My Two Daddies by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Daddy Series, 29

Kaylin was trying to adapt to life on the streets. The things she struggled with the most were her safety and food. She’d never been so tired or hungry before, and she didn’t know much longer she could hold on.

Mack and Jace had always planned to share a woman for the rest of their lives but finding one that fit them was next to impossible. They never thought they’d find one in a dumpster.

After dragging her home, the men did everything in their power to make Kaylin happy and theirs, but now they have to keep her safe from the monsters on the street again.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex


Kaylin felt like she was burning from the inside out. She thought it should feel bad, but all she felt was pleasure and an intense need for more. Jace was pushing something into her that stretched her. It was uncomfortable at times, but she didn’t care because her cravings rose.

“How is she?” Mack asked Jace.

“Fucking delicious.”

Mack chuckled. “No, I mean, is she about ready?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Do you want her cunt or ass first?”

“I’ll take her ass when she’s ready,” Jace said. “You get her cunt for the first time.”

“Fine by me. You’re more of an ass man than me.”

“Fuck, yeah. There’s nothing like a hot tight ass. It makes you feel like you’re going to burn the skin off your cock, but I still crave it.”

“Let me get a condom on.”

Kaylin tried to understand what they were saying, but their voices sounded distorted in her head because her rapid heartbeat drowned out a lot of it.

Mack separated her legs a bit more to make room for his hips. He came down on her but was careful to keep most of his weight off her.

The feeling of something pushing into her startled her.

“Relax. Remember, just trust us,” Jace said.

“Oh, God, he’s stretching me. I don’t think I’m going to like this.”

Jace chuckled. “Oh, yeah, you will. It’s just the first time it’s a little uncomfortable. What’s he doing?”

Her nails sank into Mack’s arms. “It never stops, and it seems to get bigger.”

“You’ll be able to take me, baby,” Mack said.

She felt him bump against something inside of her. She caught the look between the men, and Jace started sucking on her tit. The dual sensations splintered any thoughts she had at the moment. The tearing pain took her by surprise. She screamed and tried to buck Mack off of her.


Jace got her attention. “Give it a minute. That’s the only pain you’ll ever feel with us, and it’s over. Relax.”

She could tell by Mack’s expression that it was hard for him to stay still, but he did it for her and gave her time to get used to the invasion.

“There you go, baby,” Mack said when she relaxed. “Now, we’re going to make you feel so good.”

Kaylin nodded. She was glad the pain had faded, but now a whole new sensation was starting to build. It felt like a band started to tighten in her abdomen, and her clit started to throb.


She had no idea what she was begging for. She just knew Mack would make it better.

Jace pressed his hand to her stomach to hold her in place. “How’s she doing?”

Mack grunted. “She’s tighter than fuck. I’m not going to last.”

“Then don’t.”

Mack’s thrusts became a bit faster and with more force. She lifted her legs to adjust her hips and then cried out when he went deeper.

“Oh, God.”

“That’s it,” Mack said.

She was glad Jace pressed kisses to her face and caressed her breasts. It made her feel surrounded by her men, and there was no better feeling in the world.

“Come for me,” Mack growled.

He touched something inside of her at the same time he hit her clit over and over. The ball of tension burst. She screamed as she felt herself soar. She thought she would have flown away if the guys hadn’t held her down.

“That’s it,” Mack said.

He pounded into her a few more times before he groaned and threw his head back.

Kaylin had collapsed on the mattress and listened to Jace as he soothed her. It helped to calm down and lower her heartbeat and breathing.

Mack bent and kissed her sweetly. “Thank you. I’ll always cherish this.”

She ran her fingertips over his cheek. “Thank you. This is a day I’ll never forget.”

“And it’s not over if you think you can take Jace.” Mack pulled out of her.

Kaylin looked at Jace and nodded. “Yes, please.”

“Fuck, Mack, don’t we have the sweetest girl in the world?”

Mack stood. “Hell, yeah. I’m going to clean up.”


Jace rolled on a condom he’d had and moved onto her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Yes. I need to feel close to you, too.”

“All right. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort, tell me.”

She nodded again. Being penetrated this time was easier but no less startling in how it made her body feel and her emotions deepened.

Jace was riding her hard. There was very little build-up, and she was okay with it. She could feel the way her body was tightening again.

“All right, baby, I need you to come for me.”

Her nails dug into his back as the tension inside of her rose. She needed the release he promised but fought it this time because she knew how overwhelming it was and how it took over her soul.

“She’s fighting it,” Jace said.

Mack chuckled as he lay down beside her. “I’ll help.”

She felt something push against her anus. It didn’t stop but penetrated her until it couldn’t go any farther. It threw her over. This time seemed to be more intense, and there was no way she could fight off the inevitable. Her scream collided with Jace’s groan and filled the room.

She must have passed out because they were on either side of her the next thing she knew, and the lights were off.

“We’ll feed you in a bit, baby,” Jace said. “We just want to hold you.”

“I want that, too.”

Mack kissed the top of her head. “Get some rest.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

She grinned when both men groaned. Her daddies were easy to please.


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Two best friends were former FBI and now da investigators find a little when least expect it.
Written by Charleann D on 5th Mar 2023

Have and Mack have been best friends since college they joined the FBI together they left together and now they both worked for the D.A.s office as investigators.On their way toward home as they were walking down the alley they saw two legs hanging out of the dumpster when they hollered they heard a door open from a restaurant and the guy said hey I told you to stay out of the trash.She said do you know how many people out there are going hungry and your throwing all this food away.He yelled arrest her when one grabbed her she was so dirty and wearing baggie clothes they didn't know she was female til she spoke.They said come with us we will give you a place to stay safe and food to eat.She said she had to help her friend was sick and she needed food .There are so many twists an turns to this story you will be riveted til the very last page and leave you begging for more.I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author.

Pretty good
Written by Veronica1986 on 5th Mar 2023

I did enjoy this one to a certain extent, I have a hard time getting fully into any DD/lg romance. This one was pretty good though, I liked how the characters came together and the storyline was pretty good, it was a bit odd how they came to originally meet, but that’s what happens in fantasy land, I really enjoyed it though, god work.

Great daddies!
Written by vickymeowmeow on 5th Mar 2023

The author took care in building the relationship slowly and solidly. But not at the expense of the story. Mac and Jace were great daddies they took such good care of her and saw to her every need. Kailyn was well loved by them. The sex was super hot and very well described. Characters from other stories appeared and now I want to know more about them too.

Loved this DDLG romance!
Written by Miliharper on 5th Mar 2023

This was a fun quick read, the scenes were hot, the beginning of the relationship was a little cringe for me with her being so incredibly naïve and them instantly obsessive, but it overall came around. It was kinda multi pov. But wasn’t labeled and was mostly third person

Good Story
Written by kdavis on 5th Mar 2023

This was a really quick story with some hot scenes. Mack and Jace happen to find their other half living on the streets and finding Kaylin in a dumpster. I enjoyed the journey between Mack, Jace and Kaylin. I loved how the men were there to show Kaylin her worth. This was a fun story with steamy passion and some drama. I enjoyed reading it.

Written by Lmdez0820 on 5th Mar 2023

Kailyn was living on the streets when Mack and Jace found her. They take care of her even though she doesn't feel comfortable and like they'll make her leave eventually. They gave to convince her that she's theirs and they'll never give her up.

You never know what you’re finding the rubbish
Written by Anne H on 5th Mar 2023

You never know what you’re finding the rubbish Mack and Jace were on the way back to the office when they saw a pair of legs hanging out of a dumpster down an alleyway as they go to investigate they find the legs are moving and they belong to a young lady who obviously has been living on the streets Mack and Jace are daddies and their protective nature comes out straight away and decide to take her off the streets. the one person that had protected her had just died and they couldn’t bear the idea of leaving her unprotected on the streets so they took her home with them . Kaylin wants to believe these two men. They are in the car driving to her home, when they got there, she had her own room & her own shower she was so tired the thought of sleeping and knowing she was safe was overwhelming. But what did these men want from here? I thoroughly enjoyed this book there’s a lot more going on than what I’ve just told you even some dangerous times but the changes in KayLin was remarkable I was so happy for her when she received her tests and knew that she had been lied to her whole life. Mac and Jace change Kaylin’s whole world but she also change theirs I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

My Two Daddies
Written by C. J. Alvaro on 5th Mar 2023

This is the final book of the Daddies series. I'm sad to see it ending. This story Is a reverse harem, with DDlg kink, with an age gap. Mack and Jace find Kaylin in a dumpster and whisk her away to the safety of their home. The chemistry between the three is off the charts and the plot had me glued to the pages. It is a great way to end the series.

Surprisingly an emotional journey
Written by L Coxy on 5th Mar 2023

On their way back to the office Mack and Jace, two ex FBI agents, stumble upon two legs sticking out next to a dumpster. They discover those wriggly legs belong to Kaylin, who has been living on the streets and just lost the one person who used to protect her. Their daddy instincts won’t let them leave the poor girl and take her back to their home knowing there is something special about her. The way Kaylin evolves with the encouragement of her daddies, trusting them enough to realise she has been lied to her whole life, is heartwarming. This is my first read by Lila but won’t be the last!

My Two Daddies
Written by Lillah C on 5th Mar 2023

This was very Daddy light on page, but is very well written. It’s also an easy read, not too many ups and downs it’s very smooth reading. Please do yourself a favor and get a copy.

Written by RhondaVB on 5th Mar 2023

This story was a quick read and I really enjoyed it. Kaylin, Mack and Jace have the perfect chemistry and I loved seeing how it all played out!

Mack, Kaylin & Jace
Written by Nate on 5th Mar 2023

Kaylin was trying to adapt to life on the streets. The things she struggled with the most were her safety and food. She’d never been so tired or hungry before. Mack and Jace had always planned to share a woman for the rest of their lives but finding one that fit them was next to impossible. They never thought they’d find one in a dumpster. It was an entertaining read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Two Daddies
Written by Amd2662 on 5th Mar 2023

Reverse Harem. FMM. Kaylin/Jace/Mack. Little/Daddy/Daddy. Younger woman/Older men. Homeless/DA investigators. Rescued. Protective. Attraction. Affection. Taboo. Virgin. Consensual. Acceptance. Threatened. Corrupt cops. Attempted kidnapping. Mafia Protection? Happiness. Sadness. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Fun read

My Two Daddies
Written by Amber J on 5th Mar 2023

Jace and Mack were heading back to their office when they notice someone hanging out of the dumpster. When they get closer, they see someone from a restaurant yelling at the person. It turns out to be a young woman and she was hunting for scraps in the dumpster. Jace and Mack offering to help her and her older friend. However, when they get to where her friend is staying its too late. So, they offer Kaylin a place to stay. Both Jace and Mack are protective of Kaylin and know they don't want her to leave. Will Kaylin take a chance and stay with them? This is an amazing story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Well-written, but missing something
Written by MellaM on 5th Mar 2023

As always, Lila Fox delivers a beautifully written book about a young woman (Kaylin) who finds a home and love with two ex-FBI agents (Mack and Jace). While the writing itself is compelling, the storyline fell short. Specifically, it lacked dramatic tension. Mack and Jace rolled up and took over, and Kaylin was completely onboard. That didn't hang together for me as Kaylin had been surviving in tough circumstances for months. While the storyline lacked a bit of credibility as a result, it is still an entertaining read.

Hot ménage romance
Written by Caroline B on 5th Mar 2023

What an absolutely captivating page turner! Jace and Mack had been looking for the perfect woman for them for so long. They finally found her living on the streets,so helped her and showed her unconditional love. There's an intense chemistry and deep connection between them all. Expect lots of passion, twists, friendship, love and more throughout. Enjoy this passionate ménage romance!

Sweet and steamy
Written by LBing on 5th Mar 2023

This was such a sweet and steamy romance with enough drama and danger to keep you madly flipping pages. I loved Kaylin, Mack and Jace. They were perfect together - supportive, caring, loving...but the danger she's in, and her surprising issues and skills, really made her the star of the story. I also love that characters from previous books keep popping in to add depth to each story as we move through the series. This is a shorter read but a good one :D

Mack, Jace, and Kaylin
Written by Hanna B on 5th Feb 2023

This is book number 29 of the Daddy series and focuses on Jace, Mack, and Kaylin. Kaylin is down on her luck and homeless but is still able to maintain her kind heart at every turn. Her entire world changes in an instant when she meets Jace and Mack. Jace and Mack are best friends who both know as soon as they see Kaylin that they finally found the woman they were both meant to be with. They both want to shower her with love and protection while helping her blossom into the person they know she can be. They wasted no time moving her in with them and doing everything they can to take care of her every want and need. Their main priority was Kaylin’s happiness and safety so when she faces some issues, the guys do everything in their power to make sure she is protected and loved. This was a great story and a great addition to the series.

Written by Nasra on 30th Jan 2023

In a fan of lila. I like all if her books and it's one of those when you see the book you click it because it is guaranteed. Good job once again. you get when you read your books

Good book
Written by Jamee h on 30th Jan 2023

Overall, it was a very good book. Lots of good entertainment. Characters had good chemistry. I would recommend reading this.

good read
Written by Sua on 30th Jan 2023

Two daddies is so swoon worthy and extra hot when it comes to them taking care of Kaylin after she's been living on the streets for awhile. I like seeing their relationship grow and the men showing Kaylin that she's worth more than what others say when they give her a hard time.

Written by Michele77 on 30th Jan 2023

Kaylin is living on the streets when Mack and Jace find her. A sweet story, with heat and just enough angst to move the storyline along. Characters from other books in the series make an appearance along with characters from the Maclean series.

Two daddies are better than one!
Written by Polli.P on 30th Jan 2023

Mack and Jace, two ex FBI agents, find Kaylin on the streets and rescue her. Discovering she is more of a little, and more of what they're searching for, they pursue her for a relationship. If this is your thing then you won't be disappointed. Though the story does feel hurried in places, it is well written with plenty of steamy spice and intrigue. Enjoy!

Good fast read—loved the menage relationship well written for sure
Written by Andrea R on 30th Jan 2023

I really enjoyed this. Had an air of suspense and the heroes knew how to take care of their little so good. Loved this story and this series. I can’t wait for the next.

Sweet and satisfying
Written by AlleA on 30th Jan 2023

Jace and Mack are in the right place at the right time to run into a young woman who desperately needs looking after. The two men, who work as investigators for the D.A.’s office, are heading back to work when they spot a small figure foraging in a dumpster for food. They step in to protect Kaylin, who has been living on the streets, from an irate restauranter and two cops. Kaylin is dyslexic and has never received the focused training she needs to learn to read and write. Instead, she’s been told she’s retarded, but Jace and Mack know different. The two men take her home, lavish love and support on her, and hire a tutor who specializes in dyslexia. Kaylin begins to flourish under their care, but she’s attracted the attention of a dangerous enemy. Another very sweet, very satisfying tale from Lila Fox, complete with HEA.

Written by Maria M on 30th Jan 2023

This is a newish author to me I enjoyed this and I have read this as a standalone I haven't read all in this series but would love to read more