Handy Harry by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 3
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Reclusive artist Rufus Ward’s house needs repair, but he hates demolition and dust. However, when handyman Harry Hande rings his doorbell, Rufus lets him in. He’s everything the famous painter likes in a man: young, sexy, and somewhat confused about his sexuality. Rufus thought he was done with dating, but Harry is hot enough to push him from loneliness into love. 

Harry’s sensible demeanor disguises desperation. His brother is a jerk and he needs to move out, but his fledgling business isn’t quite ready to support him. Rufus is supposed to be just another client, but when they meet, all of Harry’s preconceived notions of attraction are demolished. Lust launches him into the dare of a lifetime. Will letting Rufus draw him nude destroy him, or will his true nature come out? 

Be Warned: m/m sex



“No, don’t be sorry. I started it when I flirted with you. I shouldn’t have flown off the handle.” Rufus flicked his pencil across the floor. “And now I’ve killed the mood entirely.”

Harry took a deep breath. “Not entirely.” His heart banged against his ribs. He felt like he was in a fast car driving for the edge of a cliff.

Rufus looked at him. “Oh?”

Harry lifted a shoulder. “I was curious. And I’m kind of being an ass because I had a weird day. That’s on me.”

“Hmm.” Rufus narrowed his eyes. “Are you still curious?” He stood up.

Harry stared at him. How could one man suddenly look so much bigger? He dropped his eyes nervously, fixing his gaze on a small hole in his jeans near his knee. He really should retire this pair. It would be bad to give clients the wrong impression if they thought he didn’t care about his appearance…

“Curious enough to play?”

Rufus’s voice was much closer. God, grow a pair, Harry. He forced himself to look up. The artist he’d admired for years stood right next to his chair. Loomed, actually. Rufus’s crotch was at face level and Harry knew that bulge was every bit as real as his own impossible-to-ignore erection.

“Yeah,” he said, looking up Rufus’s body.

The artist smiled at him, green eyes darkening. “Touch me. No more screwing around.”

Harry frowned. “What?”

Rufus dropped to his knees and put both hands on Harry’s thighs. “Touch me.”

Harry almost stopped breathing as the warmth from Rufus’s palms penetrated the thin denim. “Where?”

“Jesus, Harry. You’re a real piece of work, aren’t you?” Rufus shook his head and leaned in, brushing Harry’s cheek with his lips. “Fucking kiss me.” He leaned back and licked his lips. “I promise I won’t bite.”

God help me, I want him to bite. Harry’s hands shook as he gripped Rufus’s forearms and dragged him close. “This is nuts.”

Rufus laughed, and then he was kissing Harry, aggressive and perfect. The man didn’t beat around the bush. Harry moaned as peppermint burst across his tongue and then somehow Rufus’s hands were in his hair, holding tight. “Fuck,” Harry said. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t move.

“Maybe,” Rufus said, then dove in again, nipping at Harry’s lips. “You taste like cherries.”

“I was eating candy in the car,” Harry said, voice cracking when Rufus slid his lips down his jaw. “You taste like mint.”

“I like sweet things,” Rufus said, licking Harry’s neck.

“Fuck.” Harry gripped Rufus’s biceps and pushed him back. “Stop. I’m not sweet.”

Rufus paused. “You’re blowing hot and cold, Harry.” He turned his hands over and gripped Harry’s forearms, hard.

Harry flushed. “I don’t know what I want.”

“You’re hot and bothered, and you don’t know why the fuck you’re feeling that way about another man.” Rufus leaned in and kissed him quick and hard. “I get it.”

He doesn’t know me. Harry gritted his teeth, thinking about the anger on his brother’s face as they’d argued that morning. Fuck it. “I’ve had dreams about making out with a guy.”

Rufus smiled. “I figured.”

Harry flushed again. “Fuck you.”

Abruptly, Rufus tipped over Harry’s chair, sending him backward to the floor. Harry didn’t even have time to yell before Rufus was on top of him, pushing into him. “You think I wouldn’t fuck you, Harry?” Rufus ground his absurdly hard cock against Harry’s thigh. “I would. I absolutely would.”


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3.5 Stars
Written by blackmermaid on 16th Jul 2016

I liked this short out for you story! It was insta-love, but believable.

The Romance Reviews
Written by Annette on 6th Jan 2016

A short but engrossing tale with two adorable male leads, who are awkward but soon get over it. Rufus Ward is a reclusive painter who hasn't dated anyone in over five years. He's mostly dated women, but is bisexual and just doesn't want the hassle of trying to explain it to all and sundry. His house is falling down around his ears, but he barely notices, so engrossed is he in his art. It's up to his sister to arrange for a handyman to come and fix those odd jobs that he never seems to get around to. Rufus is annoyed and opens the door to give the hanydman a piece of his mind, but the words dry up when he sees the handsome man standing there. Harry Hande is young to have his own contracting business, but he's good at his job and he needs the money so he can move out and away from his older brother who does nothing but complain--about his job, his life, everything about Harry's life. Harry has always considered himself straight, but that was before he came face to face with Rufus Ward, the painter whose art Harry has loved for years and even managed to buy some prints. Working on the house is very disconcerting, especially when Rufus stares at him with such intensity and then comes the day when Rufus asks him to model for him... Sometimes a reader might feel cheated when they read a short story or novella, but that certainly isn't the case with Handy Harry. Ms. Leaf has written a complete story with deep characterization and engaging leads. Harry and Rufus are both so awkward around each other at first and I have to admit I do have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to characters who are a bit unsure. Not everyone in the world is confident and outgoing and it is wonderful to see less confident characters get their happily ever after, too. The book has a bit of unresolved sexual tension before Harry and Rufus finally get together and when they do, it is even hotter due to the build-up over those few weeks when they yearn from afar. The love scenes themselves are erotic and explicit, but without being coarse. You get the connection between the two characters, there is emotional depth as well as the physical acts. Rufus and Harry are both wonderful characters and I for one wouldn't mind a longer adventure with these two. If you like a slight bit of angst before the happily ever after, give it a try. You'll be glad you did. - See more at: http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=19651#sthash.AJ1ZP6aT.dpuf

GGR Review
Written by Lily on 25th Nov 2015

Harry is a young tradesman who is trying to establish his small business and move forward in life. As you can imagine, his age may be an issue as most of his competitors would be older. He offers fair prices and does his job very well so when a previous client sends him to her brother’s home for repair, he accepts it immediately When the new customer opens the door, he gets the shock of his life because his new customer is his a well-known artist Rufus who is an older male. Initially Rufus gets cranky that his sister sent the handyman but once he sees Harry’s face, he stops complaining…well, wouldn’t you if the handyman was a gorgeous man who is polite and works well? The attraction is almost immediate between Harry and Rufus and the way they secretly eye each other is not only endearing but sexy because the writer explains each character’s point of view impeccably….Ohh…the things they think as they discreetly drool over each other. It was as if I was a psychic fly on the wall with the ability to read thoughts!!! I was there watching these two salivating over each other and trying to hide the tents in the front of their jeans. Hehee. It was really cute and sensuous. But what got me swooning was when these two actually “got” together. Oh. My twinkling stars, it was sizzling, sweet and funny!!! If my house didn’t have an aircon, I would have had to look for a post card to fan myself so I didn’t combust instantly! This is an instant love story but the way the author paced at the beginning till the near the end made me forget the time…yes, I was really caught up between their sizzling energy and engaging dialogue that had some funny banter. The characters had substance and were well established. The plot was sweet. It was easy and fun to read but the reason I have 3.5 stars was because the end of the story felt rushed. It seemed to move from showing to telling and that is fine but I really wanted to “see” Harry’s brother and the interaction between him and Harry. I wanted to see how Harry handled the situation and I also wanted to know how Rufus dealt with it too. However, this did not detract from the ongoing level of enjoyment I felt from the earlier parts of the story. I carried the sweet feeling and the smile on my face despite the writer’s rush to finish the story….It was still engaging and pleasant to read. I look forward to reading more stories from this author.

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 24th Nov 2015

This was a very quick love story that gave you two very different men who were on different paths in life. Rufus just wants to paint and be left alone but his sister decided his house needs work before it makes him sick. Even though he fights her on it he knows he won’t win so he gives in, especially since the handy man is hot. Harry Hande (yes you can laugh a little at his name) is not sure why he’s attracted to Rufus but he has respected the man’s work and get passed his issues to be finish his work. They embark on what starts as a portrait into a fill blown love affair and Harry’s world is changed forever. I enjoyed this book and wished it was longer, I wanted to know more about these characters, especially Rufus. I give this short story 4 diamonds and wish I could read more from these two.

Queercentric Books
Written by Kelley Austin on 19th Nov 2015

Handy Harry is a sweet and steamy short story. The title and Harry’s name made me roll my eyes here and there, but I still enjoyed the humor. Overall, Handy Harry is a short story so don’t expect a huge plot or a lot of dynamics, but contained within these few pages is a great story of finding love where and when you least expect it. Erin Leaf’s writing left no questions unanswered in the few pages we were given.

The TBR Pile
Written by Laurie P on 5th Nov 2015

At twenty three, Harry is young. Very young to be running his own handyman business. So when he gets the offer to work at one of his artistic idol’s home, he jumps at the chance. Rufus is a well known and loved artist. He’s also twelve years Harry’s senior. And where Rufus is bisexual, Harry is as straight as they come. Or at least that’s what Harry has always thought. So what is it about Rufus that has Harry’s libido perking up? Both of the characters in this story are well formed and the story is well written. It is fun watching both Rufus and Harry’s approach to first friendship then love. I love watching Harry as he gave real thought to being with a man for the first time. Then there is Rufus as he goes back and forth about giving up his self imposed no relationship status. I love how the author used the gentle back and forth between these two as they felt each other out about their sexual preference, needs and wants. I give this 4 stars because while it’s a sweet, gentle yet hot read, it doesn’t have the emotional impact. Also for those who must have a HEA, this story has more of a HFN with the HEA implied. Handy Harry is a recommended read!

Totally a sweet, fun short story, leaves you with a smile on your face!
Written by SE on 25th Oct 2015

I really enjoyed this sweet bromance. The artist and the handy man was a fun read that leaves you with a smile on your face for the implied HEA!

Shocked but at the same time excited...
Written by QUEERcentric Books on 21st Oct 2015

Reviewed by Kelley Austin for QUEERcentric Books Handy Harry by Erin Leaf is a story of finding the right person in a place you never, ever would have looked. Harry is a handy man and Rufus is a famous artist, two different people from separate worlds that collide together. Rufus is wealthy and has led a comfortable life, never caring about money, but his sister pushes him into finally having work done on his home, which he has neglected. The only problem is the guy that she hired to do the work—well he definitely won’t be a problem per se. It takes only a step inside Rufus’s home to realize just who Harry is doing this work for: a famous artist whose prints are hanging in his own home. While holding back his enthusiasm, Harry gets the contract for the work on the home. As Rufus watches Harry work, he can’t get him out of his head, so before he thinks about what he is saying he asks to draw Harry. Shocked, but at the same time excited, Harry accepts. Harry is straight, always has been, but his attraction to Rufus has thrown him completely off guard and he just can’t shake it. Rufus, on the other hand, is bisexual and his attraction to Harry is strong. Without knowing if Harry feels the same, Rufus unabashedly flirts with him. Rufus has never hidden his sexuality, but he has also never been open about it. So opening himself to a relationship with Harry is a major step forward, and one that unfortunately may make him lose some traction in the art world. Ultimately, the relationship that they form makes it all worthwhile. Their relationship is also a big step for Harry, as he goes in a direction that he never thought he would go. He loses the support of some family, but that family wasn’t firmly by his side anyway. Handy Harry is a sweet and steamy short story. The title and Harry’s name made me roll my eyes here and there, but I still enjoyed the humor. Overall, Handy Harry is a short story so don’t expect a huge plot or a lot of dynamics, but contained within these few pages is a great story of finding love where and when you least expect it. Erin Leaf’s writing left no questions unanswered in the few pages we were given.