Risk is a Four-Letter Word by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Four-Letter Word, 1

What if you met your soul-mates on the beach and didn’t realize it? How many chance encounters would it take before you risked everything and let yourself fall in love with not one, but two men?

For Carrie, losing her bikini top in the ocean leads to an erotic encounter with two gorgeous guys. For Eric and Zeke, the steamy kiss they share with her is an amusing interlude on a sunny, summer day, but when the three of them meet again at the art museum, attraction turns into passion. Zeke and Eric realize their feelings for each other are just as potent as their desire for Carrie.

Will they risk everything and choose love? Will Carrie be willing to take that leap with them when loving two men means goodbye to her safe, conventional existence?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, public exhibition, bondage, anal sex




"Carrie, I want to kiss you so badly. You’re beautiful." His voice deepened to a low rumble.


He was asking permission? Another drop of moisture slipped from her core and rolled down her thigh. At this rate she was going to make a mess of the bed before anything even happened.


"Yeah, okay," she said thickly. Like she was going to protest? Sensing her need, Eric lowered his head slowly. Too slowly. Carrie slid her fingers into his hair and pulled him down. She licked over his lips. He opened up and let her dip into his mouth. He tasted like mint. She lost herself in the sensuality of the kiss, not even pausing when Zeke's hand slid from her waist down to her pussy. What a clever, clever man. Carrie opened her legs, knowing he'd immediately realize how aroused she was.


"Carrie, my God, you are so wet," Zeke murmured, rubbing his fingers over her labia. She let her thighs fall open further and he slid a finger inside, teasing, before slipping out to play with the hood of her clit. She tore her face away from Eric, panting. Zeke chuckled and continued to torment her, sliding down the bed until his mouth was on her mound, blowing air over her sensitized flesh. He shoved the covers away as she writhed, wanting more, but he continued to gently roll the hood around with his fingers, never enough pressure to do more than drive her insane.


"Zeke, please," she begged.


"Patience," he murmured as he opened her labia with his thumbs. He blew on the exposed bud and she shuddered.


"God, Zeke," Eric rasped. He stared at the juncture of her thighs. She reached for him, hoping to bring him in for a kiss, but Zeke slid a finger over her again and her intent shattered.


"Zeke. You're killing me here." Carrie slung a leg over his shoulder, trying to get him closer.


He chuckled as he pulled back on her clit, exposing the tip. More moisture rolled out of her pussy as she froze, waiting for him to do something.


"You are so lovely," he said then he bent his head.


She felt warm breath for a moment and then he was licking at the tight bundle of nerves, light and quick. She arched her back, seized with pleasure. Eric rolled his arm under her shoulders and sucked on her neck, adding to the unbearable sensations rocketing through her body. Zeke kept lapping at her, the tiny, tight flicks driving her right to the edge before he abruptly pulled back.


"No," she protested, crooking her leg and trying to keep him close. He kissed the inside of her thigh and ducked away. The next thing she knew, Zeke was rolling across the bed to fumble in the nightstand.


Carrie frowned, her pussy throbbing, but Eric kissed her again, so deeply she thought he might be trying to distract her. She let him, drowning in the taste of him. He mouthed down her throat, pausing to lick at the spot he'd sucked earlier, playing with the sensitive skin. What was he doing to her? It felt like a hot wire going from his mouth to her clit, bright and sharp. She clutched at him, but he slipped away to her breasts. She couldn't think. Could barely breathe. She tugged at his hair, but he didn't budge.


"Eric," she whispered, mouth dry. She swallowed, trying again. "Eric."


He looked at her, grinning. "I want to taste you so bad." Carrie’s body went molten as he nibbled her nipple. She burned even hotter when Zeke came back and settled between her thighs again. Yes, she thought. Yes, yes, that's exactly where I want you. Eric sucked on her and she twisted, bumping her pussy against Zeke's cock.


He sucked in a breath, hard. He grabbed her legs and widened them until her joints ached. "Is this okay? I need to fuck you," Zeke asked, his legs trembling between hers.


She nodded and Zeke took himself in hand to tease at her entrance. He deliberately slipped around all the most sensitive parts until she growled and grabbed at his hips with her legs. She arched her back and thrust up into him in desperation. His cock slid in all at once and the three of them groaned. Carrie whipped her head back, wondering, then saw Eric was watching where Zeke had his cock inside her body. She flushed, knowing what she must look like. Then Zeke moved and she forgot all about how she was a total slut, putting out before the first date.


"Carrie, Jesus, you feel so fucking good," Zeke said, thrusting in short, sharp bursts. All she could do was hang on. Eric bit at her nipples and she gasped, her climax suddenly dancing all along her spine. Zeke froze.


No, not now, dammit! Her eyes flew open. "I'm going to come, don't stop, don't stop!" Her voice sounded high. Breathy. Eric somehow got his face down between her legs and licked at her clit. Carrie went postal, writhing and bucking as her orgasm flared. Zeke had to hold her hips down so he could fuck into her.


Carrie loved it. She loved being held down like that. Pleasure ripped through her like a flash flood. She rode it, keening and shoving herself onto Zeke's rock-hard erection, savoring the rough sensation of Eric's stubble scraping at her thighs. Her body spasmed once, twice, three times before she could catch her breath. When her back finally unknotted itself, she sighed, but Eric hadn't stopped playing with her clit. He sucked lightly and she jerked, the over-stimulated zing of his mouth almost too much. Zeke was hard as ever in her pussy, shoving in with long, steady strokes. She petted them both.


Eric lifted his head. "You can have another, Carrie."




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Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 10th Aug 2015

This is one of the sexiest books I've read in a long time. From the moment Carrie loses her bikini top in the ocean, to the very end of the story, I was completely captivated by her, Eric, and Zeke. They're the sort of characters that you'd like to be friends with. They're also characters that are easy to fall in love with, and I did just that...especially with Zeke and Eric. This is a love story that has a very slow burn. Zeke and Eric are roommates, so they're always together, but they meet and lose Carrie at least six times before all of them come together. While all of these meetings come and go, the men realize what's been under their noses the entire time. Yes, they both want Carrie, but they discover that they want each other as well. That was sexy as hell, by the way. Speaking of sexy as hell, Erin Leaf really knows how to make a sex scene hot and powerful. I know that I used the whole, "My Kindle burned my fingers" thing a LOT, but it's the God's honest truth here. From their kisses and caresses and everything that followed, I was caught up. I confess to a little bit of seat squirming, and a bit of sweat pouring out of my brown. Just...just...GAH!! Of course, it's not all smooth sailing. Their families are not exactly thrilled with what's happening. They're very judgmental. I was actually disturbed by that. If you love someone, why not want them to be happy, no matter who they choose to love? It's frustrating to read that, but it fits in perfectly with the story. Our wonderful ménage has a few obstacles along the way, but it will only make them stronger in the end. This is the first in the "Four Letter Word" series, and I was thrilled with it. I've also read the second, and it was equally as sexy and awesome. You all need to pick this one up. You'll love it so much!!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 26th Oct 2012

In the stuff right out of a girl’s worst nightmare, Carrie has lost her bikini top in the ocean…with a crowded family beach right in front of her! Thank goodness two tall dark and handsome men have come to her rescue! Before she can get more than their names, Zeke and Eric have vanished, leaving Carrie with nothing but fantasies of the three of them together. While Zeke and Eric have finally come to terms with the newly sexual parameters of their relationship, they still can’t stop thinking of the delectable Carrie. Fate has the trio in its sites, as several random encounters thrust them together over and over again. Carrie’s got to be nuts for getting involved with TWO men, but she can’t help the way her pulse kicks up when they’re near her. The three finally give into destiny, but making it through their families angry and bigoted emotional battlegrounds will take a strength none knew they possessed. Risk is a Four-Letter Word is the first book in the Four-Letter Word series by the terrific Ms. Leaf. I absolutely loved that Zeke and Eric went after their attraction after being in the “just friends” category for so many years, despite the risk to existing business and personal relationship. Carrie’s character is charmingly unsure of her feelings, and I enjoyed that she didn’t have any “bad” relationships that she was leaning on for emotional distance, but rather that she just didn’t know how she would fit in a ménage relationship with two guys. The sex in this book is insanely hot! Frantic and almost crazed, it’s like the three are drugged when they’re together! I love the stolen public kisses and sexual encounters, its’ so fun to read about this triad who don’t even try to fight their animalistic attraction to one another! While Risk is a Four-Letter Word isn’t all that groundbreaking, it is certainly enjoyable, and I will definitely be reading more in the Four-Letter Word series by Ms. Leaf!

Manic Readers
Written by undefined on 4th May 2012

Carrie meets two hunks at the beach, and is attracted to Eric and Zeke, but over the next few months, she can’t seem to get together with them. In the meantime, Eric and Zeke realize that although they have been friends since childhood, neither knew the other was bisexual. They embark on a homosexual relationship, but both want Carrie to complete them and become a family. By the time they manage to get together, all three are already in love with each other to some extent. Lots of conflict in Risk is a Four Letter Word, as the two men aren’t sure how to continue their lives together or with a woman in the mix. All three of their families are somewhat less than supportive of their lifestyle choices, so they spend a lot of the story tending to the conflicts. The sex is really, really hot, and the men seem to be very empathetic and so nice you have to wonder if they are for real. Carrie takes a chance on them, and we see a HEA for now ending. I’m seeing lots of stories about gay men hooking up with the woman of their dreams lately, and I’m not entirely sure this would ever happen in real life, but it makes for great sex and interesting stories.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 3rd May 2012

Carrie Haake was franticly trying to find the top to her bikini. It was some where and she needed to find it and get it back on. There was no way she was leaving the water and go on shore at a public beach with no top especially with her nieces and nephew right there. Her sister wasn’t going to be any help as she was sleeping under the umbrella. When her top shows up though, Carrie is looking at two of the best looking guys she’s ever seen, Zeke and Eric. Zeke and Eric have been best friends since childhood. They currently live together and make top end furniture. They also both appreciate Carrie and hope to be able to get a date with her. But when one of Carrie’s nieces grabs her attention, both guys disappear. The three bump into each other again at an art museum in New York. There the attraction they all feel is once again felt. This time, they go a bit further than they did at the beach though the guys still haven’t got Carrie’s phone number! However, they do find out that the attraction they feel towards Carrie extends to each other. They continue to bump into each other when they don’t expect it like at the Emergency Room or during a blizzard. Each time the attraction becomes harder to resist until they don’t. But while these three may be wanting to explore this attraction, they have families and not everyone is as accepting or open minded as to accept that Zeke and Eric might be a couple much less adding Carrie into the mix. What to do? This story is absolutely awesome. It grabbed me from the first scene where Carrie is trying to find her top and kept my interest until the last page where I truly didn’t want it to end. The characters are superb. Carrie isn’t a daring person. She’s serious, industrious and very family orientated. She seldom dates and most of her dates turn out bad. The thought of one good looking guy dating her is a foreign thought much less two. Zeke and Eric balance each other. They aren’t the same person. While one is easy going, the other is a bit intense. One’s father is an alcoholic and abusive while the other is from a loving home. Each loves their families but they are their own men. And, neither was willing to test their friendship to explore the sexual feelings they had towards the other. The emotional pull is outstanding. Eric and Zeke are guys. They don’t talk about feelings so when a not so accidental kiss deepens into something more, they aren’t sure where the other stands or what they feel. They are forced to talk about their feelings which makes them uncomfortable. Carrie loves her sister, Olivia. Olivia thinks Carrie is going to date two guys, not two guys together. Still, she will support Carrie no matter what she does. The love is strong and it comes across. Putting Carrie into the mix of Zeke and Eric makes things muddy but the emotions that come through are strong, even if they are confused! All those emotions make the hot sex even hotter. No matter who is involved the sex is graphic, intense and will make you horny. There are scenes with just the guys and others with all three. Each and everyone is written so you feel as if you are participating. Expect to be turned on and needing to be cooled off when reading this story. Erin M. Leaf is a new author to me but I’ll be looking for more of her work. This story was over way too quickly and I didn’t want to leave this relationship. Still, the story was complete, just too short. (There is only around 100 pages.) I fell in love with the characters, appreciated the touches of humor and felt my heart tug with all the emotional drama. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a story. Bottom line: If you like contemporary ménage, read this story. It is one of the best stories I have read in a while and I can’t wait to find more stories by Erin M. Leaf.