Open by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Heat Level 3
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Lust, Love, and Darkness, 1

One day she’d be his.

Almost a decade ago, Marcus Grimes worked as a bodyguard to a man who didn’t deserve the woman he’d had. When she finally left, Marcus vowed to eventually find her and make her his.

The time is now.

Marcus runs into Gabi at a BDSM club, indulging in a different partner every week but never really exploring beyond the mere superficial. She doesn’t remember him, and he convinces her to give him a chance.

All she has to do is open.
After leaving an abusive relationship, Gabi moved cities and reinvented herself. Now, she’s confident and capable of playing with any Dom she sees fit without compromising herself or her emotions.

Until she meets Marcus Grimes.

There is something familiar about him, which should have stopped her, but instead spurs her on, and before she realizes it, Marcus is not only opening her body to his exploration, he’s also delving into her heart.

However, when their mutual past comes to light and everything she’s fought for during the last eight years is jeopardized, will she close herself off again or will she give love an opportunity?

Be Warned: BDSM, flogging, sex toys



Marcus sipped at his soda, wishing it were something stronger so his libido would subside. Who was he kidding? Looking at her would get him aroused regardless of the amounts of alcohol he drank.

She was perfect. Everything he’d ever fantasized about: luscious curves, ample bottom, tits which would fit his hands, and a mouth made for sucking and screaming out his name.

Gabi. Her last name was of no consequence. Neither was her first name. Years ago, he’d known her as Abby. What mattered was that when he made her his, he’d refer to her as “kitten”. He’d called her it once, by accident. The term had come naturally. Back then, she had been vulnerable, small, like an abandoned pet. Now, however, he stood in the presence of a different type of cat. She was graceful, strong, seductive.

Unfortunately, unlike cats, which tended to be more snobbish when it came to choosing an owner, Gabi played with just about everyone. She was a regular at the BDSM club where he’d found her. One night, he’d see her getting a spanking, the next, a caning, and another day, she was being whipped. There didn’t seem to be anything Gabi wouldn’t try, except sticking with the same partner. She had a different Dom every weekend, playing with them at a distance, never really giving in to the experience. He knew why, and he was determined to change it. Starting tonight.

Currently, she was tied to the Saint Andrew’s cross, and Master Eric was giving her a good flogging. The Dom played her like an instrument, knowing exactly where to hit to make her skin tingle but not bruise. Marcus scowled. When they played, he’d make sure to mark her so every time she sat down, she would remember him and how her body had yielded to her Dom’s touch.

Marcus downed the last of his drink and moved closer to the cross. It’d been close to eight years since he’d last seen her. Eight years. He sometimes thought they had been wasted years, but deep down, he knew they hadn’t. After what she’d gone through, she’d needed the time to heal and become the person she was now.

In all that time, he’d never stopped wanting her. He’d been incapable of erasing her from his mind even after he’d lost track of her whereabouts. And then, fate had thrown her in his path. He’d finally decided to join the BDSM community in the city, and he’d found her. Here of all places. In his city.

One look at her and he’d made up his mind. Gabi would be his. Permanently this time. He’d bided his time, investigating her present, trying to find out more about who she was today. Every weekend for the past month, he’d come to the club and watched her. He’d leave with a hard-on and a desperate craving to claim her.

Tonight would be different. Eric was almost done, each stroke of the flogger turning into a caress until it came to a full stop. Gabi shuddered and hung her head. Marcus stiffened. Was she okay? Eric seemed to think the same because he hurried forward and whispered in her ear. Gabi nodded. Eric chuckled. Giving her ass a light tap, he began to undo the restraints.

Marcus clenched his fists. Soon, he’d be the only one spanking Gabi’s behind. He waited patiently for them to finish. His heart hammered in his chest, and sweat gathered at his nape. He hadn’t been so on edge in years.

Finally, Gabi became free and turned around. Marcus’s breath caught. She wasn’t naked, but she didn’t need to be to get his dick hardening. He focused on her mouth. Wide with plump lips. How many times had he fantasized about having them around his dick? Fucking her mouth. Marcus swallowed a groan.


Eric blocked his view, stepping in front of Gabi to give her a hug. She smiled politely, but there was no affection in her gaze. She was merely being civil. Marcus smirked. They wouldn’t end their sessions with a friendly pat. Finally, Eric left. Before Gabi could also leave, Marcus approached her. She saw him coming, her gaze narrowing and her lips parting into a coquettish smirk. He couldn’t wait to make it sincere.


“That’s me. What can I call you, handsome?”

“Marcus will do for now.”

She pouted, feigning disappointment.

“Shame, I thought you were a Dom.”

Marcus grinned. “I am.”

“And you don’t want me to call you Sir or Master? Do you prefer Daddy?” She ran her fingertips across his forearm making goosebumps sprout on his flesh. Marcus pulled away.

“If the men you’ve been playing with require you call them Sir after barely ten seconds of interaction, you’ve been hanging around the wrong people.”

She shrugged, her gaze dipping then just as quickly meeting his again.

“So, why are we having this conversation, Marcus?”

“I would like to play with you.”

Gabi quirked an eyebrow. “And you don’t want me to call you ‘Sir’?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, I’m done for today, so maybe next time,”

He grabbed her wrist. Her eyes blazed.

“Release me.”

“In a minute, kitten.”

“Don’t call me that. I didn’t give you the right.”

“Forgive me,” Marcus apologized. “You’re right.” He stepped into her personal space, forcing her to tilt her head to look at him even though she wasn’t much shorter. “You have to understand, Gabi, I don’t want to play with you right now. I want to get to know you a bit before I make you kneel at my feet, open up that pretty little mouth of yours and stuff it with my cock until you gag.”


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Long & Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 30th Jul 2019

Marcus had known Gabi many years ago. When he bumps into her at a BDSM club he finds that the young, vulnerable woman he had known had grown up into a sleek and savvy adult. Gabi was open to trying pretty much anything, but she never went back to the same Dom more than once. Marcus was determined to be the one to change that. This is a sexy and interesting short story. I enjoyed how Gabi and Marcus had a history but that instead of it being weighty and acting like baggage between them it acted more like incentive for Marcus to be possessive and protective of Gabi. The plot between them felt fresh to me and not contrived – I liked how Gabi took a while to recognize Marcus from their short interaction a number of years ago as this added a bit of tension to the plot that gave it a boost to my mind. There’s a lot of sizzle between Gabi and Marcus. Personally, I found the tug of control between them – Marcus being a Dominant and Gabi being very well-versed in the lifestyle and trapping of the BDSM world – interesting and an excellent plot throughout the whole story. The depth of Gabi’s knowledge though, and her experience in knowing exactly how to (nicely) manipulate Doms to do what she wants without making it appear so might not be a comfortable read for everyone. I enjoyed this very different viewpoint and enjoyed the story for it – but Gabi is not at all like your average submissive and the tension and struggle between her and Marcus mightn’t be to everyone’s tastes. I also personally really enjoyed that they didn’t jump right into bed. A very large part of Gabi’s power was her willingness to submit in scenes and use her body to get what she wanted. Note Gabi didn’t often use her body sexually, but the power and pull of her submission and allure to men. Had she and Marcus jumped quickly into bed I feel Gabi could have easily buttonholed Marcus in with all the other Doms she’d been with and their relationship wouldn’t have ever got off the ground in a realistic manner. So I was glad that while there was plenty of sexual chemistry and tension, it was only in the latter half of the story that they became intimate. The sex, when they got there, was hot and explicit and I felt just kinky enough to appeal to readers who enjoy some BDSM in their erotica. A different and interesting read, I enjoyed this story.

TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 17th Jul 2019

Gabi is a regular at a BDSM club but she never has the same partner. Marcus has been searching for her, smitten from their time together years ago. Will she remember him? Can he break through her barriers to open her heart and her body? Poor Gabi, her story is both sad and proud. She had a terrible, abuse master but she got away and she’s gotten stronger. She picks a different guy every time she needs that BDSM pleasure until she meets Marcus. He seems familiar but she not sure why. Marcus is totally smitten with her. He’s determined to have her and not just for a night. Their story is beautiful and extremely dirty in the best way. There’s an issue with her past and it’s played out intriguingly. This book is a must read if you enjoy sexy BDSM stories. ​ Romance. Whips. Tears. Sex. Open is a fabulous story that you shouldn’t pass up.

Wonderful story
Written by Rhonda on 10th Jun 2019

Gabi started a new life after escaping her horrible Master. Now in control of what she wants, she meets Marcus at the club she attends. Something seems familiar about him but she can't quite put her finger on it. She never plays with anyone who will push her so when Marcus steps up and basically, takes charge, she's intrigued!!!! Marcus remembered her well and often wondered what happened to her after she escaped. Now that he's found her, he won't let her go. But what happens when she remembers who he is and how they know each other? The story of her past is heartbreaking but can she rise above it? A beautifully written book of two people trying to overcome their past!!