Next to You by Rebecca Brochu

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go TM

Understaffed, overworked, and generally exhausted contractor Ricci DeAngelo still has to contend with a long subway ride at the end of each day. The last thing he expects is to fall head long into a relationship while dozing on the train. But that’s exactly what happens when a sexy and equally exhausted stranger falls asleep on his shoulder one night.

Ricci’s nap partner ends up being Layton Callis, an equally overworked pâtissier who looks and smells good enough to eat. When they unexpectedly fall into a routine of napping together on the late train, Ricci finds himself in a unique position. He can continue only seeing Layton during the week and spending his weekends in a sleepless mess. Or Ricci can step up and see if he can get Layton to agree to wake up next to him on a more permanent basis.

Be Warned: m/m sex




“I’m going to kiss you now.”  Ricci blurted it out and watched Layton’s eyes go wide and then soft and hot. He reached out and put the empty mug on the bedside table beside Layton’s.


“If that’s how you react to coffee, I’m definitely going to have to cook breakfast…”  Layton’s teasing was drowned out as Ricci pushed forward and kissed him.


It started slow, just like the kiss from the night before.  Ricci teased the seam of Layton’s lips with his tongue, licked at the corners of his mouth leisurely for a moment before he swept inside.  He chased the taste of coffee around Layton’s mouth, learned the curve of his teeth and the wet, hot strength of his tongue all over again.  It was good, better than any kiss Ricci could remember at the moment.  It only improved when Layton pressed closer until Ricci was forced to lean back completely against the headboard so Layton could crawl forward onto his lap.


They broke the kiss slowly and stayed where they were for a moment, faces pressed close as they both panted for air.  Layton moved first. He slid his hands up the wide expanse of Ricci’s chest and then down over the curve of his shoulders as he ducked his head so he could place nipping kisses on the base of Ricci’s neck. 


Ricci groaned and tipped his head back to give Layton better access while he clenched one hand in the sheet beside him and trailed the tips of the fingers on his other hand down Layton’s bare back until he could palm the curve of his ass.


Layton whined, a sweet high-pitched sound, when Ricci squeezed his ass lightly and then he set his teeth to Ricci’s skin harder in response. 


Ricci bucked his hips upwards as he hissed at the sting.  They both groaned low and long when the rapidly hardening jut of his cock pressed against Layton’s through the thin fabric of their sleep pants.


“You said I could touch you.”  Ricci’s pulled Layton closer to him with the hand on his ass and finally untangled his other from where it had begun to claw at his bed sheets.  “I really hope you meant it.”


“I meant it.”  Layton’s words were broken by the way he panted against the curve of Ricci’s neck.  “I definitely meant it.”


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Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 21st Apr 2015

What a sweet little love story! Layton and Ricci are perfect together. I love how them met on the train, and how their relationship developed. It was delightful to watch how they found each other, and I was so excited to see them happy. This is a quick read, but it's so satisfying. Trust me when I say that you should definitely read this one.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by completedreviews on 6th Jul 2014

Ricci has been working hard on restoring the house he recently bought and keeping his building business afloat. When his truck is totaled by one of his workers, Ricci ends up having to catch the subway for the long trek home each night. Exhausted, he ends up sleeping next to a patissier, Layton, who appears equally tired. Every work night afterwards they catch the same train home together, each time falling asleep in what becomes an increasingly comfortable routine for both men. Get comfy on the couch, disengage your brain and enjoy this short story. Although the set-up is fresh and interesting, it’s not the most realistic or logical of plots. Still, I found myself really enjoying the fact Layton and Ricci spent more time asleep and napping in this story than anything else. It’s not often you read about two people coming together and building a relationship on sleep! I found the heat generated between Ricci and Layton sizzling, and appreciated the fact they didn’t just jump into the sexual side of their relationship immediately – though they did jump into bed, just to get some much needed rest. Readers who like off-beat, different types of storylines might find themselves enchanted like I did, but I feel those who need realistic, logical and more normal plots might find this a bit far-fetched. I enjoyed it though. The writing is fresh and well-paced, the characters were interesting, though not very deep, and the sex was satisfying. Recommended

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 8th Feb 2014

This is my first time reading this author and what a treat! From the first sentence, I really loved Ricci and the mysterious but sexy chef that falls asleep on his shoulder. It was so freaking adorable! Despite being a short story is was well rounded and we really got a chance to get to know Ricci and Layton. I cannot say enough good about Next To You. The sex was really hot too.