On Dragon's Wings by Pelaam

Heat Level 3
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When his roommate brings home a lizard, Noah has no idea his life is about to change out of all recognition.

Uther is a shifter, a prince, and under a curse. Catapulted unexpectedly into the world of Fae and shifters, Noah must help Uther stay one step ahead of the witch who cursed him, as well as get him home in time to claim his crown.

Noah is also resisting a growing attraction for Uther. But Uther has other ideas, and when Noah's life is endangered he's prepared to do anything it takes to save his mate.

Be Warned: m/m sex


Punching his pillow for what felt like the millionth time, Noah flopped onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. Sleep wasn’t coming, and he decided he might as well make use of the time by getting a few more cakes baked. He could have them in the oven by the time he’d boiled a kettle and made tea and let them bake while he sat with the drink.

The plan held much more merit than lying in bed and staring at the ceiling did, which was the only alternative. Noah pulled on a T-shirt and headed downstairs. Rubbing his eyes, he headed toward the kitchen, almost on autopilot.

Then he stopped and stared and rubbed his eyes again. The same blue-haired stranger from two nights ago sat next to the fridge. Noah snatched up his rolling pin, which he always left on the counter, and adopted what he hoped looked like a fighting stance, the rolling pin raised.

The unknown man stared back at Noah, his cheeks bulging slightly from the cake he’d just stuffed unceremoniously inside his mouth as if trying to hide it.

Noah was stunned the man showed neither fear nor reaction to Noah standing there with a rolling pin at the ready. “James get in here. We’ve got an intruder. Hurry!” Noah shouted, keeping his makeshift weapon poised.

The stranger looked away, his gaze darting back to the fridge as if deciding what to steal next.

“Don’t even think about it.” Noah dropped his voice to a warning growl.

“What intruder? Oh fuck. Why didn’t Aunt Tawny tell me she was giving me a shifter?”

“Need-to-know basis.” The words were garbled but recognizable as the stranger tried to swallow the last of the cake.

“Hey. He’s nearly naked. And what do you mean, shifter?” Noah looked from the man sitting on the floor to his roommate as if they were in collusion. Then it struck him. “Shifter? He’s that… lizard?” Images of him pottering around naked while preparing food when James was out for the night made his cheeks burn with embarrassment.

The stranger snickered as if knowing exactly what was going through Noah’s mind. “Nicely hung. For a human.”

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Love Bytes Reviews
Written by Dan on 5th Feb 2015

I really enjoyed this story. It has all the aspects of a fairy tale, and at the same time falls under my favorite type of story when a normal everyday human is transported to somewhere else, where there is magic. I’ve been waiting all my life for that to happen to me, but nothing yet! I can keep hoping, right? Noah doesn’t realize when he is running around his kitchen naked that the lizard watching him from the aquarium is actually a shifter or that the shifter is VERY interested in Noah’s form…. The story has it all, magic, dragons, an evil witch and an evil usurper. I recommend the story to anyone who is into alternate worlds and fairy tales! I would be remiss if I didn’t also say that I love the cover. It made me click on it and is very visually appealing. Whoever created it, great job.

MM Good Book Review
Written by Shorty on 3rd Nov 2014

Handsome Noah, a baker, has doubts when his roommate brings home a Lizard, Uther, to watch over. They learn that the lizard is actually a dragon shifter and Prince in the fae world that an evil woman named Neva placed a curse on. Amazing story filled with action, adventure and danger as it gets closer to the time when Uther claims his birthright. Unbeknown to Uther his cousin, Hollis, has plans to take his place. Wonderful descriptions of the fae realm. The fight scenes are intense. Hot sex between Uther and his human mate Noah add spice to the story. Fantastic read.