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Steven by Suzy Shearer


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The Silk Rope Masters, 1

They ooze power, control, natural dominance—and sex. They are The Silk Rope Masters.

None have ever found love, but watch out. When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard. 

When fifty-two-year-old Avril Thomson overhears two women talking about a BDSM club, it has her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signs up for the information evening at Silk Rope.​

Steven Bray, fifty-five, is a sadist. He notices her as soon as he enters into the room. She is hard to ignore, beautiful, plenty of curves, but with an unapproachable demeanor.​ His cock twitches when she admits she wants to explore pain—heavy pain. 

The question is, is Avril actually a sexual masochist, and, if so, will she allow Steven to teach all there is to love about pain? And is that enough to start a genuine relationship?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, voyeurism, flogging, public exhibition



He led his charges through the lounge and turned right into the first scene area. For the nights when there was an information evening, club members knew the first three or four stages either side downstairs would only be used for the “gentler” aspects of the lifestyle. So this one was mild by BDSM standards—it was a spiderweb. On it, a naked woman was being repeatedly tapped very lightly with a flogger. He heard the swift intake of breath from his student.

Mm, that’s intriguing. He stood behind Ms. Thompson as several more soft blows landed on the woman's breasts and smiled to himself when he heard Ms. Thompson's tiny whispered groan.

They walked between the couches set around the stage. On one a naked woman was sucking a man's cock while on another a naked man knelt on all fours on the floor, his mistress resting her feet on his buttocks while she chatted to another dominant.

Steven took the three of them into the next scene area to see their reaction. This time it was a St. Andrew’s cross with a woman tied face down on it. The woman screamed—loudly, shouting for the man hitting her to stop. She begged as each strike of the leather crop left an angry red welt across her ass cheeks. Steven snuck at glance at the beautiful woman beside him. Her eyes had dilated, her nose widened, mouth slightly open. The other couple seemed a little shocked, and Steven got the impression their idea of a “little smacking” would only be limited to hands or maybe the gentle caress of a flogger.

He would show them one last scene to be sure—the fuck bench. He wouldn't take them any further along or upstairs where some of the more intense scenes would be playing out. They never liked scaring off potential members by overwhelming them too quickly. Instead here he knew Evan had his sub on the bench tonight with Simon to help. It would appear to be an intense scene as far as newbies were concerned. This would give him an idea of how much pain the three charges wanted. When they arrived, he stood between Ms. Thomson and the Ryans, listening and watching carefully to their reactions.

The sub, Denise, was lying face down on the bench with her ass in the air, her wrists and ankles restrained. Simon was hitting her hard with his flogger, much harder than the two previous scenes, and already her back was bright red. Steven knew Denise was no true masochist, although she did enjoy a certain level of pain. Except for Peter's wife, Renata, there were no true sexual masochists in the club. Steven knew there was no way Denise could handle the volume or strength of the pain he longed to inflict.

They watched as each strike landed. Denise would scream, begging for mercy in between panting loudly. The couple beside him turned away, and he thought the woman looked ill.

Right, they definitely only want to indulge in light spanking.

He glanced down at his other side. Ms. Thomson had leaned forward, seemingly subconsciously. When each hit landed, she gave a shudder, but it wasn't of fear. At least judging by the increase in her breathing and the flush to her face, she was becoming excited.

Evan had been playing with Denise's pussy, and now he rammed his condom-covered cock deep into her. Ms. Thomson's groan was much louder this time. He was sure she was unaware of her reaction as Steven's own cock swelled tightly, and uncomfortably, in his leathers. He waited until Denise's screams for mercy became screams of delight as she climaxed. The woman alongside of him had been subconsciously panting softly in time with Denise.



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Product Reviews

  1. Sooooo good!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    This was the first book I've read of Ms. Suzy and afterwards, I'm hooked. One of the best BDSM books I've ever read. Loved how the characters were developed. The ups and downs of Steven and Avril's relationship, the surprising turns in their story, will really get you hooked and look forward to the next books in the series.
    Best read straight through without interruptions and a box of tissue handy. ;)

  2. 5 stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2018

    Loved it!
    Ms Shearer has gone back to what she does best - BDSM. I loved her books with that as a subject. Books like Melting Her Dom's Heart and Whipped Delights and this new book is even better.
    This is book one in a new series set in a BDSM club called Silk Rope and, as usual, she gives us rich characters. I like the way she introduces others and suspect those single Masters are going to get a book of their own in future.
    The topic of sadism/masochism was handle exceedingly well. I loved the way we got inside the mind of the heroine's and actually learned why she liked it and how it felt to be hit. Ms Shearer has a way of getting inside a person's head and taking the reader along with them.
    It also showed that no matter how old you are there is always a chance for love and new adventures and experiences.
    There was drama as we follow Avril on her journey into the world of S&M, then when things looked like everything was perfect with her and Steven - wham! The author hit us with more drama.
    Love the book, loved the characters and loved all those hot scenes.
    All those sexy Masters in the club made me want to sign up - can't wait to read the next instalment of this fabulous series.

  3. 5 stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2018

    Imagine overhearing something on a bus that completely changes your life and opens up a whole new world to you. Avril was brave and took a chance at exploring an introductory evening at Silk Ropes after hearing about it and BDSM on a bus ride. It was here that Steven discovers that he may have met a potential masochist to match the sadist in him. Would she be brave enough to return to explore what he suspects?
    Ms. Shearer has done a fantastic job of exploring the fine line between pain and pleasure with Avril and Steven. Avril must first accept that she is a masochist and allow Steven to guide her through this strange new world. She will learn that with the pain comes unbelievable pleasure in Steven’s hands.
    As always, Ms. Shearer continues to write about strong, confident older characters. I love that Steven and Avril are in their 50’s and finding their perfect match in each other. I look forward to reading more about the other Silk Rope Masters already introduced with this book!

  4. It wowed me. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2018

    I wasn't sure about this book because of the S&M aspect but instead I was wowed!
    I loved it - I'd give 6 stars if it were possible.
    The two main characters were richly described, they were interesting and I enjoyed reading how their love developed.
    The S&M part was done so well that I wanted to try it (almost). I love the descriptions from the heroine, made me understand why she needed the pain, what it felt like to her.
    Once again they were mature characters and I think that's why I loved it so much.
    I now have a new favourite author and can't wait for the next book, hope she's written it because I don't want to wait...lol

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