One Sex Scene Too Far by Larissa Vine

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77339-179-3

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Romance on the Go ®

Robin lives alone on a diet of romance novels. She wishes men could be like the heroes in her books. But her warring parents have taught her that real life is 50 shades of messed up. 

She goes to a book launch held for the famous author Luke Delaney, who is as dreamy as any fictional hero. On the way back from the launch, Luke causes her to fall off of her bike. He's mortified and wants to make it up to her. They go on a thinly veiled date where he confesses that he's writing a romance novel and is struggling with the sex scenes. 

Robin offers to act out the scenes with him, so that he can describe them better. Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling deeper for him. 

He reveals the final sex scene― a threesome with two women. Now Robin is forced to make a choice. Should she walk away and lose Luke forever? Or have the threesome and risk getting emotionally hurt? Exactly how far is she willing to go for a book?

Be Warned: spanking



            When Luke returned, he held a bag. It had the logo for Holt & Renfrew, a high-end department store, printed down its side.

            He came up to the sofa and kissed her on the neck.

            “Hopefully these should do.” He held the bag out to her.

            Robin reached inside. She pulled out a wine-colored bra and a pair of matching panties. She glanced at the tag. Agent Provocateur. They must have cost Luke a fortune.

            “Aren’t you going to try them on?” he asked.

            She flushed, suddenly nervous.

            “Okay,” she said. “But turn around. No peeking until I’m done.”

            Luke grinned. Then he turned to face the wall.

            Robin pulled off the t-shirt Luke had given her to wear and put on the skimpy bra. She stepped into the gauzy panties. The material was so soft that it felt like she was wearing nothing at all.

            “Ta-da,” she called. “You can look.”

            Luke swiveled to face her. She heard him draw a breath. A slow grin spread across his face. He was staring at her. Really staring. Like he really fancied her.

            “I’m falling for you,” he murmured.

            “What’s that?”

            “You need to see yourself in the mirror.”

            He took her hand and led her out of the living room and into the bedroom. Then he stood her in front of the mirrored door of the closet.

            Robin’s eyes popped. Was that really her? Was that really Robin? The Agent Provocateur underwear had worked magic. She vowed right there and then that she was never going to buy cheap underwear again.

            Often the bras that she tried on squished some of the flesh from her breasts around her body and gave her armpit fat. Or they would use a scaffolding of wires to push her breasts up so much that she could have used them as a tea tray.

            But not this bra. It knew what to do with her curves. It molded rather than fought with them. The scalloped edges of the material were cut low to showcase the half-moon tops of her breasts. Her nipples teased through gauze, so near yet so unattainable.

            Luke walked around behind her. He gave a long, slow whistle. “Check out the back. It makes your ass look amazing.”

            He put one hand on her butt cheek.

            A pulse twitched between Robin’s legs.


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short and sweet
Written by Cariad Books on 20th Dec 2017

This book is short sweet and sexy its all based on an author and a sort of fan acting out sex scenes in a romance book he is trying to write. it was a decent read but i felt it lacking in areas wish it had an epilogue.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 28th Jun 2017

This is a release from Evernight’s Romance On The Go line. These are short reads that are long on romance! This five star story is about a woman named Robin who reads romance books. She doesn’t quite believe in the fairy tale endings thanks to seeing how her parent’s marriage went up in smoke. Robin has a chance to go meet a favorite author. So she rides her bike on a snowy, nasty, night to go meet Luke Delaney. Luke is a hot, hunky author. She first attends the Q&A session and overhears him deny writing a romance book next. Then, since she doesn’t have a book for him to sign, she offers to let him sign her breast. Riding her bike home in mortification and remembering all of this, her bike drifts into oncoming traffic. A car honks its horn and distracts her to the point where she crashes. Then Luke is standing over her. He takes her to his house where he admits...He really IS writing a romance. After a day of reflection and a replacement bike, Robin offers to help Luke write his romance by acting out the sex scenes that he’s having such a difficult time with...clothes on of course. You know what they say about best intentions though. While things go great between them, there is one last sex scene. Is there such a thing as going too far? Despite how short this book was, it was totally enjoyable. My favorite part was when they were acting out the sex scenes. Most people would refer to that as role play!