Never So Grateful by Chelle de Notte

Heat Level 3
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Kelsey Matthews is no stranger to New Yorkers’ gratitude for her work with the fire department. But after a fire at an upscale spa, no one has ever thanked her quite like that hot massage therapist.

Whether he’s at the spa or on the set, Jason Stirling doesn’t mix business with pleasure. However, there’s something about that gorgeous firefighter on his table that makes him want to break all the rules.

As Kelsey and Jason keep finding reasons to be together, they introduce each other to new pleasures both in the bedroom and out. But when secrets from the past emerge, they must grapple with the questions of what drove their attraction and if their connection can last.



“Kelsey?” A familiar-looking man with dark skin, close-cropped hair, and impressive forearms stepped forward. “Come with me.”


He led her to a dimly lit room with soft piano music playing. The walls were solid cabinetry, and a giant table with a headrest and covers dominated the space.


“It’s nice to officially meet you. I’m Jason, and I’ll be taking care of you today.”


“Nice to officially meet you, too, and thanks for stopping by.”


He returned her smile. “Have you ever been for a professional massage before?”


“Once or twice, but it’s been a while.”


“First and foremost, is there anything I need to know about? Any sensitivities or areas that get especially sore?”


She didn’t have to think too long about that one. “My shoulders. I carry a lot of heavy equipment at work. Maybe I should be used to that from my purse, but it’s still a lot.”


He nodded. “Then I’ll give them some extra love during your massage. But what kind did you want? We offer Swedish, shiatsu, hot stone… Deep tissue massages can be highly beneficial, but can also be painful if you’re not used to it.”


She mulled it over. “I’ve probably had Swedish before, but I’ve always wanted to try hot stone.”


“I could give you a combination of the two.”


Her eyes widened. “That’s too much. You’re already doing this.”


“That’s our signature service,” he countered, “and you and your team kept the spa standing. If that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll do.”


“Well … thanks! What the heck. Let’s do it.” She couldn’t help beaming.


He smiled back, and she was struck by the dimple that emerged in one cheek and the flecks of gold that lit up in his eyes. “What scent would you like me to use? Herbal, floral, or citrus?”


“Floral, please.”


“Okay. And my last question is about the music. Is the volume okay? Did you want something else playing, or maybe no music at all?”


She listened a little more closely. “This is fine.”


“Then I’ll give you a minute to take off your robe and get on the table.”


After he stepped out of the room, Kelsey hung her robe on a hook on the door, pulled back the blanket and sheet, and lay down on her stomach. It looked like her bed at the firehouse, but she immediately felt the difference between the two as she sank into it. She inched forward and positioned her head in the rest.


“Are you ready?” Jason asked from the other side of the door.


“More than.”


He closed the door behind him, gently swept a stray lock of hair off her back, and inched the blanket down to expose her shoulders. A pleasant shiver ran down her back at the cool air, but was obliterated by the heat and weight of a smooth stone just below her neck and right between her shoulders.


“How’s the temperature?” he asked quietly.


“Mmph.” It was all she could manage, but she hoped it came out approvingly. It must have, because he laid a line of them across her shoulder blades. Once everything was in place, he applied a little more pressure to each rock. The heat sank into her skin and melted her tension away. When the rocks cooled, he removed them from her back. Some areas got a light touch, while he dug his warm, strong hands in a little harder on others, and every knot beneath her bare skin unraveled.


He inched the blanket down to her waist, and Kelsey was suddenly very much aware of lying there in only a bright pink lace thong. It crossed her mind that the last time she’d stripped down to her underwear for a guy, her partner had gone straight for every spot he’d undoubtedly seen in a porno while ignoring every other part of her. Jason was touching her everywhere but, yet this was so much better.




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A great story with just the right amount of steam
Written by Paige O. on 30th Nov 2021

I love that the story revolves around two intriguing adults who have incredibly unique jobs — she's a firefighter (you go girl!) and he is a massage therapist. A very hot massage therapist! :) Their attraction is obvious and it feels natural when they are together. The author did a great job with blending descriptions into the conversation between the characters. I like her careful choice of words to accurately depict the scenes that are crucial to the story. This was a lovely beach day read and I highly recommend it. New York forever. <3