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Soulmate by Erin M. Leaf


Product Description

Soulmates, 1

Guy Keaton doesn’t want a hookup or a soulmate or anything in between. When he lost his wife to cancer, he knew he’d be alone for the rest of his life. He has a grown son, and his woodshop, and in a world where those born with powerful gifts are few and far between, that’s all that really matters. 

Theo Fraser’s empathic gift is rare and strong. He isn’t looking for love, but when he meets Guy, everything changes, because he knows that when you find your soulmate, you hold on tight and don’t let go. The only problem is that Guy thinks he’s straight, and Theo doesn’t know if he can convince a man already set in his ways to change his mind. 

Will Guy be able to give up his grief and accept Theo’s love? And what happens when a terrible betrayal forces them to fight to keep each other alive?

Be Warned: m/m sex



“You seem very sure I’m bisexual.” Guy put his hands in his pockets.

Theo paused on the trail. He could see the trailhead just up ahead. “Aren’t you?”

Guy looked at him. “I was married for a long time.”

“That’s not an answer.” Theo took a risk and stepped closer. “I know a great way for you to find out for sure.” He ignored the little voice in his head that was telling him not to be an impulsive idiot. He looked back down the trail and waved a “wait” signal to the two bodyguards trailing them. Julio had already reached the trailhead, and Theo knew he was checking out the car. They were as alone as they were going to get right now. And it’s just a kiss. It’s not like we’re going to have sex in the middle of a hiking trail.

“How?” Guy asked, sounding wary.

“I kiss you right here, right now. If you like it, you’re bi. If you don’t, you’re not.” Theo waited, knowing even as the words left his mouth that nothing in life was as simple as what he’d just suggested. He knew that even if Guy enjoyed the kiss, there would be some serious questions for his soulmate to wade through before he came out the other side. Guy had just spent most of his life thinking he was straight, and denying the feelings that were buried deep all along. And I know firsthand that it isn’t easy to change beliefs you hold onto too tightly, Theo mused, thinking of his parents. He shook off the bad memories. Now was not the time to dredge up that emotional shitstorm.

“That’s crazy,” Guy said, half smiling, and half looking like a man about to run for the hills. “You could be a shitty kisser.”

Theo smirked. Guy hadn’t said no. “I’m an Empath. I’m incapable of being a shitty kisser.”

Guy laughed, as Theo had intended. “So the rumors about Empaths are true? They’re great in bed?”

Theo didn’t reply. He let his silence speak for him.

Guy ran a hand over the back of his neck. “This is crazy,” he muttered, repeating himself.

Theo’s cock swelled as he sensed Guy’s tentative arousal. And fear. Don’t forget the fear, he thought, as his power instinctively reached out to his soulmate. Guy was the one person in the world he would never be able to block out. He sensed Guy’s attraction to him, and his anxiety, as well as his bone-deep weariness with being sad. The relaxation he’d felt just a little while ago on the trail lingered, too.

“Yeah, okay. What the hell,” Guy said, stepping closer. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Theo grinned. “You sound like a man trying to decide if he should try out a new taco, not a kiss.”

“It’s just as terrifying,” Guy replied instantly. “You never know when a taco could be harboring one of those insanely hot peppers. I could get burned.”

Theo reached out and put a hand on Guy’s shoulder, willing him to relax. “I’m not a habanero, Guy,” Theo murmured.

“You might as well be,” Guy said, his voice catching.

Theo moved his hand from Guy’s shoulder to his cheek. “Shh.”

Guy’s eyes widened.

Theo put his thumb on Guy’s lips and sensed a sudden spike in the older man’s arousal. Here goes nothing, he thought, just before he leaned in and kissed his soulmate for the first time.


Guy froze as Theo’s lips touched his. Theo’s mouth was soft and expressive, and so damned hot he thought he might go up in flames if he moved even an inch. He stood there, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with him, when suddenly his Craft power lit up through his body. Energy rushed through him, and he reached out to grab Theo’s arms. He meant to push him away, but he found himself clutching at the younger man as if he were a life raft and Guy was drowning.

“Easy,” Theo murmured against his mouth.

“Fuck.” Guy kissed him back, searching for … what? He had no idea. All he knew was that he’d never felt so damned aroused in his life. His cock shoved against his pants, hard and hot and insistent. He groaned when Theo slid his hands into his hair and kissed him again, licking into his mouth with intent. They were the same height, so Guy didn’t have to crane his neck down the way he’d had to in order to kiss Pamela. It was strange. Hot. More than that, though, he felt unbalanced. Confused.

Theo gentled the kiss and pulled back. “There.”

There? Who was the man kidding? Guy stared at him. Was Theo as stunned as he was? The younger man’s mouth looked red and slightly swollen. I did that to him, Guy thought, and then, But I’m straight.

“Dammit,” Theo muttered, and then he stepped closer and kissed Guy again.

This time, Theo pressed himself up against Guy’s torso, and for the first time in his life, Guy felt another man’s hard-on against his hip. “Jesus,” he gasped, unable to stop his body’s instinctive thrust forward. He grabbed Theo’s arms again, absently reveling in the man’s strength, and pulled him closer. “What the fuck is happening?”

Theo answered by biting Guy’s lower lip.

Guy moaned into Theo’s mouth, and walked them back until the younger man’s body hit the sturdy oak tree at the edge of the trail. Guy’s Craft flared again, and the tree shuddered as his energy hit it, but then Theo slid his tongue into his mouth and he didn’t care about anything except the younger man coaxing him to open himself wide. He did, and Theo bit him again. Guy’s erection swelled, and he gasped. He slid his hands down Theo’s arms to his hips.

“Oh, God,” Theo said, head thunking back against the tree as Guy pushed into him.

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2018

    SOULMATE is the first book in the Soulmates series, and already I find myself reading about a world that I love!

    Guy is still grieving for his wife. She may have died of cancer three years ago, but the emptiness he feels inside hasn't diminished with time. Theo is in his thirties, a Council member, and openly gay. He is also one of the few Empaths around. When these two meet, sparks fly, and I was desperately hoping Guy would realise what he had before it was too late.

    There is so much to enjoy in this book - political machinations, assassination attempts, trees being re-shaped, soul-rings, I could go on. This is a gorgeous gay-for-you (sort of) story that absolutely fulfills my sappy romantic side. There were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading, and the scenes flowed nicely from one to the next.

    This is only the first book, and I can't wait for more. Absolutely recommended by me!

  2. Soulmate - Guy and Theo 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2018

    'Soulmate' is set in a world where a fraction of the population has a gift, very few with strong ones, but as a group they're known as crafted. They get along with humans yet there's unrest amongst some fractions. This story reminded me of Robin Owen's 'Celta' series with finding your fated mate.

    Guy is a widower of three years, still in mourning as he lost his lifelong love. His adult son encourages him to step outside his life and on the one time he did, he meets Theo, his soulmate. Theo is an empath, extremely strong, and newly elected member of the leading council. There's some behind the scenes plots and plans and while a lot was explained, it sounds like something deeper is going on. Amidst all this is a reluctant widower dealing with his conscience, his broken heart, and if he's willing to embrace life once more. Theo knows what's at stake and is doing all he can to help Guy. The courtship was clumsy and endearing.

    Theo's mindset remided me a lot of how Jeremiah Brent handles Nate Berkus's past love in Fernando. Yes. Theo, as an empath, has an inside track on Guy. He handles the situation perfectly, you couldn't ask for a better soulmate in Theo. 4 Stars. - Dan's Wife

  3. It was good, but... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2018

    Editing errors at a certain point drove me nuts. At a crucial point in the plot, both Jonathan and Guy were Theo (while the real Theo was out of commission, poor guy). This happened twice with Jonathan's name and one with Guy's in the space of a few pages, and after that third time I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall in frustration. Did no one check this book before it was published?! Aside from those errors, it was a good book, which is why I'm still giving it 4 stars (really 3 1/2). This should be an interesting series.

  4. Grumpy dad is cute 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2018

    I liked the promise of the blurb; an age-gap romance with some angst. The book mostly delivered on its promise and I much enjoyed the paranormal romance element of it. So cool to be able to reshape trees as a supernatural ability! Grumpy widower and enthusiastic younger lover were both characters I enjoyed spending time with. I found the on-page grief to be more sweet than angsty, which was somewhat disappointing to me. I like angst! And I would have preferred to read more about how they meshed their everyday lives together after the insta-bonding, rather than the suspense plot in the second half of the book. But those are my personal preferences, and nothing I fault the book for.

  5. Gorgeous, emotional story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2018

    This book is so emotional that I had to stop and swipe away tears multiple times. The premise, dealing as it does with a still-mourning widower, would not have worked if handled improperly. As written, it has a major emotional punch as Guy deals with his conflicting feelings about finding his soulmate after his beloved wife's death. Heartfelt and beautiful.

  6. Love Guy and Theo 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2018

    It's been a long time since I've read an MM pairing but I really enjoyed Soulmate. I felt for Guy, mourning the loss of his wife and then meeting his soulmate, who is a man. And to his credit, Theo was patient (somewhat) letting Guy adjust to his new circumstances. Soulmate was emotional and sexy - Guy and Theo make a great pair. A must read!

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