no other way. But will he convince her of her destiny, or will she walk away, leaving him to suffer loneliness for the rest of his days?



“I’m glad you’re here,” he said, his voice sounding rough to his ears.

“You are? But you don’t even know me.”

“I hope to change that.”

“You do?” That wide-eye gaze returned, and her surprised confusion had him chuckling.

“Is it so hard to believe I’d be interested in finding out more about the lovely woman standing before me? The woman who develops games and quickly made an amazing impression on my niece?”

“I did?”

Raibert couldn’t contain his laugh. Nor could he stop from reaching out to touch her again, stroking her cheek and seeing it blossom with color at his touch. “Yes, Layla, you did.” He delighted when she leaned ever so slightly into his touch. His desire amped up, but now was not the time and here was not the place to act upon it. After dropping his hand, he gently laced his fingers with hers and instantly felt her tremor. “Layla, would you do me the honor of having dinner with me tonight?”

“You want to have dinner with me? Tonight?”

“Are you always in the habit of questioning everything asked of you?”

She cocked her head as her face morphed with concentration. “I suppose I do. And I guess I do find it hard to believe someone like you would be interested in someone like me.”

“Someone like me? I am simply a man interested in a beautiful, intriguing woman.”

Layla snorted. “Simply a man,” she murmured. “And me? Intriguing? I’m as plain Jane as they come. I—”

Raibert hauled her against him, cradling the back of her head with his free hand, uncaring of the scene he made. He squelched her shock by fusing his lips to hers, kissing her deeply. Her body stiffened, yet she moaned in his mouth, and as each second passed, she began surrendering herself to him. Holding her, possessing her in the kiss, Raibert craved so much more as his dragon spirit flared to life. Mastering control, he banked his lust and gentled the kiss. With his tongue, he soothed her plundered lips before pulling a breath away.

“You, Layla Brantley, are magnificent. Don’t ever doubt that.” With a final kiss on the tip of her nose, he released her after ensuring she was steady on her feet. “I’ll be back to escort you to dinner. Enjoy the remainder of your afternoon.”

With great effort, he stepped back and spun, walking away from the woman who had already unknowingly branded his soul.

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Destined Dragon
Written by Di Budo on 27th Sep 2022

I really enjoyed this short book. Yes it’s short! If your looking for a longer story, then this book isn’t for you! But for those that like it short sweet and steamy then start the ball rolling girlies and gents lol!

Loved this sweet and fresh book
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Sep 2022

To say that this story was just sweet and spicy with a whole lot of steam doesn’t do it justice. It was all of those things and more. It was the perfect book about a dragon finding his mate who happened to be made just for him!! As the characters are described and the world is built around them you can tell that the main characters are going to have an epic love story and the book will most definitely have a HEA ending!!

Hot read
Written by RhondaVB on 27th Sep 2022

4.5 stars Although this was a short read, it was packed with tons of emotions. I enjoyed Raibert and Layla's story and just wished it would have been a bit longer. When it comes to good dragons stories, I'll always be right there. Raibert is a dragon shifter who is missing one thing in his life, his true mate. Along comes Layla with dreams of her own and when these two literally run into each other, Raibert knows she belongs to him. Now if he can just convince her of that! Hot, steamy and full of action, this was an awesome quick read!

Destined Dragon
Written by Karen99 on 27th Sep 2022

She Was His To Take! A fast paced, short novella full of romance, steam and a HEA. Railbert, Dragon Shifter had it all, a fantastic life, great business, more than enough money to last him 100 lifetimes but what was missing from his life was his one true mate. He’d almost given up on finding her when he literally bumped into her at his hotel. She was everything he’d ever dreamed off and he was determined to make her his! Layla Brantley was a fantastic games designer who had just started a new job with a company in Vegas. She had decided to live her life on her own terms after the end of her last relationship when she literally bumped into the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. Not wasting any time, Railbert asked her on a date and proceeded to persuade her that they were meant to be together and that she was his fated mate. If you love Dragon Shifter stories with a gorgeous hero, this one will definitely please.

So Sweet!
Written by CatMama0115 on 27th Sep 2022

This is a short sweet story. I loved Layla. She showed strength and vulnerability and Raibert was very sweet and considerate of her feelings. This is my first book by this author and I can't wait to read more of her work!

I liked it
Written by Shortbec on 27th Sep 2022

I do not normally read shifter stories, but I liked the plot on this one and read it. I liked it, it started out as a casual meet that turned into so much more. Railbert is a billionaire that has been around for some time and has realized that there is more to life then working but has not found his one to do it with until he runs into a women at his hotel. Layla comes from a small town she feels like she is meant for bigger things so she sets out on a path that leads her to her mate.