Nico by Suzy Shearer

Heat Level 4
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The Silk Rope Masters, 4

They ooze power, control, natural dominance—and sex. They are The Silk Rope Masters.  None have ever found love but watch out! When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard!

Master Nico Morelli, 54, knows most of his friends at the club jokingly refer to him as a wolf. He’s happy accepting the title but deep inside he longs to meet that one woman who would rock his world. A woman who would drop to her knees in submission in the bedroom but outside of it would be his equal.

Divorcee Elizabeth Cook, 53, goes to Silk Rope hoping to discover what’s lacking in her sex life. Instead, she finds a wolf. Frightened by the intensity of her feelings for Nico, she runs, knowing she’ll never see him again.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, public exhibition, sex toys



Before Elizabeth could tell her mouth to be quiet, it answered his question. He dragged her into her office and pushed her against the desk.

“I want you naked before me. I told you I was going to fuck you the next time I saw you.”

Surely, he doesn’t mean to have me here? Now?

“I’ve waited too long for this.” He stared at her face. “Do you want this?”

This is my chance to say no, to push him away. I should stop him. She stared hungrily at his face. You fool. What did I do? I nodded in agreement. Yikes!

“Are you certain, mio caro?”

 Another nod, this time more emphatic. Nico reached for her zipper. Elizabeth tried to squirm away but he held her down, unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. Her panties were the next to go.

“A natural blonde.”

He smiled at her. Then he picked her up and stood her on the desk, pushing aside the papers on it. Her pussy was at the level of his face and he leaned forward to smell her. Then he pulled her down to her knees and spread her legs apart until Elizabeth was stretched naked before him, her arms tied behind her.

“This is how I expect you to be when we meet at my home or yours from now on. Your pretty wet cunt on display, ready for me, with your arms behind your back.”

Elizabeth cried harder now, mainly from anger with herself for not trying to stop him. All the more so because she was aroused and wanted him to do more. Her body kept betraying her every step of the way. Elizabeth couldn’t submit to this man, she couldn’t kneel before him as if he were a king, and yet, with every touch of his hands, her body obeyed. Why aren’t I screaming rape? Shouting for him to stop? Saying no? Instead, I’m accepting it all. It was as if her body gave him consent and at this moment her mind agreed.

“Hush, little bunny. I promise it will be wonderful for us both.”

How? How could anything be good when Elizabeth was naked, tied up, and spread on her knees before a stranger who was about to fuck her? She felt his hands untie the shirt, and her hands were free but still she did nothing to stop him. Instead, she caressed him, touched his shoulders, feeling the power under the shirt.

Then when he kissed her again, she lay one hand on his cheek as he began to kiss the tracks her tears had made on her face. Elizabeth felt a finger rub up and down her slit, then pressed the bead of her clit. She moaned into his mouth, one hand twisting into his hair. She didn’t want to but so help her, it felt wonderful and Elizabeth wanted more.

He pushed a finger into her oozing pussy and began to hook it to rub her G-spot as his thumb massaged her nub. A second finger slid in, then a third. Oh my, that’s so good. Elizabeth knew she’d come there and then as his fingers began to circle and push on her G-spot.

Elizabeth felt his mouth on her ear. “Come, my little bunny. Come for me now, I want to see you.”


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I'm in love.
Written by Catherine on 20th May 2023

Nico is the 4th book in ther series and I couldn't wait to read it. I have to admit I didn't like Nico at first but the more I read the more I fell in love with him. There were times I wanted to shake the heroine, Elizabeth, I didn't get her stubborness but then when it all became clear it made perfect sense. I really love this series and can't wait for the next book (I hope it's Kaden).