Taking Sex Toys to Amsterdam by Larissa Vine

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77339-155-7

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Freya grew up in the shadow of her older sister and is used to settling for second best. Then her boyfriend, Simon, gives her a cake mixer for her birthday—a present so achingly unromantic that it pushes Freya over the edge. She decides to spice up their relationship with a weekend in Amsterdam. And she's bringing sex toys. 

But Simon has a work commitment and Freya is forced to fly to Holland alone. He phones her in Amsterdam to tell her that he's too tired to join her. Enraged by this lame-ass excuse, she breaks up with him. 

At a party she meets super hot Jake Carter. He's interested in Freya—and in her toys. They return to Freya's guesthouse where, much to Jake's amusement, she confesses that she has no idea what to do with the toys. Jake teaches her, step by erotic step.

The connection between them is deep and at the end of the weekend, Freya's heart is at a crossroads. Should she gamble on a man who she hardly knows? Or settle for sensible Simon?

Be Warned: spanking, sex toys, voyeurism



Her breath stalled in her throat. Holy fuck. What had she just stumbled upon?

A woman with long bleached hair stood in the sauna. Even thought it was sweltering, she was fully dressed in a pair of cut off denim shorts and a t-shirt.

But that wasn't what had caused Freya to almost stop breathing. Two men stood either side of woman. They were naked. Sweat gleamed from their muscles. One man had light brown hair. The other guy's hair was darker and was shaved up the sides. The woman's hands were outstretched as she held each of their cocks.

She started to jerk them off, her hands moving up and down their rods. On each upward stroke, she would stop just before the head, clearly refusing to give them the relief they were craving. She never sped up. Her movements were slow and teasing.

The men tried to push themselves deeper into her hand. But she kept on going with her super slow strokes. Freya loved how in control she was. It was like the men were her play things.

The man on the left with the light brown hair reached down and stuck his hand into the woman's shorts. He began to masturbate her. Freya could see the outline of his hand moving furiously. The woman threw her head back. Her top lip curled.

A pulse began to twitch between Freya's legs.

Look away, she told herself. It wasn't her place to spy on them. But she couldn't. It was as if her gaze was held in place by an unseen force. 

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Treat yourself
Written by Laurel Mae on 7th Feb 2017

Fabulous read. This was sexy, fun and chock full of humour and international adventure. Freya, a prissy librarian is saddled in a mediocre relationship with Simon, a workaholic man with zero sexual finesse. With urging from her sister, Freya plans a weekend getaway to Amsterdam, complete with a bag of sex toys, that she hopes will liven up her and Simon’s sex life. It does nothing for their sex life but certainly livens up her customs entry experience. Simon scuttles her plans as usual and Freya finds herself alone in an Amsterdam hotel drinking gin with the eccentric caretaker. But she pushes forward, determined to have some fun, procuring tickets to see a famous British DJ. The drink and ambiance of Amsterdam become the tonic that pushes Freya to do something completely out of character. She hooks up with Jake, a hot stranger she runs into at the show and has the best sex she's ever known. But who is this guy and is it mutual, the intense connection she feels with him? Is he a womanizer who leaves a string of broken hearts in his wake? Should she return to her safe existence with Simon, or take a chance with Jake?