Lullaby Dies by Beth D. Carter

Heat Level 3
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Death Riders MC, 5

From the first moment he saw her, Ghost hungered for Sidonie. Instant lust, certainly, but maybe instant love as well. Her beautiful dark skin. Her glorious ass. Their first night together he knew would never be their last.

Then a madman began to stalk the Death Riders. Killing. Setting fires. Sending bombs. His targets are the women. Leia. Chase. And Sidonie. No one is safe.

There’s nothing Ghost wouldn’t do to protect the woman he’s fallen head over heels for, and time is running out. If he can’t figure out why a madman is bent on destroying the Death Riders, there won’t be a future with Sidonie.

Be Warned: anal sex


The Poke and Tickle Honkey-Tonk was more of a dive bar, but it had good food, great ambiance, and a section set aside for poker games. Old rock played through the speakers, not too loud. The bartender greeted them as they filed in since the MC were frequent visitors, playing poker every Thursday.

“He’s paying!” Ghost called to the bartender, pointing at Ronin, who flipped him off.

“Bring a round of tequila shots and a couple pitchers of beer,” Thorn ordered.

Half the area was devoted to the typical bar setting, with small tables the servers had to maneuver around to deliver drink and food. The other half had tables set up for poker and various other card games. As Ghost led his brothers toward the poker tables, he accidentally ran into a woman rushing by.

“Ouch!” she said, bouncing off his hard body.

He grabbed her arms to make sure she didn’t fall. “Sorry.”

“Of course you are.” She sniffed, looking him up and down. “You’re nothing but a walking mountain of muscle, aren’t you?”

He didn’t release her right away, staring down into her dark, almond-shaped eyes. The world tilted, like he was falling sideways. Maybe it was her sphere. A pulsing energy that made his body react with a flood of lust that went right to his dick. Her skin was a lovely shade of mocha. Her hair was parted down the center and tied into two pom-poms, one above each ear. Dark eyes heated the longer she stared at him. She took his breath away.

He’d seen beautiful women aplenty. Wasn’t hard to get pussy when one was in a motorcycle club. He’d fucked more in the three years of being in the civilian world than in the twenty years of being on the police force. He couldn’t put his finger on what exactly made this woman different, and he wanted to know why. He’d always been a sucker for a mystery.

“Thank you,” he said, amused. “I think.”

Even though she narrowed her eyes, a smile lifted the corner of her mouth. “Don’t let it go to your head, pretty boy.”

He narrowed his eyes right back at her. “Do I look like a boy?”

This time, when she looked him up and down again, it was with feminine appreciation. She watched him like he was a lollipop she wanted to lick, and he’d happily let her. “You look like breakfast to me.”