Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Four-Letter Word, 2

What if you met your soul-mates after you crashed your bicycle? Would you recognize them?

For Sherry, the two men who come to her rescue are gorgeous, fun, and delicious to kiss. She forgets all about them until they meet again at a charity-kissing booth. Is it fate? Destiny? Who cares? Eli and Simon are rich, handsome, and eligible. Kissing them is awesome. Watching them kiss each other is even better, but Sherry knows not to take her infatuation too seriously.

However, when she encounters them for a third time at a deserted highway rest stop, the kisses they share leave her breathless and yearning for more. Something is different. Her lust for their lips might be turning into a desire for love and happily ever after, but her secrets may spell disaster. Can Eli and Simon heal her wounded heart? Will they kiss her qualms away?

Be Warned: menage romance (MMF), anal sex, mm sex.



She looked into his eyes, hoping for understanding. His expression reassured her. Grab hold of your nerve and just tell him, she thought. "I'm a virgin."

Eli stared, clearly flabbergasted. Sherry glanced at Simon, not surprised to see an identical expression on his face. She rushed to explain. "I was saving myself. I wanted to be sure. I wanted my first time to be with someone who would treat me right. Someone who cared." She blushed, embarrassed, which was just ridiculous. They were the ones who were naked.

"Oh Sherry, don't, it's okay," Eli murmured. He drew her into his body. His skin was so incredibly hot. Sherry let herself relax. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I'm sure. And besides," she pulled back, looked him right in the eyes. "You and Simon haven't actually done this before, either, right?"

Simon chuckled. "Well, we've had sex before but not with each other. So technically you're right." He glanced at his friend. "She's got us there, Eli."

"We'll take it slow," Eli said.

Sherry frowned. "No. Don't take it slow. I'm a virgin, not an idiot. I want to make love with you, no holding back." She thrust a finger in Eli's chest. "Promise me."

Eli sighed and Sherry knew he was about to argue with her so she slid her hand around his erection, letting her fingers caress the sensitive skin. Eli sucked in a breath, choking off whatever he was about to say.

Sherry smiled wickedly. "Mmm-hmm. See? I'm a fast learner." She leaned down and kissed his cock, then opened her mouth and licked. He tasted surprisingly sweet.

"Oh, fuck, Sherry—" Eli's hips stuttered against her hand. Then Simon was there, holding Eli down.

"Suck him," Simon said.

Sherry looked at Simon who leaned in, pressing his weight on Eli. "Suck him. He'll like it, I promise."

Sherry nodded, thinking about all the daydreams she'd had about doing this. She let Eli's cock slip back into her mouth and this time after licking around the crown, she did as Simon said and sucked lightly. Eli bucked again but Simon held him down.

"That's it, that's perfect," Simon said, leaning even closer. Sherry let Eli slide out of her mouth with a pop.

"Do you want to try?"

Simon blinked, then smiled. "Yeah. Yeah, I do."

Sherry wrapped her hands around Eli and offered him to Simon who licked his lips and bent down. When his mouth touched Eli's cock, he opened up and slid him inside, way further than Sherry was able to handle. Eli panted and Sherry looked up at his face. He watched them huddled over his groin, green eyes bright with desire.

"Oh my fucking God, Simon. Sherry, you two—" Eli ground his teeth and twisted his hands in the coverlet. "I'm going to come. Like, right now. Oh—"

Simon pulled off and squeezed around Eli's balls. Eli groaned and let his head flop back on the pillow. "You're killing me."

Sherry grinned and shifted on the bed. Her thong dug into the soft folds of her pussy, irritating the sensitive skin.  The cufflink she’d dropped into her cleavage was stuck to her stomach. "I'm kind of over-dressed, I think."

Eli let go of the bedding and rolled on to his side. "Simon, you can let go now."

Simon nodded and turned to Sherry. "Let's get this dress off you, okay?"

Sherry smiled, untying the strap that held the dress up over her shoulder. When she let go, the soft fabric fell to her waist and Simon’s diamond cufflink tumbled to the floor. The men stared at her nude breasts then Simon bit his lip.

"You have pierced nipples," he croaked.

Sherry grinned. "Yes. It makes them really sensitive. She reached up and ran her fingers over the tiny silver studs, shivering at the sparks of pleasure that ran through her.

"Wow," Eli said, stunned.

Sherry had to laugh. "I'm a virgin, but I'm not that innocent." She flicked her nipples again just to see Simon and Eli drool.

"Okay, we've got to get you naked. Now." Simon tugged her down. She willingly fell to the bed and let him pull her dress off the rest of the way. The only thing left was her silver satin thong, which basically hid nothing. Her hands went down to push it off, but Eli stopped her.

"No, let me." He grabbed the skimpy fabric and tugged it down her legs. Sherry sighed in relief even as she fidgeted, knowing they were looking at her pussy. Moisture slicked her labia.

"Sherry, you are so lovely," Simon breathed. He moved in and tongued over her nipple, playing with the stud. She gasped. His mouth was hot. Eli settled his hands on her knees and gently pushed them further apart.

"I'm going to kiss you now," he said, lowering himself down so that his face was between her legs. He inhaled deeply and kissed her softly on her clit.

Sherry cried out as her body quivered. Oh my God. He's kissing me there? His mouth rubbed over her gently, then he licked along her slit. Everything felt so good. Sherry couldn't breathe, couldn't think. Her vision whited out until the only thing she sensed was Eli's mouth on her clit and Simon's on her breasts. She bit her lips, locking her hands in the bedspread. If only Eli would touch her harder, or faster, or something, she wasn't sure what she needed. She wanted more.

"Please," she managed, thrusting her hips.

Eli leaned back and kissed the inside of one thigh then the other. "I've got you. Just relax."

"Relax? Are you kidding me?" she moaned, letting go of the bedding. Simon kissed her left nipple and she groaned, overwhelmed.

"You're so sweet," Simon said, switching to the other breast just as Eli dived back in. He kissed her again. She clenched her fists in Simon's hair and held on.

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Really Enjoyed This Book!
Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 11th Aug 2015

Oh Erin! You know me so well, and it's like you are writing books just for me. MMF ménage is a major weakness of mine. I just can't get enough of it, and when the characters are this awesome, it makes me want more. Sherry, Simon, and Eli are perfect together. Through their chance (I call them fated) meetings, their passion grows. Each one gets a little hotter until the three of them FINALLY come together. Their scenes are nuclear, but they're also sweet. In fact, the first time (Sherry's a virgin) was so beautiful, I went back and read it several times. Of course, nothing goes smoothly. It seems like the world is conspiring against them, and sometimes, it seems almost impossible, but their love for one another just can't be denied. I loved this book. Really loved it. Like stay up all damn night loved it. It's so well written and so well thought out (and adorable). They'll make you fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other. This is the second in the "Four Letter Word" series. I've read the first, and I'm eager to read the third. I highly recommend this story, and I hope that you'll be as enchanted with Sherry, Eli, and Simon as I was.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Sep 2012

"Kiss Is A Four Letter Word" was, in a word, unexpected. Unlike a typical romance where boy(s) meet girl, boy pursues girl, small fuss, and then girl gets boy(s), this is a study in patience and sensual teasing. Sherry is a very curious (see: horny), sassy, yet somehow innocent young woman that finds what she'd been looking for in the sexy and conflicted Eli and Simon. She does not, however, immediately run into their arms- to stay at least-, but insists on being the world's most teasing kitten for at least half of the book, and being their very earnest love for the other half. For their part, though I did feel that both Eli and Simon were drawn as a bit older than their actions spoke to, and as a result, they were somewhat more distant to me as the reader. I did like them both, but I especially had an inclination for the ever thoughtful Eli (but then again, I did always like the strong, dark, silent type best). The story is short, but will keep you on your toes as it is a constant adventure in getting these three that are meant for each other TOGETHER. From nosy journalists to well-meaning friends, the heroes have to overcome quite a few stumbling blocks before story end. But I must say, the way the author handled the evolution of the relationship with the guys, and the mischievous yet guilty conscience of the heroine was done well if, at times, rushed. This is a book that will keep you wondering and is a nice, lighter step outside the norm for the avid romance reader. My advice: This'd probably be the perfect thing for a short, slightly naughty beach read before the end of the summer. Enjoy!

Coffee Times Romance
Written by undefined on 9th Jul 2012

Sherry quite literally crashes into the men of her dreams. Problem is who can pick between two hunky men. The next time she sees them she begins to wonder if she could have them both. Eli and Simon are both attracted to Sherry from the moment they picked her up off the ground. The next time she meets them they get the sweetest taste of Sherry and each other. Sherri is unable to see a real future with them despite the sexy kisses during their third meeting. When Simon and Eli meet Sherry again they are determined she will never run again. Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word is hot, hot, hot. The interaction between Sherri and her men is outstanding, but the interaction between Eli and Simon adds a spice not to be missed. I found the book easy to read and before I knew it the story was over. Erin M. Leaf provides an erotic story to make the temperature rise and enthrall the reader.

Just Erotic Romance Review
Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2012

Sherry is mortified when she goes ass over head on her mountain bike. Fortunately, two studly visions of male perfection are there to help patch her up! Simon and Eli can’t believe their good luck when they encounter luscious Sherry once again while manning a kissing booth at a fundraiser fair. Too bad the little minx not only wants to kiss each of them…but she also pays them to kiss each other! After those soul searing smooches, none of them can stop thinking about the other two, so when the three wind up tangled in the sheets, it’s no surprise that they set the room on fire. But Sherry is from an entirely different world than the wealthy and enigmatic playboys, and despite her sincere wish for a long term and loving ménage relationship, she finds herself running from what could be the best thing she’s ever had. With encouragement from friends and family, and the love of two incredible men, Sherry lets her walls crumble down and gives into exquisite pleasure in Eli and Simon’s arms. Dear Ms. Leaf: MORE is also a four-letter word! As the second book in the Four-Letter Word series, I can only hope that this talented author fills her literary resume with many more titles. Kiss is a Four-Letter Word is one hot and steamy encounter after another, and with a decent storyline it fulfills exactly what I needed from a ménage tale. Between the men’s uncomfortable uncertainty about their feelings toward one another to the big girl act that Sherry has down, this is not only a good story, but also superbly hot! I love that Ms. Leaf incorporates the laws of attraction into this book, relying on serendipity and chance to bring the characters together rather than forcing encounters. While not terribly original, what it lacks in uniqueness it makes up for with heat, humor and heart. The men’s relationship in particular is so sweetly erotic yet still frantic once that bisexual door is kicked open. Kiss is a Four-Letter Word is a scrumptiously indulgent summer read with lots of yummy MMF ménage action that will have you begging for MORE!