My Biggest Fan by Lea Bronsen

Heat Level 3
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Shawn Torien is a handsome, arrogant bassist with the groove rock band Bloodless. At thirty four, he’s seen everything, been everywhere, and all is handed to him on a silver plate—groupies included. His rock star attitude is questioned when the record company’s young webmistress Samantha joins the band to cover their life on the road.

Since she has crushed on Shawn for years, he takes great pleasure in teasing her and pushing her away... until he learns about the woman beneath the surface.




The backstage room is filling with people. Band members, roadies, management, and special guests such as family, media, and a few pre-selected fans. The place buzzes with chatting and chuckling, and I stop in the door to assess. Don’t see any eye-catching hotness yet.


Sweat runs from my head, along my back, and down my abs. My soaked shirt glues to my skin, and I stink of hour-long transpiration. I need a shower, but there’s so much else I want to do first: get a drink, a smoke, and some pussy before the tour bus leaves. None of these are allowed on board. I’m electrical, high. I need to move, and my whole body thirsts to get higher.


Next to a merchandise booth in a corner stands a table with plates of sandwiches and cut fruit, a selection of mineral water bottles, and alcoholic drinks.


“Shawn! Shawn!” Strangers rush me with expectant smiles, probably wanting me to sign CD covers or something.


But I’ve made up my mind. Ignoring them, I stride to the table, grab a can of cold beer and down it in one take. The icy beverage rushes through my throat and refreshes me. The sweaty hairs on my arms rise as if chilly air blew on them. I open another, gulp down the beer, and grab a third.


“Hey, Shawn,” a female says behind me.


I hate being interrupted, but I’ve heard that voice before. Beer in hand, I spin around.


Oh, Samantha from the record company. I don’t know if that pleases or annoys me. She’s cute, though, with long brown tendrils at shoulder-length, and hazel eyes glowing with warm intelligence.


The alcohol makes me a little tipsy; I can’t resist the want to tease her. I give her the can with a grin and proceed to take off my soaked shirt, as if it’s the most natural thing. Damp body heat and the sharp smell of sweat emanate as I lift my arms in the air, struggling to remove the wet fabric, groaning.


Once done, I drop it to the floor and cross my arms, making my well-trained muscles protrude, and scrutinize her reaction. Offering a little male sexiness has worked on most females before.


Flabbergasted is the best word to describe her face. I flash my teeth as her gaze runs over my torso. She can’t possibly be aware of her nostrils’ tiny movements, revealing her inhalation of my scent.


I let a moment pass, then ask, pointing at the can in her hands, “You gonna have that beer?”


“Oh.” She straightens with a deep breath, regains composure, looks at the brand logo on the can, and shakes her head. “No, I don’t drink alcohol at work.”


I like her voice. It’s soft, comforting, reminds me of my mother’s. But when she hands me my drink, the wolf in me wants to play. I cover her hand and tug while taking a step closer, pulling her toward me. She wears a discreet perfume, the scent of prairie flowers, I think. Her cheeks blush as she lifts her chin to meet my eyes, and her pupils grow feverish. She’s holding her breath. With my other hand, I grab her round, firm butt and press her stomach against mine.


All sounds around us vanish; the talking, the laughter. I focus on the girl in my arms. She’s not really my type, but knowing her infatuation, she’ll be an easy fuck. That’s all I need before getting on the bus. Tomorrow, it'll be someone else.


I glance at the KISS patches on her chest. Gene Simmons once declared we’re all in this business for sex, and whoever says he does it for the music is lying. Besides, the girls beg to be screwed senseless by celebrities, so they can brag to their friends. Shawn in Bloodless slept with me! Squee!


Maybe she thinks I’m going to kiss her, but I’m not. Call me crazy, but there’s a little romantic in me saving that for a special girlfriend—if such a thing is in the cards for a guy like me. Instead, I move my hands to her denim jacket and start unbuttoning it from the top.


“You seem to need a little help with that,” I joke.


Damn, we’re so close, and her feminine heat makes my blood boil. I picture bringing her to a dark corner behind the stage curtain and having her hands on my cock. I suggestively push my hardness against her warm thighs.


She frowns and takes a step back.


No? What is it? My beer breath? I withdraw as well. Too fucking bad.


Eyes shimmering, she opens her mouth, but I turn and grab a new can. I mean, who the hell do you think you are to turn me down like that?


I gulp the whole drink, release a solid burp, and take what must be the fifth can before leaving. 


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The rock in rock star
Written by Carlene Love Flores on 21st Aug 2014

This book was fun, sexy and touched my heart! And I thoroughly believe Shawn put the rock in rock star. :)

You need to read
Written by Nerine for You Gotta Read Reviews on 14th Feb 2014

This short read is your typical shy fan-girl gets it on with bad-boy punk rocker fantasy, and for what it is, the story supplied a perfect quick yarn that I could flatten in one sitting during my afternoon commute. Shawn Torien is the epitome of entitlement; though he’s in his mid-thirties and has spent the past seventeen years partying hard, with all the trappings associated with his rock n roll lifestyle, he’s still got his good looks and sex appeal. Okay, he is beyond arrogant, but then again, that can be expected. Shawn lives in the present, giving his fans – and a lucky number of groupies – exactly what they want. His life is a show and he is hollow inside, and that emptiness is beginning to bother him. The record company has employed one of Shawn’s biggest fans as the band’s webmistress, and it’s clear that the moment Samantha joins the band on tour to play tagalong for a bit, that the young woman is completely star-struck. She’s one of those undying fans who’s looked toward Shawn’s music during her own dark patches as she’s grown into adulthood. To give her some credit, she doesn’t fall for his dubious charms immediately, and though Shawn is adamant she’s not his type, he can’t deny that Samantha holds some sort of allure. Perhaps because of here fixation on him, she’s in a good position to understand him. As a character, Shawn is a creature ruled by his passions, but he does redeem himself when he realizes the relationships that are the most important to him – his ailing mother and his new girlfriend. He is, however, very needy and spoilt – the not-so-nice side to him. But then again, I think there are many of us who’d secretly gravitate to such lads, if only in our dreams. He’s far from ideal as a love interest but he’s definitely a fun character. The only issues I took with the story was that I felt that Bronsen could have improved the character development and, especially the dialogue, far more. She’s a strong writer but there are moments where the narrative is too fast. By fleshing out the handful of scenes between Shawn and his mother, as well as Shawn and Samantha, and looking for ways to increase the conflict, this little tale could have had a lot more impact, and be a little more than what it is – which is essentially a wish-fulfillment escape. That considered, My Biggest Fan is a fun, romantic story worth considering. Bronsen’s love of music is evident and she offers us an entertaining fling that definitely brightened my day.

Good reading
Written by LAS for Long and Short Reviews on 23rd Jan 2014

Hot rock stars, fans and a good dose of sexy, what’s not to love? Shawn Torien is a bass guitarist in rock band Bloodless. He’s gorgeous, arrogant and lives up to the reputation his fans expect of him. My Biggest Fan is told in Shawn’s voice. Typical male he thinks of his cock and women, a lot, and we even get a description of him urinating. He keeps people waiting, rushes for no one and does his own thing. That is until he meets the band’s webmistress, Samantha. Then his thoughts turn to the fact that she’s on the road with them for a few days – oh, yeah, you just know how ‘that’s’ going to go! Samantha already has a crush on Shawn, though I kind of wondered why, he doesn’t seem very likeable for the first portion of the book (he describes womens’ breasts as ‘huge melon’s and happily humps groupies). But the relationship between Samantha and Shawn does grow (OT: I always prefer lead characters to have names beginning with different first letters but that’s just a thing of mine). He doesn’t find her particularly sexy to start with but their attraction blossoms as they get to know each other and he even describes her as a ‘friend’ which is a revelation for him as she’s female. I warmed to Shawn a little more as I reached the half way mark, but when there’s a phone call with his mother in a care home and she’s in need of immediate help, I wasn’t impressed by how he handled it and that again turned me off him. Samantha however isn’t turned off and still wants a relationship with Shawn. I felt there was a bit much going on for the word count of this book which is why I gave it half a star less than 4 which it could have had because the writing and plot are okay. Shawn wasn’t a bad man really, just complex and his niceness was buried beneath a lot of layers. With the present family issues and a bad childhood he’s a messed up soul. As for Samantha, she has burn scars on her chest from an abusive father – again it’s a part of the storyline that needed more attention in my opinion – and lost her mother at fifteen. A big pile of angst dropped into the dialogue when I least expected it and drew me out of the sexy. My Biggest Fan is a rock ‘n’ roll read told from the rockstar’s voice. If you want to get in to the head of a sexy, mad, messed up guitarist this is your book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story
Written by Marie Medina on 23rd Jan 2014

I love bad boys and especially love romances that actually work through something and aren’t insta-love. And the epilogue was so sweet and really grounded the whole story.

Love a book with sexy as hell rockers
Written by Nanee McGee for Up All Night Read All Day on 23rd Jan 2014

Shawn is a pain in the ass, womanizing, sexy bassist for the rock band Bloodless. Samantha is a sweet, cute, In love with Shawn and webmistress for his band. When they meet for the first time Samantha is smitten and Shawn wants to get laid. I loved the characters but thought the 180 with Shawn was a little too quick, one minute he doesn’t like Sam or want to kiss or have a girlfriend and the next he’s spending time with her, holding her hand, and falling for her. I enjoyed the book a lot just thought if it was longer it would have been that much better. There’s a lot of great secondary characters as well and would have liked to hear more about them. I enjoyed this book and would like to read more by this author.

I enjoyed this contemporary romance
Written by TRS for All Romance eBooks Cafe on 23rd Jan 2014

I liked Samantha. She’s intelligent, strong and tough, but that is a good thing because she has to be to deal with such a complicated man as Shawn. At first, I did not like Shawn. I thought he was a total jerk, but he kinda grew on me and I ended up liking him a lot. I could not help feeling sorry for him because even though he was surrounded by people, mainly women, he was still lonely. He did not have a special lady that he cared for and who felt the same way about him. I thought Samantha was a perfect match for him. She was compassionate and even though her life wasn’t perfect she was able to have deep feelings for him. The love scenes between them are melting hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

I really enjoyed this story
Written by Janis on 23rd Jan 2014

Once I got going, it was hard to put the book down.

Romantic short
Written by Valerie Twombly on 23rd Jan 2014

If you want a romantic, steamy story to read then this is it. A rock star finally meets his match, in a young girl who refuses to give up on him. I highly recommend this book.

Sweet read!
Written by Cait Jarrod on 23rd Jan 2014

A bad boy who thinks he needs no one…until he meets the one. I love when the hero turns to mush. The writing is compelling descriptions vivid, and plot engaging. The story ends, leaving you wanting more.

Rock star? Yes please!
Written by Stephanie Moore on 14th Sep 2013

I had a 30 minute wait at the mechanics last week, but the time flew by as I was able to start and finish Ms. Bronsen's yummy rock star read. "My Biggest Fan" is quick and steamy-- perfect for an afternoon diversion.

Rocks my socks off!
Written by D.C. Stone on 7th Sep 2013

I had the opportunity to beta read this story, and I gotta say, I LOVED IT. The writing was spot on, and more so, the story kept me engaged from start to finish. I hope she expands on this story and maybe gives us a glimpse into what they are doing in the future. Lea is an author who has officially earned her spot on my *stalking* list. Quick read, but one you def want to pick up. :)

A sexy read
Written by Anais Morgan on 5th Sep 2013

I enjoyed MY BIGGEST FAN. The main character, Shawn, was your typical hard rocker that wanted the music and women. Enter Samantha, a young lady that works for his record label. She's sweet and makes Shawn get his head out of the gutter. The writing was solid which is hard in first/present. The dialogue held true as did Shawn's inner thoughts. He's dirty, raunchy, and just the way we want our rockstars. My only complaint is I felt the sex scenes were a bit short. I felt like if anyone was going to kiss and tell, it'd be Shawn. I highly recommend this if you're in the need for a quick read.

Quick hit! Best bet!
Written by Sheila Hollums on 5th Sep 2013

Lea Bronsen delivers an entertaining and sexy quick read. If you're looking for a good palate cleanser between longer novels this is an ideal choice! This being Lea's first venture into romance, I'm excited to see what lies ahead for her. What a great start!

Fabulous short story
Written by Kishan Paul on 5th Sep 2013

My biggest fan is a fabulous short about rock star Shawn and the woman who captures his heart. Lea Bronsen's vivid descriptions grabbed me and kept me completely immersed in the world of a man I wanted to hate but fell in love with. With the perfect amount of romance mixed with steamy, I was unable to put it down until the last page and left me wanting more.

Rock 'n' Romance!
Written by Michaela Miles on 5th Sep 2013

Lea Bronsen has created an exciting, sexy romance and based it around one of my favourite things to see - a kick arse, sold-out-concert-with-mosh-pit rock band with attitude. The characters were easily identifiable, and I felt like I was getting a back stage look at any one of my favourite groups. The pace of the book didn't let up for a minute and I couldn't put it down. Despite my love of rock, the sections where the title comes into play were my favourite heart-melting moments and were a lovely surprise, especially from the male point of view. It was a refreshing view to read a romance from, and made the ending even more sweet. I'm really pleased when I book can leave a smile on my face, and My Biggest Fan by Lea Bronsen does just that.